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By | January 24, 2020

okay so um this is what we’ve got here
that think with Google Google insights and so this think with Google has some
really really really good marketing if you’re someone who’s into marketing and
trends and and maybe that’s just an interest of yours you know because it
can be used in different ways not just not just advertising I can actually I
use it for content creation that’s what I found and and even I’ve used it on
myself too I’ve used it on myself but I wanted to know and and it just
goes back to that thing it’s like well why did this happen and so when
something’s happening I it’s like I halt everything and it’s like okay let’s stop
I’m gonna analyze and see why in the world is this happening and if it’s not
something that is you know it might be something related to your irreconcilable
differences and you know so so then you just need to go in a different direction
and so anyway I wanted to show this here so this is related to marketing because
marketing has been around forever and so the thing I want to say is when people
say that I said another military used to say this all the time that they had all
these beer stores and alcohol stores outside of their neighborhoods and
things like that which it really it was true but it wasn’t like other I mean
just about every place I’ve lived had a tavern not far off and they had beer and
so it’s like I just don’t know how to see how some people can say that they’re
specifically targeted when it’s actually happened to everyone I’m I’m so confused
over that because of the fact I think they’re full of shit and it’s it’s a
narcissistic mentality of some who take on that notion because of the fact that
you because you didn’t take the time to actually learn about your neighbors and
and so you’re asking for something that other people just have never had let’s
put it that way you’re asking for things other folks have never had so but let’s
continue and look here at how we’ve been targeted our whole life and so which we
have been but we have been and so there’s data and measurements and so
data and measurements I could take that back to like the Iowa tests of basic
skills I talked about the other day monetization there’s monetization in
here and so these are all popular words too so if you want to talk to someone
about something about monetization which is money currency money currency gold
and things like that I because I like to look at I like to look at why things are
broken and so then we’ve got omni-channel I don’t know what that is
that’s something kind of new and different organizational culture that’s
that could be interesting let’s see what that is organizational culture a strong
corporate culture is vital for success discover organizational culture
resources to support growth innovation and change and so III the the word
change right now well how would artificial intelligence know the
difference between change and change you know so for example changes and left
over money because a lot of folks still use left over money and then there’s
other people who talk about changes and they want things to change well how can
you force a country to change I mean actually the the the government is the
people is the people itself and then they become the problem because of the
fact that if you keep allowing things to keep going in the direction that they’re
going then you become part of the problem and so that’s why that’s why I
kind of think these impeachment processes the impeachment is asking
impeaching is simply questioning the integrity of why something is going on
the way that it is or just asking a question
it’s questioning why something is working the way it is right now
we have something that is tremendously broken and out of whack and I I actually
think that if President Trump gets elected again that there should be a
second impeachment because I’m sure there’s plenty of more things that can
be impeached as to why they’re happening the way that they are and some folks
have even mentioned that TV I believe that I fully believe that that TV has is
a problem and I noticed that that the more people that got online the harder
and harder and the more psychological warfare was thrown at everyone like in
places like Facebook and and that would they talk about oh the Cambridge
analytical where certain people were targeted with information and it’s just
one of those things that they keep putting the same crap at you all the
time you’re trying to use it for something else and they’re wanting you
to do something do something else with it and they’re putting up all this other
garbage and crap and and so it’s it’s just like it attacks your brain it
attacks your brain and makes you so tired and when really you’re trying to
use it for casual fun you know like me like me I was using it just just to
because I was doing really good and and the thing is it’s like I would make a
video I’d be working on it and I would do some small videos some larger videos
I’d be working on the instructions and that was something I was kind of proud
of and then I’d schedule them do and so I could be off on a bike ride or
something you know and or you know if I was on a vacation I might have some
extra videos up or something and then and then the video would go out and then
I was doing really really good and so but then it was like 2009 which
is ten years ago yeah ten years ago because let’s take it in – well – that
probably – to 2019 2020 there is this entity that came on in it was there’s
like hardcore just like you know it’s just like it’s just like
pounding you know it’s just like that pounding pounding pounding and that’s
like a sound that I hear out here all the time – it’s just like that same
pounding some kind of an energy that it’s just horrific you know that you’re
hearing it over and over and over again it just sends you into a like well what
the hell is this well it’s that it’s the old fashioned entity of that well it you
threaten our business model and that’s basically all that was that’s all I see
but it’s like when you grasp onto it so dearly and so tight you end up fucking
yourself because if you think it’s okay to do that to other people then it’s
okay and acceptable for yourself so if you think it’s okay to and and so it’s
like you know because I I started seeing that and and I was looking at that even
on Google+ and I was thinking Google+ and Facebook and I thought why don’t
they just advertise all that to their self put all that same crap that they’re
putting on trying to damage which I sadly I think they did to an extent they
poisoned the mentality of people so so it’s like what why don’t they just
advertise that to their self or someone could take out advertising and just put
it on corporate media all day long put the crap on their properties and stuff
all day long that they’re putting on ours and that’s basically what they were
doing is putting on a bunch of crap I guess as a means of psychological
warfare to steer people back on to cable TV which is a monopoly and one entity
only most people don’t realize that but it’s just like if you open up a YouTube
channel and you have five hundred or a thousand channels then you own all of
them you operate all of them you might be maybe maybe you have a budget to pay
people to do stuff but but if they but but let’s say you want to control them
all and so then if they say something wrong you said okay you’re out you’re
done you said this and I just don’t like what you said you’re you’re fired
and isn’t that kind of what we’re seeing right now and
so anyway anyway that’s it I mean but yeah that’s it that’s just my
that’s just my experience my small experience I’m sure there’s other folks
who are gonna have actually probably who might have I’m sure they have different
things to say that are similar with some things that have happened and maybe
they’re not in a place to be able to talk about it right now hopefully they
will be one day or write about it somewhere hopefully they will be one day
but I know there’s a lot of folks under non-disclosure agreements and so they’re
doing what they have to do to get by and I’m not I don’t not under a
nondisclosure agreement anyway that’s it

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