The Truth About SEO Companies and How to Get Ranked on First Page of Google Scam!

By | August 7, 2019

welcome welcome I just you know I’ve
been thinking about this lot so I wanted to share it with you I get asked quite
often about SEO how to rank a website what’s the best way to rank a website
and who should I hire to rank my website there are a lot of companies out there
that will promise you that they can rank you on the first page of Google
they will charge you tons of money to rank you on the first page of Google let
me tell you a little secret they’re gonna rip you off there isn’t the only
company that can get you on the first page of Google is Google and here’s what
I mean first of all the first page of Google is nothing more than their search
page right I mean the first page of Google is that you’ll never get on the
first page of Google of course that’s not what people mean they actually mean
getting on the second page of Google or or getting you on the first would call
it’s the first search page of Google okay so here’s the deal and I have
talked to some real SEO guys my friend Neil Patel who is incredible at ranking
websites on Google his number one secret to ranking websites on Google to getting
more traffic are you ready because what I’m about to tell you is
going to save you tens of thousands of dollars here it is good valuable content
that’s it there is no shortcut if you want to rank on the first page of Google
for your industry you have to have better content than the guy who’s
currently ranking on the first page of Google now
if you rank on the first page of Google there are some bonuses to that right
I’m not saying give up completely on SEO no but what I’m telling you is I don’t
believe there’s an SEO company out there that can get you on the first page of
anything and certainly can’t keep you there for an extended period of time and
here’s why first of all because algorithms can’t be manipulated Google
Yahoo Bing changes them all the time Yahoo I’m sorry Google they want to
bring you the most relevant content and I guess most search engines do but this
is the mission statement or at least for a while that was the mission statement
for Google’s they want to bring you the most relevant the freshest content that
you were searching for on that topic fast as possible right now because when people go searching on the
Internet what are they searching for they’re not they’re not necessarily
searching for gee who’s on the you know first page of the search engine or on
the second page you know we just want our answer answered we have a question
we’re looking for the answer that’s why we’re on there searching right and so if
you can have more good valuable fresh content then your competitor your
eventually will outrank your competitors let me put it down like this if you have
if you have a paragraph let’s just say you have a whole page about your
industry right and your competitor has ten pages they’re gonna outrank you
ten to one they have more content they’re delivering more value right now
let’s reverse that your your let’s say that your competitors got 10 pages worth
of content but now you have a hundred pages worth of content eventually you’ll
outrank them because you’re going to be indexed more because you’re going to
show up more now again you can optimize your content you can add pictures with
alt tags you can have keywords that your people are searching for the keywords
can be in the title of your content there’s video like this that will help
you so you can outrank your competitors it takes time it doesn’t take some black
hat trick it doesn’t take a bunch of links that is all been changed so
instead of you spending $10,000 a month which is what a lot of these people will
charge you and here’s the nice thing about it they’ll charge you 10,000 bucks
a month I’ve seen some as low as is four or five
thousand dollars a month but of course it takes up at least three months before
you see any real movement are you kidding me you look for fifteen to
thirty thousand dollars you could probably buy all the Google search
traffic for your area and outrank everybody so here’s what I want you to
think about for the amount of money that it would cost you to outrank your
competition to even get ranked you know instead of spinning you know five ten
thousand twenty thousand dollars a month instead of spending that kind of money
would you be better off hiring somebody to be ghostwriting for you to maybe
create a book or two for you to maybe hire a sales person or two that can go
out and get you clients because the way we all work is this it’s if I was to
contact you right now and you don’t know who I am then the first thing that
you’re gonna do is you’re gonna probably look me up
and find out who the heck is Bert Martinez and what can he do for me and
if you like what I see then you might make an appointment to talk with me a
second time you might buy from me you might meet me you may show up though one
of my seminars you might do something once you have that level of trust right
and what’s interesting is if I contact you or one of my salespeople contact you
you don’t care what my ranking is you just want to make sure that the stuff
that you find on the Internet is positive that I’m not out there ripping
you off interesting so think about that instead
of spending five or ten or fifteen thousand dollars a month on on SEO
companies that cannot guarantee you anything cannot guarantee you’ll stay
are basically going to rip you off why don’t you just invest that into good
content creating content that your people are searching for and that could
be blog posts articles that you put on LinkedIn and on medium and it would
probably cost you for a good article it might cost you $150 let’s say it cost
you 200 bucks for somebody who is a good writer who can do the research and
create a good article for you so let’s say that you you do that 10 times a
month that’s $2,000 a month and you’re guaranteed two things you have content
which is what Google wants you to have and then number two you have traffic
you’re going to start to go up in the rankings I guarantee that those two
things are going to happen if you start producing that kind of content now the
more content you can produce the the better again I want to stipulate it’s
got to be good it’s got to be unique it’s got to be quality right you cannot
go out to some place and pay somebody $25 who barely
speaks English to put a bunch of keywords and spin them in some gibberish
because again artificial intelligence is starting to be a thing and it will cost
you so SEO companies will rip you off and the only way that SEO truly works is
by having good quality content consistent good quality content there
are no shortcuts I have several clients who were on the hook with these SEO
companies and they’re spending a fortune and we started targeting we started
taking that money okay diverted that money to Facebook and
pay-per-click ads and they started seeing sales they started getting
results because that’s ultimately what you want look if you want to learn how
to generate well if you want to learn how to grow a big business you have to
master marketing and there are no shortcuts
you either hire somebody like me to help you with marketing and sales you-you-you
hire somebody on your staff to be a marketing and sales person but you need
to generate and I’m sorry you need to master marketing and advertising in
order to grow a company and generate real wealth because ultimately whether
you do it by SEO or video or marketing or speaking on stage or through a book
ultimately all this is to get strangers to become your lifelong customers that’s
it everything you do is to get customers for your business and so I just want you
to think about that well I’m hoping that this video saves you from you know tens
of thousands of dollars and that you will make up your mind to find somebody
who knows sales and marketing and can help you get customers or you hire
somebody to help you design content and you start
investing in what really matters and if you want instant results this is old
technology but it still works if you want instant results pick up the phone
and call a customer a prospect and see what you can do to help them and a lot
of people hate telemarketing but let me tell you it works and it works
immediately and people start looking up your website guess what when people
start looking up your website you start to rank higher hmm so again you you hire
a telemarketer for $2000 a month plus Commission they’re happy they’re
generating sales for you which means they’re going to be happier you’re
happier your ranking goes through the roof because people are starting to
search for you online it’s a win-win-win bottom line is SEO people will rip you
off I don’t know any of them that can do what they promise they can do and here’s
nothing that you can do by the way find out where they’re ranked at most
search engine companies that promise you they can get you on a certain page on a
certain search engine they can’t even get themselves on there think about that
also ask for references and not two or three references you want like 10
references check them out on Yelp check them out on Google review do your
homework before you pay somebody five ten fifteen twenty thousand dollars a
month you got to dig deep because this isn’t a service this is a partner this
is like hiring a contract service right you got to do your due diligence SEO
companies are a ripoff I don’t know any of them that work they will take your
money they will deliver no real value and you’re gonna be back to square one
so avoid that first of all don’t hire an SEO company
hire one or two writers to write for you they can create content you can take
that content create videos you can take that content and create books or a book
and books are one of the best still one of the best ways to develop traffic
develop Authority develop credibility content is king and when I say content
is king I’m talking about good high quality unique content that’s going to
serve your customers anyway if you have questions reach out to me Burt at Bert
Martinez comm I’ll be glad to see what I can do to help you out if you’ve been
ripped off by an SEO company I’m sorry to hear that and that’s why I put this
video together because it does happen quite often and now you know the truth
that if you really want to rank in your industry content is the way to do it
there are no shortcuts content good quality content good quality consistent
content right kind of like you know how in real estate they say the three things
that matter most in real estate is location location location the three
things that matter most about ranking on Google is content content and content
remember you were created to succeed

6 thoughts on “The Truth About SEO Companies and How to Get Ranked on First Page of Google Scam!

  1. Micha Eizen Post author

    Sounds true to me, thank you, Bert, all the best.

  2. LevelUp SEM Post author

    So when you go to a doctor, or to a marketing consultant, or to ANY service in this world, and they charge you upfront, they are not ripping you off because… they didn't promise you anything, right?

    So you being so eloquent, why don't you use your brain and apply the same rule to 'seo companies'?

    Just like I could say: 'Bent Martinez is a scammer because he promises you your mindset will change by reading his book'.

    Touche, amigo.


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