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By | August 10, 2019

this is Nathan I’m joined here by Andy
Arnott Andy how you doing hey good good to be here thanks for having me thanks
for being here so yeah I’m really excited to have you I always love to
bring on an Amazon expert for those of you that know me I sold on Amazon for
years I had a very different business model than the traditional Amazon seller
so getting someone that knows Amazon in and out is always a great idea we’ve got
a lot of Amazon sellers in the group and while we give it a second for people to
join in why don’t you tell people a little bit more about yourself yep so my
name is Andy are not I started selling of Emma’s on in about 2013 we sold seven
figures pretty quickly and then just continued to scale at business as that
business scaled I realized you know tried all the tools that were available
in in the various you know the various tools for helping me with the Amazon
business and figured out that you know it wasn’t really going to you know it
wasn’t gonna cut it for what I needed to do you know there were some gaps and
some things that I saw some inefficiencies in so then that’s when I
started moving into the SAS space on Amazon so I started with a review club
website and then Amazon banned that of course and then I went into a launch
website and then I also saw that launches are kind of winding down the
you know that not being quite as effective as in the past and so now this
is kind of version 3.0 which is stellar SEO and we kind of refocused on to just
general like optimization and you know how do you get your Amazon product
notice pretty much awesome if you’re joining us now we’re here with Andy are
not as you can tell I’m not in my normal office I’m travelling for a week so this
is my my podcast set up so to speak so let’s talk a little bit about Amazon
because we know what works in Amazon in 2018 and 2019 is way different than what
worked in 2015 at 1617 and you talked a little bit about the reviews but can you
tell us a little bit from someone who’s in there for something that works with a
lot of Amazon sellers what do you see changing where’s
going and what’s not working that has worked in the past yeah well so you know
what’s changing a lot now is like people will rely really heavily on launches in
PPC in the past especially for you know gaining traction in ranked and that’s
kind of not the case anymore and and you know especially since kind of the end of
last year Amazon change the algorithm and really kind of double down and focus
a lot more now on relevancy so really what people want to focus on now you
know 2019 in terms of you know getting successful listings up launching new
products things like that are gonna be you know if you of course don’t want to
do PVC but you want to really focus on I always say like listing up is
optimization is kind of the foundation of your Amazon business so if you build
a crappy listing then your house is gonna fall over so just think about like
whenever you know whenever you launch a new product you should be spending the
absolute most time on optimizing your listing that’s the absolute first and
essential step and then after doing now you know that’s when you really want to
start going into some kind of some new creative ways of getting your products
out there things like you know influencer marketing offsite traffic
using two-step URLs launching still works but you want to use it with these
other tools because if you just do a launch you’re gonna do the you know the
the rise to the top and then the fall off the cliff you know you’ll see on
your ranking charts so that’s kind of where you know where it’s kind of going
now is you really want to kind of diversify your marketing and where
you’re sending traffic are from where you know where you’re sending your
traffic from to Amazon you should be as natural looking as possible so as many
sources as possible and you also want to get you know creative with that and test
various sources see what converts the well you know the best if you’re selling
you know fidgets banners probably LinkedIn is not the place to market the
fidgets banners yeah you know you’d probably be looking at an Instagram or
something like that what I always tell people is you know if you’ve got a
really a great visual product then you know or a product that tells a really
great story then you know Facebook or Instagram are usually the the
places you want to go if you’re selling a product that’s kind of boring or you
know not super sexy like toilet seat covers or office supplies you’ll
probably want to gonna want to go to you know like Google or something like that
so really know your market and know where your customers live and then
really concentrate and double down on those markets to kind of get the best
ROI on your your ad spend so let’s kind of take a step back let’s talk about a
product launch what are the initial steps what do people have to know going
in and and what are the first steps to get off the ground
yeah so I mean if we’re gonna go all the way back to like sourcing a few tips on
sourcing which people you know don’t know or or maybe do wrong you know a lot
of people will use like you know tools like like jungle Scout and helium tan
and all these like sourcing tools and nothing against those tools they’re
actually great tools but what I always tell people is they use them the wrong
way they go on those tools and then they search for products and everybody else
searches for those same products and then you get these you know fidgets
spinners you get all these products that are me to products what you want to do
is flip that switch is you want to go and and either go with something you’re
passionate about or research and and you know maybe see what’s trending a great
places to look are you know things like wish calm of Aliexpress you know see
things that are trending but maybe something that you’re also interested in
because people it really shows through to your customers if you’re interested
in the product that you’re selling and you’re knowledgeable about it it’s gonna
make a big difference but what you use those tools for is you know so you’re
like okay I’m figured out that I want to sell you know stevia I always have this
too so what you want to do is instead of you know searching out using helium 10
and doing all these things that are like oh you know this is trending you know
everybody else is gonna see how this training you want to do it the other way
and say okay this is what I want to sell this is my idea then go to those tools
like jungle scout and see if there’s an actual demand there and that’s where
you’re gonna end up with a better product that’s not a me-too type product
so definitely you know if your start starting from the sourcing point that’s
what you want to do and then you also want to look at your PPC that’s another
thing that people don’t realize is when we launch a new product we create PPC
campaigns fake PPC campaigns before you even source the product to see what our
PPC costs are going to be a lot of people forget about that they
get a product and they get it in the sock and they go to advertise it and
it’s like five dollars a click and the products like a ten dollar product like
either that’s another you know pretty essential step I already talked about it
but you know listing optimization is huge you want to make sure that you have
great foot great photography you want to make sure you have time you know titles
all five bullet points description back-end keywords you want to make sure
that you’ve researched those and you know that your listing has your most
important phrases throughout you know title bullet points and description
those are extremely essential and then after that you want to you know use kind
of that technique that I just talked about but you want to realize that in
the beginning you might go negative so you know you want to spool up your PVC
you want to spool up you know I suggest a launch service not essential but I
like to hit it from every corner when I launch so a launch service whether it’s
a MC blitz our launch service or you know viral launch or judo launch or you
know there’s a million of those out there whatever works the best for you
you know fire up one of those with a promotion you know like like 50% off
another thing we like to do is combine that with on page coupons so you know as
mostly you know if you’re selling on amazon amazon now has you know on page
coupons which is that little kind of orange flag that appears and people can
just click on it to get the discount we usually add one of those with a small
discount but but we get that orange flag so we get that extra visibility that’s
something we we incorporate and then and then we turn on our off-site traffic you
know Facebook Instagram Google things like that with our two-step URLs and
then and then we also go out to influencers and while you’re doing this
you know amazon has the the honeymoon period if you don’t know what that is
it’s usually if there’s a debate on how long it lasts but it’s I believe it’s
about 30 days from what we’ve seen during that honeymoon period you want to
throw as much at your listing as possible to get that initial pop and get
that ranked early on and that will help you stick as you go forward so during
that time it’s essential to get all these different sources of traffic
pointing it pointing to your product on Amazon to show Amazon number one that
you’re relevant for these various keywords and number
to that you’re getting seals quickly or and and you know that’s gonna really
make a huge difference on on seeing some some great movement on your products
early on wow that was awesome guys if you are watching and you found that
helpful like comment definitely ask us any
questions you have any talk to us a little bit about listings I know that’s
kind of your sweet spot what makes a good listing I always think of it in
terms of you’ve got what makes sense for Amazon and the keywords and then you’ve
also got what makes sense for your customer and that’s where knowing your
customer knowing your product having that story helps a lot what are your
thoughts there and can you dive a little bit deeper yeah yeah so yeah it’s funny
because we were talking before we started about conferences and last year
I went to the boost conference in New Orleans which Amazon puts on and you
know nothing against those guys they you know they they I get what they’re doing
but you know they were you know saying keep your title short you know all these
things and in practice that’s great but if you really go and look at the the
people or killing it on Amazon it’s they’re using as much of that space as
possible you know in the title and things like that now where it gets
tricky is you really need to get creative when you’re putting these
phrases and these keywords into your your listing you need to be creative and
make it sound not spammy and that’s kind of an art but it’s just it comes with
yeah it’s just like anything it’s just like practice you know I remember when I
first started doing you know my YouTube and my facebook lives and my and the
podcast and stuff like that that we’re doing now I was like you know like
camera shy and jittery and things like that but you know once I just may I’ve
made a deal with myself a couple like it was like three or four months ago or I
said I’m gonna do a live every single day and that just changed completely how
how I operated and how I approach things and like how these things to me now are
just like another day and you know it doesn’t even bother me or whatever so
you know it’s just gonna be practicing and getting those things correctly but
to get a little bit more specific you know we say three is the magic number so
if you’ve got an important phrase you want to make sure that appears your
listing three times so your title and your bullet points
in your description a lot of times we’ll do like our main phrase in the title and
then in our description we’ll do in at least one but sometimes two or three of
the bullet points and the description will make sure that phrase is contained
there like I said in a creative well-written way though so it’s not
looking spammy but what this does is this tells Amazon that your product is
relevant for that phrase and kind of the other thing that you really want to
master and kind of get a good grasp on is a longtail so everybody you know if
you’re selling a you know a dual insulated water bottle you’re gonna
target dual insulated water bottle even though it’s probably one of the most
competitive terms on the planet for that product you want to go in and look for
you know insulated water bottle for sports or its weighted water bottle for
biking or find a sub niche for your product and target for that keyword
because in the long run that’s gonna get you more sales unless you’re a huge
company that has a ton of money and marketing budget to throw at it you need
to kind of get get into you know being creative on what’s a target talk to us a
little bit about seller SEO where does that come into play here I know you’ve
got a bunch of other names here but I know seller is SEO I know a lot of
clients that use it pretty religiously talk to us a little bit more about that
yeah so like I said the reason I built seller SEO and and it’s funny because
like people are always asking me like you know and you’ll see other people
like trash other people’s tools and stuff like that
I always joke because like I know mostly guys in the industry like I’ve met them
at conferences and stuff they’re nice guys I think their tools are great we
just do things differently so I always tell everybody you know like try
everybody’s tool and we use what works for you
you know that’s my whole thing I just want to see people be successful that
being said what makes our platform and the way we do things a little bit
differently is we’ve kind of really let feet we’ve kind of given you all the
information and let you digest it super easily so for example since we’re
talking about listings we have a tool called listing lightning and what’s cool
about that is with like almost no knowledge on like SEO you can build a
highly optimized listing in like an hour whereas if
you’re doing a you know in the in the past like when I was building listings
manually it would take me a day or two sometimes just between the keyword
research you know figuring out my competition figuring out where to put
those keywords all those kinds of things so our tool kind of does that all for
you and we literally have the the keywords populate for you and you
literally click and drop where you want the keywords to be so it just saves you
tons of time and effort and the listing that you end up with is going to be
phenomenal like what was cool is when we first started beta testing the tool last
year we I was getting messages from people
like I always save the screenshots just because it’s it’s it’s awesome to see
but like like holy expletive like you know I use listing lightning it three
days later I’ve moved to page one and I’ve got the Amazon Choice badge and
like all this stuff so it’s just it’s been cool because you know I get to see
the successes of other people using it and that really drives me forward it
really you know kind of makes me excited for for what we have to offer I mean and
the other kind of tool that people are really excited and a tool it’s super
unique is a tool called traffic Titan that was actually one of the tools we
released like later on you know it wasn’t one of our first tools but I saw
the need for it and for myself once again as an Amazon seller and what that
tool does is it automatically builds campaigns with two-step urls in like a
few steps whereas once again it would take me hours to go onto like Adwords
and you know to build a two-step URL build the ad research the keywords do
all these different steps which are now combined into you know a few steps and
that’s kind of the overall theme for seller SEO is to save you time and make
you more money so I mean it’s kind of easy to sell once people actually use it
in the end the light comes on like I said it’s just a different way to do
things the other tools are like so many different steps that we’ve kind of
condensed them down and made them super easy to use awesome guys if you use
seller SEO post tell us what your thoughts are we got a question here to
sell our SEO work for Europe – I apologize I’d be live I can’t see who’s
asking the question but I’ll be able to see that afterwards yeah that’s a great
question and we used to not but actually just last week we released
our beta for Europe so we’re supporting I think we’re supporting every Amazon
Marketplace right now the traffic Titans who I just talked about
we actually have an update going out today that’s going to support the other
markets as well so we just released support for the other marketplaces so
that’s we’re pretty excited about that but I don’t really done any big launch
messages yet so that’s kind of like early knowledge but yeah beta right now
but it is it is out in the wild you can you can go and use it awesome
talk to us a little bit about external traffic we all here okay build your
brand and you got to build it off Amazon but you also want to drive traffic to
your Amazon listing what are you seeing that’s working now yeah so this is a
huge thing that I see like when people are coming to me because we also have an
agency model where you know people can hire us to do stuff for them so when we
have clients coming in one of the biggest kind of misses that we see is
people are only relying on you know their listing and PBC and they’re not
doing anything else in 2019 and moving forward that’s you’re
gonna lose if you if you’re not utilizing other sources of traffic and
you know the way that I’ve kind of touched on it a little bit earlier is
you want to be diversified on your traffic and you want to make it look you
know extremely natural and you completely and always want to use
two-step URLs now the caveat that is kind of the alternative to that is if
you’re not going to use a two-step URL you want to use a landing page and the
reason for that is if you’re using a landing page then you can collect email
addresses or if you’re doing you know if you’re getting super fancy and you know
you’re using like chat BOTS things like that that’s where you you can you know
start collecting email addresses and the benefit for doing it that way is number
one you say hey give me your email address I’ll email you 50% off code for
this product and then they still hit a two-step URL because when they click to
buy you’re sending them that two-step URL with a discount so that works really
really well and in in the same breath you’re building an audience by
collecting email addresses so that the next time you launch your your next
product you can you know send emails out to those users hey you’ve launched this
new product get 50% off here’s the link and same thing was like if you’re
building chat BOTS you you can send a blast out say
we’ve launched this new product you know get 50% off or whatever discount you
know use that use this link so if you build all these different sources of
traffic you know it’s just like when I when I tell people about social media
you know you have to look at social media like like either a bank account or
a garden I like to use either analogy depending on what you’re into you know
see their garden like every time you do a new post you can think of that as like
you know planting a seed or if you’re you know more in the the money side of
things you look at it as like you know a high-yield
stock account like every time you do a social media post your value on social
media is going to go up a little bit so you have to look at your business and
your marketing even for Amazon products the same way so if you build a social
following or an email list those are never gonna go away those are you know
those are things that you can reuse over and over again now some of those people
are gonna drop off of course but you have to look at that as money in the
bank because you can continuously go back and market to those people
awesome well Andy I really appreciate you coming on any last words and how can
people find out more about you yeah I know so I really appreciate being here
yep I have an Amazon group called FBA Titans you can find me there seller SEO
calm Andy at sell our SEO calm is my my email address I’m also like really
available on on Facebook as well if you just want to reach out there those are
all the ways that that you can you can catch me awesome and definitely check
out seller SEO yeah thanks so much for joining all right appreciate it
everyone everyone bye everyone hey everyone thank you so much for watching
did you enjoy this content if so click like leave us a comment and subscribe to
our channel so we can continue bringing you great content all about higher

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