The Very Best Way to Create Google Display Ads | Quickly & Easily

By | December 14, 2019

Today we’re talking about Google display ads,
how we make them easily, how we make them look professional, and how we get them done
in minutes. Stay tuned. Hi, I’m Mike Mancini with I am a Google Ads agency owner, I’m a trainer,
and I’m a consultant, and I’ve been working with Google Ads, or Adwords, for about 15
years now. So when we build out Google Ads campaigns,
one of the campaigns that we always want to build is a re-targeting campaign. But to do a re-targeting campaign, you want
to have what are called display ads. A lot of the time when we talk with campaign
owners, we find out they do not have re-targeting campaigns set up. They talk about the fact that creating these
display ads or creating multiple sizes, creating multiple images to test, is just too complicated,
or takes too long, or it’s too expensive because they’re hiring it done. We are going to show you how to eliminate
all of those arguments right here, right now. So let’s jump right into the training, and
we’ll show you how to create Google display ads. Now we’re going to fly through this training. You can obviously pause it as we go, and then
you can keep up that way. But we want to show you just how quick and
easy this can be. We are at, this is the tool that
we use. We talk about it a lot in our videos., it’s about 12 bucks a month, and
you know what, even if you just get one month, it’s obviously much cheaper than hiring a
designer. So the first thing you need to know is, what
size of Google Ads are you going to create? We have a Google Ads display cheat sheet. You can get this for free down below in the
description. We’ll title it like that, google Ads Display
Cheat Sheet. You can download that and you can see all
the different sizes of Google Ads there are, as well as the top performing ad sizes. Google lets you know what those are, so that
you don’t have to go and create 30 different images. So the first a display ad we are going to
create is 300 by 250. Now the first one always takes the longest,
getting it set up. And then you’ll see just how fast you fly
through the other images that you’re going to make. So we’re going to create a design, custom
dimensions, 300 by 250, click create design. First thing you want to do is, you want to
title it. We’re going to say, We Want You Back. And we are going to say 300 by 250, that way
we have that image size in the name, so we can find it easily. Now we’re going to title this, We Want You
Back, this is going to be a re-targeting ad for people who land on our website. We want to show them that we know that they
visited, and we want them to come back. So over here I’m going to go to photos, I’m
going to say “miss you.” Now there’s a lot of images that will come
up, we actually have already done a search for this. This is the image. You can see it says Premium. Premium means you have to buy it. Otherwise, if you want free images, just do
a search and click on free. We’ve already bought this image, it costs
us a dollar. So I’m going to use this image, and remove
watermarks, purchase, and we are going to just size it correctly. All right, we’re going to use it just like
that. Now, we’re going to put some text in here,
we like this heading. We are going to say, “Seriously, we know you
want to see inside.” We need to obviously make that a little bit
smaller. Let’s space it a little bit closer together,
and let’s align it to the left side. Probably make it even a little bit smaller. Let’s just adjust this a bit here, and then
we are going to just kind of modify it a little bit like that. Maybe space out a little bit more. All right, seriously, we know you want to
see inside. Now, we want these kinds of in our colors
of our website, of our branding, so we are going to make it yellow. Now, that doesn’t pop very much because of
the background. So what I’m going to do is duplicate it. Now I’m going to change a color to our blue
color that we have, it’s almost a black. And I’m going to position it backwards, right
behind it. So now I can just use the arrows on the keyboard
and adjust it. So it looks like it’s got kind of a background,
or a bold underneath it. And I’m going to group that together. All right, so when I move it around, it looks
like that. So seriously, we know you want to see inside. And then I’m going to do a subheading. I’m going to say, click for 20% off Google
Ads training, one time only. And I’m going to bold that. I’m going to align it to the left. Let’s make it a little bit closer together,
and it’s probably a little big. So we’re going to size it down. And let’s change the color, let’s go white
here. And that’s still probably a bit big. Spacing. Now you can take all the time you want on
this. We’re obviously going through this quickly,
but we’re just about done with the first image. So I’m going to see how this one looks, and
then I also want to make sure we add our logo. I’m going to put that right down here, just
like so. “All right, seriously, we know you want to
see inside. Click for 20% off Google Ads training one
time only.” Now I’m going to download that. It’ll save as the name that we already have
in there, and I’m going to save it. Now I want to do a different size. This is where it gets really, really quick. So the next one we want to do, is let’s say,
resize. And we want to do custom dimensions, and we
want to go 300 by 600. We’re going to say copy and resize, so it’ll
save both images for us. And you can see it’s come right up here. If we want to remove the watermarks, we need
to buy that image, which we can. There’s a ton of free images over here. We just happen to really like this one. We want to see how it performs. So I don’t mind paying a few dollars in images. So what I’m going to do is, I’m just going
to move this around and I’m going to resize it. So let’s say 42, that actually is pretty close. So let’s say we want to … Let’s just go
40. All right, we’re going to ungroup it because
we got that one behind it. We know that’s about the right size. We’re going to go 40 here, and we are going
to line these up again. Use your arrows, and highlight both of them,
and click group so we can move them easier. Perfect. This is actually going much quicker than I
thought. I’m going to make this a little bit bigger,
and we’re going to make this a little bit bigger as well, so you can read it easier
on this ad. Click for … Let’s go with 20% off Google
Ads training, one time only. And we’re going to highlight this a little
bit. We’re going to underline it. So to underline, we’re going to say elements,
we’ve got good on here. Click on lines, and you can just do that. And if you want to change a color, you can
change a color on the line, whatever you want to do. And that looks good. Now, maybe we want to … Yeah, I want to
bring that down there a little bit. So let’s ungroup, set this up, and there we
go. We have our second ad. Now we’re going title it the same name of
our ad, except we’re going to change the size. This one is 300 by 600, and we’re going to
download. And we’re going to save it as 300 by 600. And you can see we already have two ads. Now for the next one, we would just go up
to resize, click on custom dimensions, and let’s say we want 160 by 600. Copy and resize. Now here’s our image, we might want to move
that around, and we might want to move this up here like that, and move these down here. And then you might have another image just
like that. And that’s how you can create these ads very
quickly, with very little budget. If you are looking for some help with your
re-targeting campaigns or your Google display campaigns, in the description below there’s
a couple of different links. One is our consulting link. In our consulting calls you can ask us whatever
you’d like. We walk you through step-by-step if we need
to. If we need to, there’s screen capture technology
that we put on those videos, so you can actually watch what we’re doing and see exactly how
we do it. And if you’d like to sign up for that, there’s
a link down below. And also, we have our Google Ads course. Now those courses will walk you through step-by-step
using that screen capture technology, and you can watch how we do it for our clients
in our own agency. So if you liked that video, do us a favor,
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campaigns, as well as how to fix or optimize already existing Google Ads accounts. Thanks a lot, we’ll see you next time.

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