The Truth About Brand Voice and SEO

By | September 3, 2019

Hello, this is John Locke, and today I
want to talk with you about the importance of brand when it comes to SEO.
How about this for a novel idea? Actually try and grow a following. The way a lot
of people talk about brand, especially if you’re talking to a design-centric firm, they’re going to talk about logos, typography, visual identity,
or colors. Identity systems are great, but when I think of brand, I think about
something much deeper. I think about what does that company stand for? What kind of
values do they instill into their customer service? And how they go
about their business? Brand is how you see your particular
company in the rest of the world. How does it fit in? Why did you create your
company in the first place? What need did you see? What thing was missing in the
world? When I think about brand, I think about how people treat their vendors,
their employees, their customers. Most importantly, having a clear cut message
that cuts through the noise, speaking in a certain voice and tone, that’s
completely distinguishable from every other company out there. Having a clear
cut message that resonates with your target audience, the people
within your organization, and the people around you. Mostly when I think about
brand, it’s an expectation of an experience. It’s a brand promise that you
know that you’re going to get every time that you buy a product from a company, or
you get service from a company. That’s branding: the expectation of a
experience. So, for a lot of small businesses, this is baked into their DNA,
because the founders are really what create the culture. But even as a company
gets larger, that leadership team is going to dictate a lot of the culture
and the brand. Here’s where a brand is important to SEO. The content and the
messaging that you put out on your site, that you distribute in your marketing
materials, that you convey when you’re out there face to face on the trade show
floor, in your customer lobby. When you’re talking to people, all of that it has to
be consistent. The problem that many people run into is when they hire
somebody to do SEO for them is, the voice that the SEO company comes out with
doesn’t reflect the true voice of the company. It sounds like somebody else.
That’s not what you want. You want everything that’s put out there to sound
like you. Channeling what your company stands for, and expressing it in a unique
way — whether that’s through written, video, or audio content — it’s a challenge. But
it’s a really important one, because brands in the 21st century are all built
on digital content. We have our phones in our hands from the minute we wake up,
until the minute we go to bed. We’re on social media; we’re reading
articles online. All this is content that is being created. In fact, we’re
creating more written content every four years than was created in the first
10,000 years of human civilization. That’s how much content is being created
each year. But here’s the thing. Not you, not your customers, not your neighbors,
wake up each morning saying, “Hey golly gee, I really am in the mood to consume
some content today.” Nobody says that. So having a brand voice — a unique brand
voice that cuts through the noise, and speaks with clarity, is the opportunity.
You want to speak in a tone that has authority on your subject. You want to
have a unique and interesting take on solving problems. That’s how you make
your products stand out in the marketplace. But that’s also how you
convey that message — whether they’re seeing your marketing messaging on a
billboard, in a handout, on a TV commercial, or on your website — wherever
it is — it has to speak with that same voice. Because when we trust the source
of information, we’re more likely to want to do business with that source. Because
we do business with people that we know, like, and trust. So this is an important
part of SEO: branded search is thought to be a major factor. When your brand is
familiar to people, when your brand is trusted and authoritative, you’re getting
people to trust you as a source of information. That’s very very important
for SEO. I can say with my own clients, the most successful material
that they have is written in their unique voice. It’s not trying to be like
anyone else. If your company doesn’t have a marketing department, maybe your
marketing department is one person, maybe it’s one person that’s only doing it
part-time, and you’re still growing — how do you capture your thoughts? How do you
capture your unique insights? And your decades of experience, and create some
sort of content with that? Well, what I do and what I’ve recommended to a lot of
people is, grab your phone, use the voice recorder, use the sound recorder, and you
can just talk like I’m doing now. You can have that transcribed by a service like, and you can use that as a rough draft of the blog post. Or you can use a
camera — you can get a professional camera for like seven hundred, eight hundred
bucks — and you record a video, edit it down, and put that out on YouTube. Getting
your unique thoughts out there, there’s ways to do it with the technology that
we have in the modern world. Another thing that I want to bring up: I think
it’s important the things that you stand for in your company. Those bullet point
things that you feel like your company stands for, that differentiates
you from the rest of the market, I feel it’s important every so often to go back
through your content, and reiterate those points to your audience. This helps your
brand be a little bit more memorable, and it helps people put you in that bucket a
bit more easily. This is especially important if you’re dealing
with twenty, or thirty, or forty competitors that all do the same thing
that you do. That’s a big key to getting people to share your material on
social media — having that unique voice, and capturing it. So whatever means that
you have to do to capture it, make use of that. Another thing to remember with
having a brand voice, a unique brand voice, and things that your company
stands for is, it’s not going to resonate with everybody. Maybe your product is an up-market product, and it’s made for a different segment of the market than
some of your competitors. Maybe some of your competitors are serving the down-market part of it. They’re serving the low-end. Maybe that is a greater volume [of sales],
but it’s not as high a profit margin. Whatever segment of the
market that you’re identifying with and going for and positioning
yourself for — just know that it’s okay not to have a hundred percent of
the market, as long as you own the segment that you’re going for. Your
content, your messaging, your marketing, your brand voice, and everything that
goes along with that — those things that you stand for, the way that you tell your
brand story, the reasons why did you make this company — those things are all going to
resonate throughout that, and help attract that segment of the audience to
you. To sum it up, the goal of any content marketing, of SEO, of any marketing
campaign — long term — is to get people to self-select
into your tribe, and to do business with your company. You’re trying to get people
to know you, like you, and trust you. The knowing part of you, the awareness
part of the funnel — that starts with content. Putting stuff out there on your
website, on a consistent basis, not once a year, but on a consistent basis — whether
you have somebody outside external doing that, or have somebody
internal that focuses on that for a certain amount of time per week — putting
that content out there will familiarize people with your brand, with your voice,
your identity, what you stand for, who you serve, what your products are, and your
expertise. When they know you, and the time comes for them to buy a product,
or do business with you in some way, they’re going to already be familiar with
you, they’re going to trust you, and they’re going to pick up that phone, and call you. My
name is John Locke. My business is Lockedown Design and SEO. Who we
serve is manufacturing and industrial companies. What we do is, we help them
get more organic traffic through Google and Bing, so they can get more Requests
For Quotes, [which means] more money. If you have an SEO question that you’d like to see us
answer, go ahead and drop it in the comments below. We will answer it out in a
future video for you. If you’re getting value from this channel, I’d ask you
please subscribe. That’s it for now. Until next time, peace. [Outtakes: You can’t get them in the funnel if
they’re not aware of you, and how they get aware of you is through content.]

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  1. John Locke Post author

    What are your biggest challenges in developing a unique brand voice? Would love to hear your thoughts in the comments. Peace.

  2. Curtis McHale Post author

    How much of yourself should you put in your company brand? Does that change for smaller business vs larger businesses? At what point do we move from a “small” brand to a “large” one? Finally, how do you decide on what type of digital content to use for a market? It’s also worth noting that you don’t need a “professional” camera either. My iPhone 6S Plus shoots 4K if you get the right application to push it.


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