The Sunday Talk – SEO is a part of Digital Marketing

By | August 16, 2019

The advice I wanna give you in this rainy
morning is: You really have to get a place where you know what your company is about.
I can improve your SEO. I can tell you how to improve your Digital Marketing but you
not gonna be successful online if you are the only one who thinks that your product
is good. I am not very impressed by the British summer.
Welcome to my world of traffic, rain and SEO. So we are working on a public API as well.
And we gonna be integrating that in a WordPress plugin so you can basically install the plugin
and every time you make a change on your website we will send a signal to the Content King
crawler. So basically you gonna have a WordPress plugin
that people can just download? Yes.
Ok, I get it. This is a good idea, you know? Because a lot of people use WordPress, right?
I u Yes, there is millions.
I use WordPress for my personal website Yes, I know. We use it as well.
On my way to an SEO roundtable organised by Kevin Gibbon the CEO of Blue Glass – top digital
marketing agency here in the UK. In the end of the day, nothing beats meeting people in
real life. Just coming back from the roundtable organised
by Blue Glass and one thing is very obvious. Big companies have finally started to understand
the core principles of SEO. Meanwhile what really surprised me was that so many people
that were not technical were asking and talking about technical SEO.
Thursday and the big day has finally arrived. General Election 2017. Torres, SMP, Labour.
But if you don’t know who to vote for vote Digital Marketing.
As a member of the Digital Marketing Party, I can promise you better ROI – return on investment.
better knowledge of your community. For once I can promise you: you gonna know who your
community is. Vote for the future. Vote for Digital Marketing.
In about ten minutes I’m gonna be talking to David James – the CEO of
and a top SEO from Australia. We gonna be talking about the basics of SEO
and the importance of including SEO in your overall Digital Marketing Strategy.
I will try and be as short as possible, you know. Basically, if you think that you can
do – I will be very very specific. If you think that you can do SEO without data whether
is technical or content. Let’s just say, let’s concentrate on content. If you think that
you can do content SEO without data you are literary in the wrong job. Everything nowadays
is about data. If you don’t understand how the customer is
coming to your website, why the customer is coming to your website, who is that it’s coming
to your website, you know. Because it’s not important
Because it’s not important even to know the number, you know, you have to know the specifics.
Telling me “3 thousand are coming to my website a day,” tells me nothing. Absolutely nothing.
Tells me straight away that you do not know what you are doing in SEO. SEO is all about
data. Or the way I normally put it in front of, you know. let’s call them the ‘normal’
people. I see what you did there.
In my opinion, SEO is 50% math and 50% imagination, creativity. Yeah, That’s it.
Spot on. I had such a busy week. Three online webinars
and one SEO roundtable. This week I’ve talked to so many people and I can see a trend emerging.
Successful companies are those who successfully managed to all Digital marketing parts together.
SEO is on of those important Digital Marketing tools. Your SEO team should not only be part
of development. Your SEO team should not work in a silo. Your SEO team should be heavily
involved in defining and delivering your Digital Marketing strategy.
Guys, next week I am going to the Search Leeds PPC and SEO conference organised by Branded3
where I’m gonna be learning from top marketers like Dawn Anderson, Aleyda Solis to name the
few. But you do come back here next week cause
you’ve got the problems and I’ve got the solutions.

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