The Sunday Talk – It’s All About Love

By | August 24, 2019

Alexa, what’s the temperature today in London?
In London, there is a flood alert in effect. The current weather is 2 ºC with clear skies
and sun. Throughout the day you can expect more of the same with a high of 6 ºC and
a low of 1 ºC. Hmm, I don’t remember such a cold winter in
recent years. Why am I talking to a…? Yes, emotion is very important. On the other
side, rewards feel good. Penalties feel bad. And that’s why they can both work well for
motivating you and your team. With that in mind give your best friend or colleague £100
today. If you get a task done by 5 pm you get your £100 back. If you don’t complete
it you lose the £100. Yes, exactly. Suddenly your to-do list for today got very emotional.
Today I’ve been told that Jono Alderson is leaving Distilled behind to join team Yoast
– yo, yo, yo – in their quest to make SEO available to everyone. Similar to me. In all
honesty Jono I’ve never used this plugin before but I promise you that from today Yoast is
my favourite, my top SEO WordPress plugin. Joking aside congratulations on your job mate.
Well deserved. And good luck. What’s my favourite SEO tool? Well, there
is no one tool that I can call my favourite SEO tool. It’s more like I’ve got a set of
favourite SEO tools. So to answer your question directly: I can’t think of an SEO tool that
I am using every single day. But there is definitely a set of tools that I am using
every single week. Becuase normally in SEO to perform a task you need more than one tool.
And then I am gathering data from different sources so I always know what’s really happening.
With that in mind when it comes to technical SEO audits my favourite tool is called OnCrawl.
A French company called OnCrawl. But then all my agencies, all my SEO agencies are using
DeepCrawl. When it comes to keywords research my favourite tool is Sistrix. A German company
called Sistirx. But then all my agencies are using SEMrush. So sometimes I’m gonna see
problems or trends in Sistrix that they can not see in SEMrush and vice versa. Sometimes
they would see problems or trends in SEMrush that I can not see in Sistrix. So with that
in mind using one tool is not just not advisable. It’s actually dangerous.
After a long day and a long interview, Happy Valentine’s to all the lovers out there. If
you have something good keep it and cherish it forever. Love you all, guys.
At the end of the day, on the day of the week, everything comes down to love. If you surround
yourself with love and the right people, anything, anything is possible. You know what: Alexa,
I love you. That’s really nice. Thanks.
Meanwhile do come back here next Sunday cause you’ve got the problems and I’ve got the solutions.

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