Think It’s Hard to Featured On The News? (Hint: It’s Not)

By | August 10, 2019

Hey everyone Andy Stickler here, I hope you’re having a nice day. Hey, listen today is, what is today? Today’s March 14th and what that means is
that corporate tax returns are due tomorrow. Now, why am I telling you this? The reason I’m telling you this is
because I want to tell you how easy it is to get on the local news and most people don’t realize how easy
it actually is to get on the local news but the nice thing about when
you get on the local news is that now you have that video clip and you’ve
got screenshots on your website you can share on social media,
you can do everything and it automatically gives you
instant credibility because most people don’t realize
how easy it is to get on the local news. I was talking to one of my mentors,
Dan Henry about this this weekend and it just makes total sense. Being on the news and getting this
credibility makes such a big difference. So, why did I bring up
the tax returns’ due tomorrow? Well, here’s the strategy for how
a tax attorney can get on the news. So let’s say your tax is, today’s the 14th, corporate tax returns are due tomorrow that means that anybody who’s filing a 1099 needs to have a corporate
tax return file tomorrow. At least I think that’s what it means, it might, honestly I’m not a tax attorney so, who knows, I could be wrong on that but people that have their own businesses,
they need to have their stuff filed tomorrow. So, here’s what you do, you go on to the Google, you Google ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox,
all the affiliates in your station. You’re going to go to the
contact us page and then on there you’re going to see a phone number
and you’re going to see submit a tip. What I typically do is I call the phone number
and I’ll get the news room and I’ll say, hey, listen, how do I submit a story idea? So, and sometimes what will happen is
they’ll say, oh just what’s your story idea because a lot of times
that’s right to the news desk. So sometimes they’ll say,
what’s the story idea and then you pitch them the idea right then or they’ll say send us an email and
then you pitch the idea. So what you’re going to do is
you’re going to pitch, you’re going to send an email or
you’re going to tell them who you are, what your credibility is,
what the story is. So basically say, hi,
my name is John Smith, I’m a tax attorney and I want to let you know
that tomorrow corporate tax returns are due. Now, who does this effect? This affects everybody who has a 1099. So, if you’re, and not just if you’re a business,
in this gig economy these are the,
this really affects a lot of people. So many people get 1099
because they’re freelancers. So if you drive for Uber and you run
everything through your company, if you’re a real estate agent,
if you do graphic design on the side. There’s so many people nowadays
that are affected by this and all of your viewers are, you know, a lot of your viewers are affected by this. So this is a really good story. So if you email every single one
of those news stations I promise you one of them will put you on the air. So if that’s all you have to do, it’s so simple, basically you can do this for
any type of practice area. Whenever there’s any sort of news story
or anything’s happening for me for example. I’m a marketing guy and I do
Facebook advertising, I do SEO, whenever Google makes
a change all I have to do is call the news station,
email the news station and say hey, listen, my name is Andy Stickler,
I do marketing, I run Facebook ads,
I’m a internet marketing expert. Facebook changed their algorithm today and
I want to tell you what they did and I want to tell you how
it’s going to affect your viewers. That’s basically it and a lot of time you’ll be
surprised how easy it is to get on the news. So, go ahead stop what you’re doing
if you’re a tax attorney call the news station,
get on the news, let me know how it works
and be sure to send me the clip. I want to see a picture of you on the news. Alright have a good one guys.

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