The Sun can’t work without Quantum Tunneling

By | February 26, 2020

Hey Crazies. We all know our Sun is powered by nuclear fusion, right? All that gravity compresses the core, causing it to reach ridiculous temperatures. We’re talking tens of millions of degrees. Except that’s not hot enough for fusion. This episode was made possible by generous supporters on Patreon. The Sun has to be doing fusion somehow, otherwise it wouldn’t be a star. It turns out quantum mechanics is going to be a big help, but more on that later. All stars have fusion happening in their cores. That’s what it means to be a star. Stars can be plotted on something called Hertzsprung-Russell diagram or HR Diagram. Which group they fall into tells us a lot about where they are in their life cycle. Our Sun is a main sequence star, which means it’s in the main part of its life. In other words, its main source of energy is hydrogen fusion. That’s when four hydrogen nuclei, otherwise known as protons, come together to form one helium nucleus. I did a video on that a few years ago if you want to learn the details. Now is not the time! What matters for this video is how much energy is released. Each fusion reaction releases about 27 mega electron volts worth of gamma ray photons. By E equals mc squared, that’s equivalent to the mass of over 50 electrons. But that’s just a tiny amount as far as humans are concerned. Your body uses 4 million million mega electron volts of energy walking up a single step. The Sun emits so much energy because it has a ton of these reactions happening at the same time. Like, 10-to-the-38 reactions every second. That’s a 1 followed by 38 zeros every second. That’s a lot of fusion. Yeah, but how does quantum mechanics fit into all of this? Oh, right. Right. I got a little sidetracked. Anyway! Fusion is inherently a quantum mechanical process. We need to get these four protons to stick together. That’s no easy feat. The problem is, they don’t want to stick together. All protons are positive, so they’re going to repel each other if they get too close. At nuclear distances, there’s over 50 pounds of force pushing them apart. That’s like using the entire weight of a 7-year-old kid to pull protons apart. That’s a ridiculous amount of force for subatomic particles. Luckily, if we can get them close enough, strong nuclear force can overpower that repulsion and hold the protons together. That’s where those millions of degrees come in. The hotter the core is, the faster the particles are moving, and the more they’re going to bump into each other. Especially, at the densities we expect stellar cores to have. Except, remember, having protons bump into each other is not enough. We need them to get close enough for strong force to take over and hold them together. The Sun’s core is 27 million degrees Fahrenheit. That’s 15 million degrees Celsius. Isn’t that hot enough? Nope! Seriously! Tens of millions of degrees is not hot enough for fusion. When we try hydrogen fusion on Earth, we need hundreds of millions of degrees. Then how does the Sun do it? Quantum tunneling! See, this animation is really misleading. It shows protons as if they’re little spheres, but they’re actually little waves. Quantum probability waves! Their behavior is described by probabilities. Where they are, what they’re doing, all of it is probabilistic. Hmm, let’s consider a really simple model. This is the particle-in-a-box model. Say we’ve got a proton in here doing its thing. We’d like to know exactly where it is inside the box. Except we can’t because quantum mechanics. All we get to know are the probabilities of finding it at various places. It might be here, or here, or maybe here. All quantum mechanics tells us is that it’s more likely to be here than, say, here. That’s it. That’s all we get to know. Of course, that example is incredibly simplistic. It’s what we call an infinite particle box. There is an infinite number of energy states. There’s no such thing “outside the box.” That’s not reality. So let’s see what happens when we relax that requirement a little. We’ll say the box is sitting on a table and the top is open. There are only so many energy states available before the proton is just outside the box. It’s like trying to roll a ball up a hill. For some energies, it’s stuck in this ditch. But if you give it enough energy, it can get over the hill. Then again, I mentioned earlier that protons aren’t like little spheres, so let’s take a closer look at one of the proton’s states. We can see from the quantum wave, there are high probabilities of finding the proton inside the box, but the wave also sticks outside the box a little bit. There is a non-zero probability of finding the proton outside the box. I repeat. If a proton is inside a quantum box, there’s a small chance you might find it outside the box anyway. What? What? What?! I know. I know. It’s crazy, but this is the reality that quantum particles live in. It’s called quantum tunneling because it’s as if the proton has burrowed or tunneled through the side of the box. It’s wild! But this effect actually explains how fusion can happen in the Sun’s core, even though isn’t hot enough. Rather than little spheres, think of each proton in the Sun as a little wave in a tiny box. Most of that wave is inside the box, but some of it sticks outside the box like a little tail. The temperature of the Sun’s core might not be hot enough to get the boxes to overlap, but it is hot enough to get a tail from one box inside another box. So why doesn’t that work in our reactors on Earth? There aren’t enough particles. Remember, this is a probabilities game. The chance of finding the proton outside the box is extremely small. For that to contribute to sustained nuclear fusion, we need a lot of protons. The Earth’s reactors just don’t have enough, but the Sun does. Let’s run the particle numbers. By mass, the Sun is 71% hydrogen, 27% helium, and 2% other stuff. By particle count though, it’s 91.2% hydrogen, 8.7% helium, 0.1% other stuff. Remember, hydrogen nuclei are just protons. They’re a lot lighter than everything else, so there are more of them. Anyway, that makes for about 10-to-the-57 protons inside the Sun, but only the protons in the core are going to fuse. The Sun’s core is surrounded by a non-convection zone, so it can’t get any new material. What it’s got is what it’s got. And what it’s got is about 12% of the Sun’s protons, so that’s 10-to-the-56 protons, which is still ton of protons. Now, the chances that two of those protons will quantum tunnel together is about 1 in 10-to-the-28, which is terrible odds. You have a better chance of winning the grand prize in the lottery three times in a row. But the number of protons in the Sun’s core is enormous. It’s 10-to-the-28 squared! With that many protons bumping into each other, the chances of some of them quantum tunneling isn’t all that rare. Remember, we only need 10-to-the-38 fusion reactions to occur each second. There are enough protons in the Sun’s core for that happen, even through the rare process of quantum tunneling. There’s enough for that to happen for thousands of millions of years. So how does fusion happen in the Sun? First, you need lots of pressure. In the Sun, that pressure comes from the inward gravity. As pressure goes up, so does temperature, which gives the protons in the Sun a lot of energy. They’re moving really fast. Fast fast! They use that energy to bump into each other, but it’s still not enough for fusion. The Sun also needs those protons to occasionally quantum tunnel into each other. Without quantum tunneling, the Sun wouldn’t be able to fuse anything. Without quantum tunneling, the Sun isn’t the Sun. So do you know any other interesting stuff about the Sun? Please share in the comments. Thanks for liking and sharing this video. Don’t forget to subscribe if you’d like to keep up with us. And until next time, remember, it’s ok to be a little crazy. For those of you asking if the Doppler effect could get us green or purple stars, the answer is “no.” That effect will shift all the wavelengths in the black body spectrum, which means it’s still a black body spectrum, which means still no green or purple stars. Anyway, thanks for watching.

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  1. Billomaticus Billomaticus Post author

    are the "waves" in the box static or undulating with movement as visually portrayed? Thank you.

  2. David Henningson Post author

    Wow, learn something new every day! Great video!! Completely explains how it is that the sun can last for billions of years without burning through it's fuel in a catastrophically short time frame. I always wondered what kept the sun from blowing through it's fuel supply all at once… this makes perfect sense now😊

  3. Mairis Bērziņš Post author

    Is it also not that not every proton in suns core has the same energy aka Temperature was only the average velocity, no?
    So just like some water particles from surface of a waterbody get enough energy to vapourize can some protons now and then get enough energy to fuse without need of quantum tunnel?

  4. yoppindia Post author

    need video on non convection zone, is it there for blackhole?

  5. Dion Starfire Post author

    In one of the Star Ocean games, there's a unit of energy that is equal to the 'average* total output of a sol-type star in one millisecond'. Is there a similar term in the real world for the massively high energy levels in stars and similar phenomena?

    * it's not explicitly stated in the game, but I assume "average total" accounts for cold and hot spots across the surface of a star and regular periodic fluctuations (e.g. the ~11 year sunspot cycle)

  6. wizengy Post author

    Weird fact: Per cubic yard, a compost pile is producing more energy than the core of sun. Of course a compost pile can not even last a year before burning out.

  7. Aayush Deo Post author

    Can the box analogy be used to understand qbit in quantum computer as we can vary dimension of the box or position of the box on the waves from left to right and consider that as our input to the qbit and our observation around the box to be our output.

  8. Q.D. White Post author

    By Bob and Doug Mackenzie rules, the sun's core is 30,000,030°F

  9. Zach Fox 狐智 Post author

    fusion is about pressure first and foremost.
    too much importance put on heat!!!!!!

  10. Bridventure PR Post author

    I am missing something & not sure if it is only me. Even at the end, you didn't say as to how or why the Q tunneling increases the temperature for fusion to take place?!? 🤔😕

  11. revansidda wali Post author

    How about a video on space sound
    It's isn't clearly understood by many(assuming)

  12. Mit Yelsob Post author

    Probability waves….
    Isn't that like when you don't know the outcome of something you figure the odds of it happening?

  13. Jason Messinger Post author

    Sun fact: it takes an average of tens of thousands of years for photons generated in the sun to be emitted outside the Photosphere. This is because every time they hit a atom, they are randomly redirected into a new Direction.

  14. Psychotic Platypus Post author

    Hypothetically, could quantum tunneling cause cold fusion at low pressure? If it can, what would be the probability of say, spontaneously fusing two nuclei inside of a piece of paper on your desk? What would that look like?

  15. Monody Post author

    "All stars have fusion happening in their cores. That's what it means to be a star."

    Neutron stars: >_>

  16. Ryan M. Dupée Post author

    Quantum tunneling? Fusion processes?

    The sun is not powered by nuclear fusion.

    "…repulsive electrostatic forces which preclude compression and mean that the sun has a uniform pressure and so a uniform mass density of 1.41 times that of water throughout its entire body, hardly a recipe for inducing a fusion reaction in its central core."

    It's obviously not a gas, yet these theories are based upon that assumption.
    This is a failed theory. It cannot explain simple observations such as thre shape, the sun spots,
    the global resonances, the observed chemistry, the apparent temperature, the cycles, the non- random granulation, the neutrinos, e.t.c.

    There is not one thing this theory has or can predict accurately.

    Prof. Eugene N. Parker, Physics Today, June 2000, p.26

    "The Sun is stranger than you think, displaying mysterious manifestation of the familiar laws of physics and posing new problems with every major advance in exploratory measurement."

    Please look more into the controversies of science instead of being a misinformation agent.

  17. Safak Tan Ozkan Post author

    How come the damn thing do not go out of control chain reaction like an hydrogen bomb? İt's 15 M degrees C and hydrogen all over the place…

  18. Mauricio Vargas Sánchez Post author

    But is it only the sun and other stars like it, or are there stars with enough temperature to the the "normal" fision?

  19. Erick Troncoso Post author

    I always learn something new with your videos… Thank you very much!!

  20. REVV Elite Post author

    I have a question about quantum tunneling. If there is a really small posibility of Fusion in stars, can Fusion also just happen in Nature? Because I mean, if there is a small posibility in stars there must be a very very much smaller posibility that 2 Atoms fuse on earth. Fusion on earth may be much rarer, but not zero. Do you think my idea Works? Is there Fusion on Earth?

  21. kev4ev Post author

    with the pronunciation of the nerd clone 2:25 I think that force might be caused by a 7 year old Science Asylum creator. adjusts glasses

  22. Peter Stark Post author

    Due to e=mc2 the released energy must contribute to the mass, too. So, the relations of H, He, etc. should include some E as well, or?

  23. Dio The Creative Post author

    Imagine if this didn't happen, stars would burn though their fuel way faster. Like how a bomb burns through it's explosive materials really fast.

  24. Vinicius Falchi Post author

    I didn't even know I could have my mind blown that much on something I never asked myself about… As always, great stuff !!!

  25. Manonsilvermountain Post author

    we need hundreds of millions of degrees heat on earth to fuse H2, only because we lack humongous amount of gravity. the sun does not need more heat than it has since it has only-God-knows amount of gravity.

  26. Black Tim Howard Post author

    I'm curious to know a little more about this 'nonconvection zone' that keeps a bunch of fusible material out of the core. If, hypothetically, some advanced civilization wanted to keep a star burning by dumping a giant load of protons into it, would they have to somehow inject them directly into the core? You couldn't just drop it in from space and leave?

  27. Steve S Post author

    So if the fusion produces high energy gamma photons, where do the lower energy visible light photons ( sunlight) come from?

  28. Anders Moore Post author

    At that rate 1:48, the sun would have to burn for 10e+44 ages of the universe to have 1 google or reactions.

  29. INNOVATION & INITIATIVE Diy Post author

    Yes yes yes ! This was my one of many questions " QT in sun how" let's see…..

  30. INNOVATION & INITIATIVE Diy Post author

    3:37 what protorns also have wave like properties??
    It also have energy level ?
    If It's still inside nucleus !
    How ?

  31. ThermaL1102 Post author

    put another box in Switzerland , you're ''proton'' is there too …
    put a box in Turkey , same damn proton
    fly in to space , … you get the point …
    that proton , is also the electron and everything you can think of … it's not just a proton
    quantify That …
    another thing , black holes / dark matter , isn't 3D , it's 2D , that's why they'll never find any of it or a way to detect it …
    scientist think in the wrong way , a bit like a religious person , biased really … to the 3D world we experience
    there's a lot in 2D that we can't even perceive off
    every electron/ atom has the same 2D black / dark energy in it … same as the black holes in space
    it's the part that's ''not here'' in the 3D world , connected to source
    we think there's ''nothing'' there … there IS …
    where does a particle go when it ''disappears'' ? it has to go Somewhere , to ''come back from it''

  32. Barry Chalmers Post author

    can the concept of charge be explained in quantum terms?

  33. Latent Gnosis Post author

    DEMONIC programming: a computational language for single-particle equilibrium thermodynamics, and its formal Semantics:

    Maxwell's Demon, 'a being whose faculties are so sharpened that he can follow every molecule in its course', has been the centre of much debate about its abilities to violate the second law of thermodynamics. Landauer's hypothesis, that the Demon must erase its memory and incur a thermodynamic cost, has become the standard response to Maxwell's dilemma, and its implications for the thermodynamics of computation reach into many areas of quantum and classical computing.
    Landauer’s hypothesis was introduced to get around the problem of Maxwell’s Demon: a diabolic entity who could apparently violate the second law of thermodynamics within a closed system.

    The second law of thermodynamics, in one of its formulations, states that within a closed system the quantity entropy is non-decreasing over time. Some processes are only allowed to operate in one temporal direction. This appears to conflict with underlying reversible microdynamics, either quantum or classical Newtonian. Since the formulation of thermodynamics, toy model thermodynamic systems have been used in debates around these foundational issues. The simplest example is a single particle in a box, in contact with a heat bath. The thermodynamic variables can be easily specified, while at the same time the microdynamics for the single particle are easily comprehensible. While there are important issues around whether this system can actually be said to have a thermodynamics (usually considered a theory of large numbers of particles), it is a useful tool and the form of system that has been considered by a large number of authors from Szilard. By formalising this system, we also give a starting-point for a similar semantics of many-particle thermodynamic systems. The fundamental system under consideration is a single particle gas in a box, connected to an external heat bath. The heat bath keeps the entire system at a specific temperature T; this is a constant and not a variable. The thermodynamic variables for the system are: pressure of the gas (i.e. the force exerted on the walls of the box by the continuous motion of the single particle) p, volume occupied by the gasV, and entropy of the system H. There is a removable partition in the middle of the box, and two pistons (left and right) which can either compress the gas and input work −W into the system (isothermal compression) or expand under pressure of the gas thereby extracting work W from the box (isothermal expansion). There are two fundamental equations of state for the system:
    pV/ T =const Hout −Hin =kln Vout /Vin

    where again k is the Bolzmann constant, and where ‘out’ and ‘in’ refer respectively to output and input values of parameters for a given transition. The first means that pressure and volume are not independent at a fixed temperature; only one variable need be specifed. The second equation means that a decrease in system volume of a half decreases the entropy of the system by kln2. A doubling of the system volume increases the entropy by the same amount. In isothermal expansion from volumeV → 2V, the amount of work done by the gas on the piston isW =kT ln2. In isothermal compression 2V →V, the same amount of work is input to the gas by the piston.

  34. Márcio Angonesi Post author

    Question: Is there any possibility that 1 electron of a random atom of my body appear in our non observable universe and then reappear back here, according to quantum physics?

  35. Jon skelin Post author

    The Sun uses quantum tunneling to function. I have vision tunneling after watching this video.

  36. Troy Tieszen Post author

    Interesting. Explains why the sun doesn't use all its fuel in a split second.

  37. William Taylor Post author

    This guy was watching how a guy pulls a train with a pickup truck. So, how is the cable even capable of holding this load? The cable isn't the actual problem because the youngs modulus of each strand cools each strand. In theory, a rope of sufficient quality can be infinitely long. But keeping the pressure on the rope is how he either moves it or doesn't move it, so actually, he thankfully has an inferior rope that is jiggling the engine RPM in order to jiggle the box cars forwards.

  38. DANG JOS Post author

    If you think about it, it's a good thing the sun isn't good at fusion. If a large fraction of the protons fused every second, it would make the star blow up in a sort of supernova!

  39. Justice Warrior Post author

    So Ellon Musk is helping the Sun with the hyperloop??
    I knew it

  40. -]Na[-NoMaD Post author

    Without quantum tunneling, everything you know and love is dead.

  41. Marcin Kalinowski Post author

    Another great video about quantum mechanic, my favourite topic. You have a great skill to expalining this to others. Greetings from Poland.

  42. UltimateBargains Post author

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    Yet another ridiculous union demand…

  43. Jean-Claude GUGIMAIER Post author

    hahahahaha, i really like your question clone xD … i guess i have some clonies myself 😉

  44. sanjuansteve Post author

    Since we know we're in a sea of undetectable dark matter but don't know exactly where it's distributed and since everything in the universe from electrons to solar systems is in orbit with something else, why isn't the first assumption of how or why a photon acts like a particle but also as a ''wave packet'' for every physics student to think every photon might be in orbit with a dark matter particle pulling it into a polarizable axial or helical apparent wave as they travel?

  45. G. Brent Wilson Post author

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  46. XRP_2023 Post author

    You look like Beavis from "Beavis and Butthead", but u sure like your videos 😉

  47. Duke Parrott Post author

    So, question (if anyone see this, feel like I'm late to the party lol)…this is the first time I've been introduced to quantum tunneling. I know a star reaches the end of life when it starts fusing iron, as the amount of energy needed to do this, is more than you get out of the fusion. Does quantum tunneling play a role in this? Or is it simply energy in > energy out?

  48. hawkturkey Post author

    It's like the proton is made of something that buzzes around, normally inside its nominal boundary, but occasionally outside of it, and that can get it to touch other protons.

  49. satyendra kumar Shrivastava Post author

    I am from india but i want to make such kind of video throughout my life . I simply cannot live here with morons faking english and trying to be competitive and give u awkward looks if u not doing anything . I wish i was born and make these kind of mind blowing videos for livlihood how insanly u create and talk all about physics . It attract me a lot . Here just people either do religions tging , or in compitition for govt job . Ias ips like totally shitty jobs or else do iim and management . No indians are really have interest like that of westerners . I personally like eric sir video" father of meglev " . From london school of engineering .

  50. hawkturkey Post author

    I'm a little puzzled about squashing (or gingerly tangoing) four protons together, and getting a blob of two protons and two neutrons. How did its net electric charge change from +4 to +2? Did it have to gobble two electrons too? In nuclear decay, an electron (beta particle) is emitted when a neutron becomes a proton.

  51. T λ C O. phox Post author

    I'm starting to feel like after watching your vids, quantum mechanics are mostly about probabilities heh.

  52. Rose Feng Post author

    Protons' position is a probality waves. But you mentioned that protons dont have an exact position….. WHY IS SO?? WHAT ARE PROTONS REALLY….. AND ALSO WHY DO THEY REPEL… PLEASE EXPLAIN MORE FUNDAMENTALLY….

  53. PrivateSi Post author

    I have commented many times on fusion vids that you need the gravity of a start to sustain fusion for power generation purposed. It's certainly possible to force fusion using magnetic acceleration or a fusion implosion bomb but not the fabled sustained reaction… This vid almost fully confirms my prediction… I'd love to be wrong except for the fact it would prove my model of reality wrong. Don't hold your breath for fusion power.

  54. Charles Dahmital Post author

    I have always wondered- When protons are forced together and neutrinos are expelled

    creating neutrons, what is the determining factor that determines which protons degenerate into neutrons?

  55. Jaosn Fuller Post author

    If a proton is a probability wave, what's the probability that it doesn't exist?

  56. johnny elkins Post author

    Now we need to find a way to make green and purple stars using quantum mechanics

  57. Paul Marostica Post author

    Ahh…  Quantum tunnelling.  Another assumed mysterious unexplainable unobservable brought to you by the theory of mysterious unexplainable unobservables, the Copenhagen interpretation of quantum mechanics, where anything is possible anywhere at any time for no reason.

    No one will need to make videos trying to explain the mysteries of my unifying physics theory, matter theory.  Matter theory begins with assumptions about what is most fundamentally physically occurring.  These fundamental physics assumptions are then translated into fundamental physics formulas you can understand and calculate with.  The fundamental physics formulas are then used to further imply relativistic quantum-like formulas you can understand and calculate with.  No contradictions or mysterious unexplainable unobservables allowed.  Matter theory supersedes and can easily replace all the current professionally used fundamental physics theories.  I am seeking funding, and I am offering a monetary reward to the person who 1st introduces me to my eventual funder.  Search keywords:  matter theory marostica.

  58. john Jeffreys Post author

    Numberphile calculated the number of particles in the universe to be a 1 with 80 zeros.

    I thought this number was too low.
    If a proton is a particle, then wouldn’t there be nearly as many particles just in the sun alone?

  59. - Post author

    0:01 – Of course. It's a mass of incandescent gas miasma of incandescent plasma, a gigantic nuclear furnace. Where hydrogen is built into helium at a temperature of millions of degrees.

  60. Jet mayaportal Post author

    I love the fact your finally admitting if there are no particles everything is waves..

  61. Werner Boden Post author

    As far as I was told
    The pressure of gravity in the sun, fuses protons.
    On earth, we don't have this pressure, therefore we need to heat it to 100 mil degrees.
    Inside the sun, that's not needed.

  62. mkhud50n Post author

    This is based on the assumption that stars are fusion reactors. All of the evidence suggests they are not. This video is proof.
    You can’t rewrite a theory to prove your theory was right. That’s bad science.
    (Also, stars are electric)

  63. Jeemon Jose Post author

    When you showed sun's temperature, I was thinking "where's the 32 at the end"

  64. stclairstclair Post author

    I let your ad play,
    Because I was busy packing a bong.

  65. cheetor5923 Post author

    I found this video very interesting… I remember back say 15 years ago when I was studying my first year at college… Quantum tunneling did my head in… Took a good dose of magic mushrooms for me to 'get' the concept. But this concept, I've never heard it before, or seen it an any textbook… I found this video absolutely fascinating!

  66. David Hick Post author

    Hey, what will we do if someone starts to question all our theories that we haven’t proven yet? We’ll just yell, it’s all probabilistic!! That will spin their heads around!

  67. Sander vd Donk Post author

    If you're a science channel are you allowed to use non-SI units? The calculations might be wrong becaus you used lbs and fahrenheit..

  68. Stefania Smanio Post author

    Hi! The continuity between exponential and sinusoidal functions Is perfectly shown in the animation. great job! Very well done!!

  69. Precision Videography Post author

    The first thing that came out of your mouth was wrong, and therefore the rest of it was likely garbage also.
    We do not know the Sun is powered by nuclear fusion. It is a hypothesis. It is a hypothesis that has failed in nearly ever important prediction. For some reason we are hell bent on jamming the Sun into the nuclear fusion model hypothesis even though just about everything we observe goes against it and we have had to come up with completely un-observable and un-testable mechanisms for why this is the case.

  70. immigrant george Post author

    Hi, Science Asylum!
    I have enjoyed your videos for a while and have learned from them a thing or two. But…

    I have a question for you!
    What do you think about that book which claims to have figured out what are and how work black holes. According to it those might be very brightly shining objects that become invisible exactly because of the laws of physics.

    Also, this book suggests a new idea for the origins of the Universe. According to it, it is eternal and uncreated and that is the only way it could be. The book describes the philosophy behind that. It it logical though.

    Also, the book describes tides in a completely different way. Yes, it still is because of the Moon, but in completely different way from what we think today.

    Among other things the book looks at failures of flat eart theory and hollow earth theory. It even addresses the question what is truth…

    Anyway, what do you think about those theories?

    The book is titled as My Quest to Understand Everything: Everything is Mechanics of Reflection.

    Also, the book claims to have figured out the true pattern of Magnetic field and how it works…

    Also, the questions about free will and Astrology are discussed in this book explaining why the latter should be taken as seriously as weather forecast and the free will is possible only within certain conditions. The most important of which is – we have to understand the reality around us…

    Its author uses a funny pen name – george warehouseman… Possibly to trigger some unstable PhD's… ha ha ha

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    Stars: lets make them gay!

  72. Robert Trisca Post author

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