The Surprising Truth About Email Marketing in 2018

By | August 14, 2019

hey everyone it’s Neil Patel and I’m here for another QA Thursday I’m here with Adam from viewership hello everyone and this week’s question is this one is from Bratislava and thank you everyone else for who’s been leaving their comments they’ve been amazing so this one’s from Rostov and he wanted to basically ask you does email marketing still work he finds that it is really hard with Google filters to make it to the inbox and people are just not even really checking their email so he’s not even convinced that he should use email marketing with his agency well I’m gonna answer this in twofold first saw anytime the business operates they need email yes there’s slack there’s Skype there’s many other communication channels but businesses still revolve around email and if businesses still use it you could bet that if you get an email in their inbox and they read it you can generate sales for that reason emails aren’t going away Gmail ads is growing in revenue more and more people each and every single quarter are leveraging Gmail ads just because they know emails are powerful so the first part of your question is our emails valuable yes I know that’s not really directly what you answered but the second part which I’ll get to is do they still work yes because people still read emails and I’m gonna show you how to get in the inbox so first off the reason most people don’t get into the inbox is because they’re sending people emails when they don’t want them when people do opt-ins they’re really aggressive with their pop-ups and they’re trying to force people into a newsletter or a daily email or weekly just acting like it’s a one-off you know put in your email and I’ll give you this guide and you don’t tell them that hey we’re gonna send your emails each and every single week and gdpr has come out and what gdpr and i love it you have to put a little tick box saying yes i authorized you to send me weekly emails so that way they know what they’re getting into and you’ll find that that increases your open rates because of people who click that tick box really want your emails yes your conversions are gonna go down but that’s okay it’s not about having the most amount of emails it’s about having emails from people who really want to get your emails the second thing that most people don’t tell you with email marketing is you need a scrub your list if you have a hundred thousand email list and that’s usually the threshold once you hit a hundred thousand you’ll notice that your email open rates to start tanking and it’s because people don’t clean their lists often enough I clean my list monthly and some email providers do this like convertkit does this I don’t think MailChimp does this but I think MailChimp wants you to keep paying up money for the inactive yeah and the whole purpose of cleaning the emails are for the people who aren’t opening your emails and engaging you just stop sending them emails and by doing that yes your email list shrinks but what you’ll find is the people who send emails to the engagement goes up and Gmail and outlook look at engagement more than anyone else and it’s a really high priority for if they’re gonna put the email in the inbox and if you’re only sending emails to majority of the people open it and you start having twenty thirty percent open rates you’ll notice that your emails go into the inbox verses of promotion tabs right it is by the way I should just say the other day I just deleted forty five thousand email addresses it’s like it’s like the hardest button to press ever but these are all bounces unsubscribes like and these are people who haven’t bought so it hurts to delete it but it doesn’t matter you know so scrubbing a list is really important yeah and when you send emails do you put a lot of images within your emails and videos yeah so what Adam does is cool people love that but there’s an issue when you add in videos and images within your emails it tends to be where businesses send more of that when your friends send you emails do they include a lot of images usually not if they include a video it’s usually a link to a video right that’s what also causes you to go into the promotions tab so try to avoid putting images graphics fancy designs within your emails keep them simple don’t use email templates use text-based emails and add in links you also don’t want to add in more than three links to your site I try to only do one if you add in too many you’ll notice that you also won’t see amazing deliverability and make sure you whitelist your emails so go to AOL they white list you can use services like return path outlook and Gmail don’t do whitelist services but if you follow those tips you’ll be good to go and you’ll get in the inbox make sure you test creative subject lines like ones that your friends would actually send lowercase things like hey do you see this right of course it needs to be relevant to your business or the offer you’re producing if you do people they’re gonna get upset I’m giving you extreme case so you can try to have the creative juices start flowing and come up with really good ideas but it’s not that hard to get in the inbox scrub your list don’t put too many links don’t add images and videos and all these send to people who really want I should just say the final point I don’t know any I’m sure you implied it but always add value in your yeah that’s we can add value don’t spam and I see especially in the relation dating relationship industry a lot of spam emails but even in business they so much that emails and then before you know it they send three emails that day all just by by by by you Neal’s emails like he says I think what for a week more a week max and they’re all content all content so how much like you know you’re just building up so much goodwill with your audience so if you ever sent something I was like hey buy this I’d be I’ve done yes and they do funny enough I do that once and it generally like Ryan Deiss helped me and it generated like six figures or not even not well into six raises somewhere like 100 in something thousand bucks within like one or email and then I felt bad because I was like charging people stuff so I’m like return stop no like I gave it away for free that’s what it works I felt bad I don’t like I never charged for before over emails and like I couldn’t do it Wow okay look at this guy this is how much value use trying to give to you guys so come on leave a comment on this one yes leave a comment I do make money I make money through large corporations so I’m like of course have to monetize some way but if you like with content we’re giving leave a comment ask a question we may answer in next week’s Q&A Thursday video worst case I’ll respond to your comment no matter what thank you for watching let other people know about the video appreciate you watching and taking the time out of your day

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  1. Joey Peacock Post author

    Neal – great video!! Thanks for sharing this (I never miss one of these Q&A sessions).
    I'm actually trying to create a mailing list (my first). I've downloaded Hello Bar to my website. I'm having a challenge though in picking an email service to use for my micro business. Funds are terribly limited. MailChimp looks interesting and offers the free version – but looks a tad complicated and seems that charge me multiple times for the same subscriber if I have them in multiple lists. ConvertKit looks good but seems specific for bloggers, and of course, there's that monthly fee. Click Funnel seems like a good path, but again my limited funds at the moment. Suggestions/guidance (maybe a "how to" video for all the folks like me in the same current situation??) would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for all you do for all us #SmallBizLife folks!

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