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By | January 24, 2020

– Hmm. Nope. Nope.
– (meows) – Aha! Damn. Hmm. What did I do with the last of my troll fat? (screaming gasp) (wind whistling, coughing) – Shut that (cough) door! – Claire, help me. She’s coming to get me! – EDGAR, GET OFF THE DOOR! It’s mahogany! – But… I’m hiding… – BAD! BAD! BAD KITTY! BAD– (pounding on door) – Hi, Claire! – Oh… hi, Fluff Top. – Have you seen Edgar, Claire? – Um… …No. – Well, If you see him, will you tell him… I SAW HIM TAKE IT! hisssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss… – What did you do? – I stole her secret chocolate stash! Every day, I see her hiding all this chocolate in cabbages. But I’ve never seen her eat any! – Okay, well, I’m making a summoning potion,
but we’re out of troll fat. – Why are you making a summoning potion? – I need to eliminate certain scum from my life… FOREVER! So I’m summoning a demon to do… my… dirty… work. You know, Edgar, stealing is wrong. – Yeah, so is creating demons for murder. – Uh, yeah, I know. (record scratch) – Well, if you’re out of troll fat,
pretty sure troll hair has the same effect. (loud poof) – Congrats, you summoned us. You get one wish. (party favors toot) – No thumbs-up. I didn’t wanna
summon these nerds. I wanted this guy. – Come on, we’re cool. Let us grant you a wish.
– Yeah, cool. – Fine. I wish I could get troll fat. – (creepy laugh) Go get it, then. – I hate those guys. die! – I should work on how I word my wishes, but whatever. I NEED THAT FAT! AAAAAAAAHHH!!! AAAAAAAAHHHH!!! – This beach sucks. – EDGAAAAR! – Oh man! (shouting)
– Huh? (splash) – There it is! Yay! We did it! Good job, us. – he completly does not like you! – Welcome to my island of wonders and wears! Swamp Giant Head Island! I see you opted for the slimy route. Most people take the every-five-minute
ferry service. I like your spirit! – Do you have troll fat? – Why yes, I do. – Great, I’d like 500 grams. Oh, is it in here? (grumbling) (mouth full) My mouth was open. The dirt will cleanse me! – Um… That’s not dirt. I live on a swamp giant’s head.
Swamp Giant Head Island. It’s dandruff. (girl shrieks) – (raspy whisper) I. Want. To. DIE. – Do you want some chocolate to cleanse your palate? – That’s poop. – What?! NOooo, it’s not. It’s a rabbit’s secret chocolate stash! – Rabbits store their own poop to age, ferment,
and eat later, (worms crawl) for the nutrients. – (groaning loudly) Um… Dandruff! You guys don’t have a lot of common sense, huh? – We’d like to pay now. – Woo-hoo! – Stupid clowns and nerds. – I’m sorry I took your poop pellets, Fluff Top. – It’s empty! – I thought they were chocolate. I didn’t know rabbits ate their own dook. – That’s because you guys lack common sense. I’ll never forgive you. – Five… six… We did it! – I feel nauseous. – Is that the fumes? – No, I ate poop. Like– oh daaang. – You have summoned Scaroar. Where is the scum you want eliminated? – Down the hall, second door on the right. – You’re holding someone hostage? – Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!(Breaths in) No. – Scaroar is a clean freak. He cleans bathrooms. – (grumbles) Stubborn soap scum. – I literally told you scum like three times. Common sense. – (vomits) – Oh, come on! (jackhammer rattles)
– Frederator!

100 thoughts on “The Summoning – from GO! Cartoons only on Cartoon Hangover | Full Episode

  1. Cartoon Hangover Post author

    It's here! Enjoy "The Summoning" by Elyse Castro, the first in our GO! Cartoons shorts series. Much more to come!!

  2. iTimeSike - Clockworks Post author

    Hmm… swear I could've seen something like this before… Nah, it must be my imagination.

  3. ZomTA鿆 Post author

    Wait, why i feel that i fapped with this somewhere else…?

  4. lol xd Post author

    i saw a pretty interesting hentai about those characters

  5. The Engineer Post author

    Normal people: "Hey, it's a new cartoon!"

    R34 artists: "It's free real estate.~"

  6. Leaven Edit's Post author

    I know y'all are here because of that one hentai

  7. WheatleyHDD Post author

    Все спрашиваю: "Где вторая серия", а я скажу: "Кто хотел, тот получил вторую серию на PornHub"

  8. Jacobomb Post author

    Anyone else searching for comments about the voodoo hentai made about this

  9. Blue De Do Subliminals Post author

    I want this as a series. Please, I will get on my knees and beeeeggggggg.

  10. Philter Jungleman Post author

    Mmmmmm, I wonder were I have seen these characters,🤔

  11. dallon inouye Post author

    Where did i see this, hmm I can't seem to remember where I saw this from hmmm did it start with a p maybe a it was here

  12. Collin Manning Post author

    Adventure Time met flapjack and birthed this beautiful creation

  13. J K R Post author

    The chances of this getting a series is the same chances waluigi will become playable in smash. I am not liking these chances.

  14. REDGE DEMON Post author

    Блин я реально хочу больше мультов с этими ребятами)

  15. AlterNate Post author

    ain't this the girl from pornhub who both got fucked to the other hole with a tentacle and a voodoo doll

  16. Mad Max Post author

    0:19 cute 0:39 horrifying 1:26 A little creepy 1:28 back to cute

  17. Akito Kanzaki Post author

    Оу..я видел порно с этим Claire

  18. Altastrofae, High-Star Spirit Post author

    Ok let me make this clear
    I love everything about this, its mildly dark humor, and the whole occult aesthetic it has going on
    So here's what's gonna happen, we're gonna get at least 5 seasons, preferably more, and I guarantee this will be a franchise with a fandom as big as Adventure Time or Steven Universe or whatever

    I guarantee this would pay off
    So why isn't there a series yet, it's apparently been 3 years, why is this only now appearing in my recommendations?

  19. Nate Huskey Post author

    Don’t ask where I know her from (people who like this know exactly what I’m referring to)

  20. Dingo Dan15 Post author

    The Twitter artists are having a field day with this cartoon

  21. Servical Post author

    Don't want to be a creep but on P*rnhub the girl Claire is in a animated p*rno called "The Summoning."

  22. zPunkz Post author

    Hmmm now where did I see this cartoon before…… clears history O.O

  23. Codeofthegame 202 Post author

    Amazing show, it is acceptable and is the preferred version to the 18+

  24. Bob The Bone Boy Post author

    I'd pay everyday just to see another episode, it was so g o o d

  25. O.N.U. Post author

    Como cuando ya es figurativamente profanada en su show 3:17 ( El espesor y color no ayudan mucho )

  26. Jakezter444 gaming Post author

    How was this made 2 years ago and not become a series?

  27. Aliosn Brehder Post author

    definitely have NEVER seen these characters before
    e v e r

  28. XombY-C Post author

    It is 2020 and we still haven't heard anything about this becomong a show

  29. Melonberry Queen Post author

    There is a rule 34 version of this and when I saw 3:18 I now know where they get it from (if you type the same title in pornhub you'll understand)😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 #childhood ruined
    #I hate my life

  30. Alanzomega Post author

    I come back to this every so often to pray in the comments that we will get a full series. Bless.

  31. X-toxiccc-X X Post author

    También necesito aprender inglés puffhahajajajajaja

  32. Wisteria Watts Post author

    Everyone who has seen the other version of this animation, leave a like. I want to how many of you have watched the other version before this.

  33. tanqueta_moster Post author

    Quien mas a visto su Hentai de ella denme su like los marranos xD

  34. Juan Alberto Post author

    demonios, me encanto este corto, ojala le hagan una serie y que tambien lo pasen en latino america.

  35. DIPLARTIXCHUU ,una rara colaboración de 2 chicos Post author

    Conozco tu horrible secreto

  36. Lilly64 hi Post author

    These characters look pretty familiar

    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  37. Kyle Broflovski Post author

    slides money across table
    whispers hey I’d like 6 seasons

  38. Zac Killen Post author

    When edgar came through the door he looked like cookie cat

  39. Myself Included Post author

    Summons makes a series guy: Make this show a series!
    Sorry you need 2 more tokens to talk to thank you for your thievery.
    A little help

  40. l c Post author

    Hmmmm this seems familiar…
    Google incognito mode is sweating

  41. Серёга Серый Post author

    Американцы, вы извращенцы какие-то. Почему вы не хотите или не можете рисовать нормальную мультипликацию? Ну тупые…

  42. erik piquè figueres Post author

    Wait a minute, I have seen this characters before! "proceeds to get serious pornhub and e621 flashbacks"

  43. Nickoma Collins Post author

    Come on we're cool let's grant ya wish

    Yeah we're cool

  44. The Apartment Builder 11 Post author

    Frederator Studios/ Sony Pictures Animation

  45. Jason Smith Post author

    Love it <3 i need more…. ahhhh ho would know, bunnys poop is like a …. uhmmmm next episode plis <3

  46. Yovani Hernandez Post author

    7 de noviembre de 2017 y apenas me lo conozco en 2020
    Igual me parece genial y la chica me callo bien

  47. idog540 Post author

    Do you realize how much money I would pay for a full series of this? ALL THE MONEY!


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