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By | August 28, 2019

hi everyone and welcome back to Utah SEO Ninja, my name is Triston and if this is your first time here we’re glad
to have you. Don’t forget to like and subscribe because I got to say that at
the beginning of the videos and just for a little bit of promotion then in
the comment section of this video I’d like you guys to share a link to your
course and then also give us a quick description of what it’s about what is
your teaching and who it is that you’re trying to reach. Just so that way other
people who are watching this video have a chance to learn a little bit more
about you and your course. And then you know you know we can help send you some extra clients. This is what we’re talking about today: Thinkfic SEO. now I really
like Thinkfic. It’s a great platform. We’ve built two courses on here
we’re working on a third right now and we just really like it. It’s fast, it’s
easy to use, and it’s actually pretty good for SEO. And so in this video, I’m going
to be showing you guys how to do some SEO for your sites. This is everything
we’re gonna cover right over here. So, we’re gonna talk about what SEO is
how it works and then we’re going to talk about keyword research. We’re gonna
talk a little bit sales funnels. We’re going to take that information and
actually apply it to this site and then talk about how long it takes and we’re
gonna talk a little bit more about our Thinkfic course – which is this right
here. So, one of the things that we’ve been wanting to mess around with is to
start releasing mini courses on the platform. And the reason why is because
everything we’d want to cover for this video, for this tutorial, it’s about 30
videos 29 videos and that’s too much. YouTube probably wouldn’t appreciate me
uploading that many videos and then the actual amount of traffic that we get for
some of these videos just is not very high and so what we’re about thinking doing is saying hey why not take all this information when I make all these videos
and put them into a Thinkfic course so the way that we do courses is that we
start off with the beta group we give them a pretty significant discount on
the course overall you get full access to the content once it’s up and live and
everything and that lets us get feedback and it lets us make some adjustments to
the course and make sure that we’re answering all the questions and doing it
in the clearest the most effective way possible and so we really like doing
this particular approach to launching our courses and then as soon as the
course goes live then the price goes up and then we are usually pretty happy
with it there’s still some additional support to
that like there’ll be a Facebook group of that kind
but for the time being what we’re looking at is $15 for this I think once
it goes live we’re going to charge $25 so if you want to get on the discount this is how
you do it chapter one is finished and I’m about halfway finished with chapter
two and then I’m gonna recording three and four and maybe five like today and
tomorrow so this is gonna be done here pretty quick so if you want to come and
check that out you certainly can now that being said let me go back to my
drawing because this explains how SEO works and what it is if you already know
about the basics of SEO and you’re just looking for implementation then check
out the timestamps in the description the first question is what is SEO and
how do we take advantage of it so the goal behind SEO is simply to help Google
to understand what our content is about and to gain authority in Google’s eyes
so that way they promote us to more people and they promote us to more
people by ranking as higher in search so if you want to know where you rank for a
keyword in Google then what you want to do is open up an incognito window and
then do your search and you’re gonna search for whatever keyword it is that
you’re trying to rank for and we’ll talk about that here in just a minute but for
example my course the last course that I published was on proximity marketing
which is a subject I am very passionate about and first you want to cut out the
ads because ads are just paid traffic those don’t count but out of 30,500,000 people udemy is still number one that makes me
very upset but here is my Thinkfic course by Triston Goodwin same thing if
you search for training there I am again and you’ll also notice that I rank
videos on here so this is actually me and this is me as well now I don’t plan
to cover youtube SEO in this course actually I don’t have any courses on it
but if that’s something you guys are interested in learning more about let me
know and we’ll see if we can do that to you can do a lot of really neat stuff
with YouTube in order to generate traffic for your business and for your
course but okay we’ll talk about that at a different time
so that’s kind of the goal behind SEO now the parts of SEO break into two very
large and general groups you have what’s called on-page SEO which is again we’re
helping Google to understand specific content and then we’re also targeting
the keywords that we want to rank for then we have something called off-page
SEO which is where we’re building authority trust and association with
similar websites so it breaks down like this on page SEO is basically the
website itself okay the first thing we look at is going to be the URL which we
have right here in this case we’re gonna be building a course on my little pony
now the first thing we’re gonna look at is going to be the domain name of the
site now because we’re using the free Thinkfic account then our domain is
going to be a sub domain of Thinkfic okay so this right here is the domain and a sub domain is and this is
an easy place for you to start adding your keywords to your website and start
telling Google what your website is about another way you can do this is to
include it as an inner page so in this case we’re gonna have this is gonna be the inner
page it’s a page on that website okay and so the first place we’re going to
start is your URL you want to make sure you’re using that keyword in your URL
whenever possible now it is possible to over optimize the keyword shouldn’t be
an issue with what we’re doing but there’s a possibility
next we want to talk about what’s actually on the page itself now website
is broken into different parts and those different parts are separated by header
tags the main concept of your site or the
page itself should be your first header tag is your header one or your h1 tag
and that’s this right here you wanna make sure that you’re using your primary
keyword I’ve tried to underline every time the keyword shows up so you want to
make sure using that primary keyword in your h1 tag and then below that you’re
going to have supporting text and so in this case this is my supporting text and
here’s my little pony here’s a variation of the keyword which
is MLP and then the keyword again and then we have some other additional
supporting text and so on and then the next section of your website would be an
h2 so you can kind of think of it like a hierarchy so your h1 is the overall
message or keyword that you’re trying to rank for it this is like the big thing
this is the subject of the page and then your h2s for example are going to be a
subset now this is all handled automatically by
Thinkfic so you don’t really have to mess around with it or worry about it
but when you’re setting up the titles of your pages you wanna make sure that
you’re using those keywords and you’re using supporting keywords or variations
to the keywords you don’t want to do it with every single one of them but you do
want to make sure you have it in there at least a couple of times and then
again try to use the keyword on the site wherever it makes sense ok the other
thing you can do is with the images that you have on your website you can add in
something called alt text now what this does is it’s actually pretty cool so for
people who are visually impaired then a lot of times they will use a screen
reader to navigate the internet right and then that screen reader basically go
through and let’s say okay this is all the text I’m going to read the text and
it reads it out loud and when it comes to a picture the
screen reader can’t read the picture right and so instead it looks for
something called the alt text which is basically a description of what’s in
that image that’s in there for the screen readers so in this case it’s
going to say image alt text My Little Pony Friendship is Magic
okay it’s describing that image now this is another place where you can add in
key words while not visible to a normal reader is still visible to the Google
robots it’s visible in the code and so it’s very helpful to do that and that’s
really the basics of your own page SEO make sure you’re using your keywords and
your headers make sure using the keywords on it in the text itself make
sure that you are optimizing your images and make sure that your domain names and
the title pages and things like that are consistent and also include your
keywords and that’s pretty much it for the on-page SEO is pretty simple I’m
gonna show you guys how to apply this here in just a little bit but that’s the
basics of it now off page SEO is a little bit more complicated so let’s say
this is website one right and this one’s gonna be a website number two and I
think the simplest way to explain what off page SEO is is to think of it like
high school okay when you go to high school then you are presented with
several different groups that you can associate yourself with you know the
jocks yeah the Nerds you have the other people and the group that you decide to
spend time with is the group that you eventually become associated with
okay the same thing happens with a website if you have a website about My
Little Pony and you start getting backlinks from motorcycle websites then
there’s no real association there’s no real relationship between those and so
your on-page SEO thing going to conflict with the on-page SEO of that site that’s
gave you a backlink and so it confuses the Google robots and ends up not helping
you to rank now a backlink in and of itself is really really simple you go to
this other website and you have a text that you can click on which in this case
it’s just gonna be the My Little Pony if you click on this it takes you back to
this website so it’s a link from one website to another specifically from
someone else’s website to your website that’s a backlink and so what this will
do is if any backlinks that this website has any authority this website has isn’t
going to be passed over to this website they share it and so like this one
doesn’t lose any authority but this one gains Authority and just for future
reference the actual clickable text so in this case the My Little Pony this is
the thing we’d click on let’s highlight that in a different color real quick
this right here this clickable text is called the anchor text okay so if you
ever see somebody talking about what anchor texts you want or Inc your text
ratios this is what they’re referring to and this is another key indicator
to the Google robots that this website this website is about that specific
keyword because that’s what other websites are calling it and that’s
really the basics of off page SEO really the goal of this is to go out and find
related websites or websites that are in the similar niches your own or in this
case other websites that are in a similar niche as your course and have
them link back to your website and have them create those backlinks and there
are some easy ways to do this there’s some hard ways to do this but that’s
basically the idea behind it now one quick disclaimer here is that Google’s
Terms of Service are very very very very strict okay that doesn’t necessarily
mean they always enforce those Terms of Service but the wording is very specific
it says that anything you do to intentionally manipulate your your
rankings within Google within Google search
is against the Terms of Service so on a very strict point of view that can
include making a website because if you’re making your website you’re
intentionally trying to rank higher and that means that you are intentionally
trying to manipulate your rankings because if you don’t have a website
you’re not ranking and so that’s you know you can kind of see where I’m going
with this now what they say is that they don’t
want is to go out and to just purchase backlinks right they want the quality of
the content to be very high and they want that that kind of happened
organically now that being said typically speaking if you purchase
backlinks then you’re not gonna get into any trouble now there are ways that you
can do this and there are ways that you probably shouldn’t do this so for
example if you know somebody like a blogger perhaps to be in your space and
if you ask them to write an article for you about or mention your website in one
of their articles then you know they say hey sure I’ll do it but send me 50 bucks
you know that’s you’re not gonna get in trouble for something like that and you
know you can kind of think of it like okay I’m not buying the link per se I’m
buying the shoutout I’m buying being mentioned and the link
is just a natural part of that so you can do things like that and then there
are also link brokers there are other SEO s who manage multiple websites with
high authority in specific categories and then you can buy article placements
or you know mentions in the articles on their websites that of course serve as a
backlink so there’s kind of a little bit of a gray area and as long as you kind
of stay within that gray area then like I said you’re not gonna run into any
problems but if you go out and buy 10,000 backlinks for a brand new website
then you’re probably gonna get penalized and that’s a pain in the Kiester so
don’t do that is the SEO process so now that we kind of know what it is that we
need to do let’s go ahead and start talking about how we actually do it so
first thing we’re going to do is we are going to look at some keywords and my
favorite keyword research tool in the entire world is key W finder com I’ll
have a link to this in the description it is an affiliate link you don’t have
to use it but if you do it’s really helpful for us I think we make
like three dollars every time somebody signs up this is a paid tool but it does
have a free version where it can do a few searches a month it’s really really
helpful and you’ll be able to see why here in just a second so I put in the
keyword My Little Ponies tutorial because it actually has traffic and is
actually pretty competitive which is kind of crazy to me so My Little Pony
tutorial has 50 searches a month and out of the score between 1 and 100 it ranks
as a 41 and the way that I kind of think about this is for every point in the
difficulty score you’re looking at spending somewhere between 10 20 the
hundred dollars in order to move up a point or to make your site or your blog
or your course in this example more competitive and stronger so you could
rank for this keyword if you really wanted to but it’s going to be pretty
expensive because gonna need a lot of backlinks but let’s take a look at some
other keywords real quick just how you guys have an idea of how this works
let’s say you want to look for a Tristan Goodwin who is the sexiest SEO in the
universe no searches a month well that sucks
this is rank as a 23 which is pretty good you can see my youtube videos you can
see one of my websites you can see my twitter you can see my mind in my
facebook and then you can see my business you can see another business
thing these are the pages that are ranking for my name you can see there’s
no traffic for that if we search for proximity marketing which was the
keyword of my previous course well that one has 3600 searches a month
this number is giving you the average number of searches over the past 12
months we can see the cost per click for that so if you were to do paid ads then
every click is gonna cost you four dollars and 34 cents you can see that
the competition for the paid traffic is it’s pretty high it’s as 46 and your
overall difficulty for this is going to be a 34 over here you can see how the
search traffic is trended over the past 12 months and so this time last year
there’s about 2,400 searches a month and then just this past month there are 3600
so traffic is obviously going up that’s good we like it when that happens
and then again these are the pages that are ranking for that specific keyword
and you can also see how strong these others websites are so
the link profile strength is basically a summary of these numbers right here and
these numbers are really complicated I actually go into this in the course if
you want to check that out and learn more about that the Nats where you want
to go and then over here the evie this is the estimated number of visits per
month so they think that the Wikipedia article gets about 1900 searches a month
next one up Beacon stack I like these guys they get about 500 about 300 and so
on so the higher your rank the more traffic you should get so the question
then becomes which keywords should we go after how do we pick our keywords and I
think the easiest way to determine what makes a good keyword of what makes a bad
keyword really starts back over here so this is a sales funnel and I really like
this image and I use it all the time and I don’t own it so I have to show it here
in Google and they say that basically any purchase is broken down into four
different steps first need to become aware of the product or service in this
case you need to become aware of the course you need to learn that it exists
then the buyer needs to make the decision to purchase the course and then
the buyer actually performs the action they actually buy the course and what’s
interesting about this is that your keywords can actually fall into the same
four categories so for example I have my course on My Little Pony if I want to
target an awareness keyword then I’d probably go after a keyword that would
be much more broad much more general and it would be something like top 5 my
little pony training things or top 5 my little pony websites that you should
know about you know something like that and then from there we’d be able to
generate awareness of our course because they’re not specifically looking for our
course at this point we just want to know that it exists a keyword that
denotes interest would be something like best my little pony course or best
website builder or best online course builder right and then once you’ve
reached a certain level of interest you’re getting assigned all right I do
want to go ahead and buy some course I don’t know which course I want to buy
yet but I do want to buy a course and so that’s when you’re gonna start looking
for things like my little pony course reviews or my little pony course
examples or something like that and then when they’re finally ready to purchase
the course that’s gonna be something like buy
online courses or one of my favorite ones is my little pony course coupons
things like that because now they’re they’ve decided to buy we’re just trying
to facilitate that purchase because at this point they’ve decided to make the
purchase we’re just trying to facilitate that purchase and we want them to
purchase from us instead of somebody else so when you are trying to pick your
keyword can you do your keyword research then you’re gonna want to look and see
where the buyer is in this funnel okay and then of course your keywords would
reflect that now one thing to keep in mind is that the more specific the more
action-oriented or the further down the funnel the the person is or the keyword
is the less traffic there’s going to be now my little pony gets millions of
searches a month right my little pony tutorial gets fifty but the people who
are looking for my little pony tutorial are going to be much much closer to
taking this action and then somebody who’s just looking for my little pony
and so don’t be turned off by lower numbers just realize where that keyword
lies in this funnel and then determine whether or not it’s worth going after
now once you’ve decided on your keywords once you have gone through this funnel
process and figured out you know who you want to target how you want to target
them and so on it’s time to take this information it’s time to apply it to our
Thinkific course and to do this there are three different places that we want
to work on within Thinkific itself well 30 minutes into recording this
video or just not getting me to think if it holy bananas so the first place that
we want to go is to settings and the first thing we’re gonna do here is the
very first thing we talked about over here we’re going to set up our domain
and then we’re also going to set up the name of the website so site name and
then the site address that’s the domain you can change that by updating it right
here make sure you’re using your keywords I’m actually targeting keyword
Utah SEO because there’s a lot of traffic for that so the other thing you want to do make sure your SSL
certificate is turned on this is free and it is vitally important I’m not
gonna bore you with what it is just know that you want to make sure that’s turned
on next thing you want to do is you want to go to
manage your learning content you go to courses I’ll go ahead and take a look at
the edit the Thinkific SEO course settings and here it can do the same
thing course name course URL and then over here on the course image and
description same thing this will be picked up by Google and this is how they
will display the information about your course in the search results so that
part is very important you want to make sure that this is optimized for your
keywords and so we are gonna be talking about Thinkific in this one and would
probably actually wouldn’t hurt to put then get me the best SEO of course like
that so I need to rewrite that a little bit just to make it sound a little bit
more natural so I’ll take care of that off screen the next place that you want
to go to is your site design site builder and you’ll want to go through
the same process for your homepage and then also for the individual course
pages now this requires a little bit more SEO I’ve just started working on
this and it needs some help but the main cure that you want to target with your
course it’s gonna go right here now this particular site I’m planning to do a lot
of different kinds of courses on here so like basically any video that I have
here in the YouTube channel or set of tutorials I’d like to do that I have a
lot of other stuff that needs to be mentioned or a lot of other videos and I
don’t want to do 40 videos and put them all up on YouTube then they’re all
pretty much end up in here so I plan to cover things like Adobe spark and Google
Sites and a whole bunch of other things and so I want this to be a little bit
more generic I know people are looking for my name specifically even though you
can see it over here and in the keyword finder but I’m being told that people
are looking for me specifically if this is really more of a branding question
than anything else and then of course you’d say SEO is gonna be right here and
then my text so let’s go back to the drawing real quick if we want to target
the keyword my little pony it’s actually switched to red my little pony and again
we want to make sure that it’s in our domain we’re gonna make sure that we’re
using it as the name of our course pages and then we wanna make sure we’re
actually using it on the page to describe what our website’s about and
then of course any variations are supporting keywords if we can include
also make sure you’re optimizing your images and a cool thing you guys can
play around with is a google cloud vision i’ll leave a link to this in
description i’ll also leave a link to another tutorial that i made on this the
next thing you’re gonna want to do is you’re gonna start looking at backlinks
and again there’s a couple different ways that you can go about this I
personally think that’s the two safest ways to do this is first to reach out to
anybody who’s already in your niche who’s already in your category and you
know look at doing some sort of a link exchange you know I’ll post a link to
your blog if you post a link to my blog or to my course or whatever and then
just like sharing it in like Facebook and Twitter sometimes people will
mention those in their own websites like a news roundup or an article roundup
that happens a lot as well any sort of communities or forms where link sharing
is allowed and not considered spammy that’s an option as well but if you plan
to go out and start buying backlinks from like you know pack link providers
or backlink brokers that’s when I suggest that you hire an SEO because
they can go in they can evaluate those domains they can make sure that
everything’s being done correctly make sure that you’re not over optimizing for
a keyword and that you’re not going to get any kind of penalty so if you guys
need help with that just shoot me an email I’d be happy to take a look I have
some recommendations for that as well I’ve got some colleagues who do really
really good work not cheap but they do really really good work all right and
then the last the most important question is how long does all of this
actually take like how long does it take for Google to recognize that you made
these changes how long does it take for them to scan your website how long does
it take for them to find a backlink and the honest and short answer is that it
depends typically what you’ll do is as soon as your website is finished and you
have all your text and your on put in your on-page optimization completed then
you will want to submit that domain you’ll submit your website to Google
either through Google search console or through some other sort of indexing
service and when you do it that way then typically it takes about 48 hours to a
you know a few days maybe a week and you can tell if your site’s been indexed
what you want to do is you want to select the domain name so in this case
it’s and you’re gonna want to do a search
type in site: and then the domain and so my domain my
website has not been indexed yet Google does not know this exists now I can go
in and tell Google to index this site and I can do that like I said through my
search console right here and then that’s how I start that process you can
also use the same tool to find out if one of your backlinks has been indexed
so if you have reached out to a blogger and they said they’re going to add a
link from their blog to your website or to your course and you want to see if
that link has taken effect yet I see if that link is being processed they could
do the exact same thing just make sure to remove the www all the stuff that
goes before that it’s just the slash whatever and that’s how you
can tell if it’s if Google has started that process after that usually it takes
about two three four sometimes even up to eight weeks for the index to update
or for the for the rankings to change or to start seeing changes in your rankings
sometimes it’s a lot faster than that sometimes you can see them like almost
immediately sometimes it takes a while it’s just a question of patience and
letting the Google robots do whatever they do now my recommendation is while
you’re waiting for that to happen to start running some paid ads for your
website and I actually have a video that I just released an actor that was a
really good video but people aren’t watching it I have a really good video
on how we’re running paid ads and also how we’re taking advantage of
remarketing tools to make our ads more effective to get more money from the ad
spin that we’re spending so I will leave a link to that you’ll probably be seeing
it over here at the in screens I’m assuming I’m at the end of this video
I’m I’ve been recording for over forty minutes but that will give you some
really good advice as far as driving the initial traffic to your website and
again if you’d like a much more in-depth look at how this works then come signed
up for the beta test for our think if ik SEO course we’re gonna go into a lot
more detail of the things that we’ve covered so far your research phase your
on-page SEO your off page SEO they’re also going to talk about how to install
your remarketing stuff they’re going to talk about the
paid traffic and I’m finally I’m going to share some of my favorite tools for
doing the SEO and then also for creating the content for my site and for my
course and then some of my favorite little things down here so like Google
Alerts Google Trends this is for in-person marketing like taking
advantage of all your remarketing pixels that’s up from your website but doing it
in person which is really cool so if you’re interested in that links to this
is going to be in the description also spin it to the top of the comment so you
guys can find it and I think that’ll do it for me my name is Triston from Utah SEO Ninja hope this video has been helpful I’m going to spend the next
4 hours editing this thing and just for a little bit of promotion then in
the comment section of this video I’d like you guys to share a link to your
course and then also give us a quick description of what it’s about what is
your teaching and who it is that you’re trying to reach just that way other
people who are watching this video have a chance to learn a little bit more
about you and your course and then you know you know we can help send you some
extra clients but they’ll do it for me my name is Triston from Utah SEO Ninja have yourselves an excellent weekend and I will see you guys again
promptly bye

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