This is How YouTube Videos Can Improve Your SEO

By | August 24, 2019

How can YouTube Videos Improve my SEO? True or false? Video increases the likelihood of a front-page
Google search result. Products that have videos are more likely
to be bought. Video adds time to visitors’ stays on retail
sites. As you suspected, all true. According to Forrester Research Video increases
the likelihood of a front-page Google search result by 96% with proper page optimization. Products that have videos are 95% more likely
to be bought, according to Internet Retailer. And Video adds two minutes to a visitors’
stays on retail site according to comscore. All of these factors mean that more people
will find your site more often and stay longer by having video ON your site that’s properly
optimized. But because this is such a rich and deep topic
that we could spend a lot of time on, we’re only going to cover the important basics about
how to improve your SEO with videos on Youtube. First of all, you want to make sure you set
up a free YouTube Channel. Once that’s set up, even if you don’t have
any videos yet, you want to give yourself a valuable inbound link like we talked about
in SAQ video 14. Go to the ABOUT area of your YouTube Channel and add the link to your site
there. Depending on what version of YouTube you’re currently using, your ABOUT area may
be in a different place but it’s on your page somewhere so keep looking until you find it. Notice how we use our keyword “money” phrase,
“website designer New Jersey,” as the name for the link to our website, not the name
of our business, SamsonMedia, which we also explained why in detail in SAQ videos 14 and
12. Now, turning to your actual videos on YouTube,
make sure you add a clickable link in the description below the video. To make sure
it’s clickable you have to add the http colon forward slash forward slash and then the actual
domain name. While this is NOT considered a do-follow link,
meaning it will not pass any page pank or Link Juice to your site, it will benefit you
by allowing peole who may view your video to actually click through to your site. I
find this the number one mistake that people make when using video marketing on YouTube
is not to simply include a link to your own site from the description. This is a no-brainer
whose benefit speaks for itselves and is simply common sesnse, so please make sure you add
it. In addition to adding a description and link
make sure you upload a verbatim transcript in the form of a text file here to further
increase the likelihood that your video will be properly indexed. Lastly, now that your video is properly optimized
on YouTube, go back to the video on your YouTube channel and grab the embed code. Use that embed code to place the video on
a relevant page of your website or blog. Make sure to add the proper META tags as described
all the way back in FAQ video 3, and also add the script below the video on the page. For some added SEO muscle, bold your keywords
in the script and link them to OTHER relevant pages on your own website and link those relevant
pages back to this video page. I know We covered a lot of ground here so
if you’d like more information about how to leverage or produce your own videos to improve
your SEO or need more information about our video SEO services please contact us today. So that’s how YouTube Videos can improve your
SEO. Hope you found it useful. Thanks for watching.

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