The Three Unseen Laws of SEO (Ignore These and Ranking #1 on Google Won’t Happen)

By | August 14, 2019

– Google’s a big black box. So how do you get rankings? Through experimentation. But you know what? Even if you experiment, it
doesn’t guarantee success because of the three unseen laws of SEO. Hey everyone! I’m Neil Patel and today,
I’m gonna break down the three unseen laws of SEO. (soft beat music) Now I have a question for you. When you guys do all this SEO stuff that experts are recommending, even me, what are the chances that
you’re traffic’s going up? If you’re not seeing
your traffic going up, leave a comment with no. If you are seeing your traffic go up, leave a comment with yes. I’m just curious. Now let’s go into the unseen laws of SEO. The first unseen law is brand queries. Most people don’t realize this. They think SEO, oh you
gotta build the back links, you gotta do these on page tactics and all the advice that I’m telling you and other experts are
telling you are right. But the issue is, if you’re not leveraging the other things that
people aren’t talking about that Google is really focusing on, especially in the future,
you’re not gonna do well. And the first one is, brand queries. Eric Schmidt once said a quote and he was talking about
brands are the solution. That’s how you separate the good companies from the bad companies. And I’m butchering his quote
cuz I haven’t memorized it. None the less, if you built a brand you’re gonna be better off. You’re hearing about fake
new all over the web. It’s not just a problem with Facebook. It’s a problem with Google and every social site out there as well. So they wanna focus on
the good quality content. The good sites that aren’t pushing out this junk that’s duping people. How do they know that your
site has valuable information? Brand queries. If you use Google Trends and
you type in your brand name verses any of the other
competitors, you’ll see how popular your brand is. In essence, Google is
giving you the free tool that’ll show you if your brand is going up and to the right,
is flat, or is going down. And the goal is to keep growing your brand cuz the bigger you grow your brand, the better off you’re gonna
be and in the long run, the higher your rankings are gonna get. To give you a prime example of this, when I wasn’t getting
too many brand queries, I had the hardest time ranking for the queued online marketing. Without building any extra links, without changing any of my content, the moment my brand
queries started increasing, I shot up to the top of page one for the term online marketing. That’s the power of brand queries. The second unseen law
of SEO I have for you, is user experience. It doesn’t matter how good of
a job you’ve done with SEO. You’ve built a lot of links, you’ve optimized your title
tags, you’ve AB tested them, you’ve written amazing content. If you’re user experience
sucks, people go to your site, they bounce back cuz they don’t find what they’re looking for. You’re not gonna rank
well in the long run. Google’s using what
they call user metrics. Time on site, dwell
time, are people hitting the back button right when
they come to your site. Is it a lot of pages views per visitor? All these things based on
when a user does a search, and Google then compares that to all the other people
that rank for the same term. It’ll tell them if you should rank higher than the other people. Doesn’t matter if you’ve
out optimized them or not. If users aren’t happy with the
experience on your website, you’re not gonna do well. So don’t just think about
SEO’s, optimize your site, building links, writing amazing content. You also need a good
product and a good service. Having a good product and service, helps with the user experience. People like Dropbox and
Slack, companies like that, have done well not because
of their SEO first. Even Airbnb, not because
of their SEO first. They’ve all done well
because they’ve tried to create the best user
experience for people. Heck, Airbnb even learned that when they send a
professional photographer to people’s houses to take pictures, their conversion rates went up. People prefer that. That’s an example of creating
an amazing user experience. The third unseen law of
SEO is, SEO’s gonna adapt and as long as you adapt
with it you’re gonna be fine but most people aren’t. Here’s what I mean by this. I talk about things like voice search. According to Comscore, in
2020, half the searches will be voice search. But yet, no one really
cares to read about that or talk about it because voice search isn’t that sexy to people. Again, if you’re not up
to date with technology, the changes that are happening, you’re not gonna do well in the long run. And it doesn’t stop
with just voice search, think of it this way. Google Home is connected
to your whole home, even your microwave, your oven. As you’re cooking on your
oven, you can end up saying, “Hey Google, what are
some recipes for pasta?” I’m making it up, I don’t
cook but you get the point. That’ll end up pulling
from search results. If you don’t adapt with technology and where the world is going,
you’re gonna be left behind and you’re not gonna rank
well in the long run. So as long as you follow those
three rules, you’ll do well. But the moment you don’t, no
matter how much SEO you do, you won’t rank at the top and if you do, it’ll only be temporarily. And if you want more
help with your marketing, you can always check on my
ad agency, NeilPatel Digital, where we help companies
get to the top of Google, whether it’s organic or paid and of course we make sure
you’re generating a ROY. Thank you for watching. If you enjoyed this video,
make sure you like it, share it, tell other people about it. Subscribe to the channel and
if you have any questions, leave a comment below. I’ll make sure I answer
them and help you out. Thank you for watching.

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    When you guys do all this SEO stuff that experts are recommending, even me, is your traffic going up? If it’s not, leave a comment with “No”. If it’s going up, leave a comment with “yes”.

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