The Story of Raven

By | August 31, 2019

What Raven does is integrates all the data that you would use in your marketing campaign and it brings all
together into one place there are lots of places where we would collect information from third parties lots places we wanted to store data to work on our seo projects. So, we wanted to create one central place where we could connect all that stuff together.
When we were
an agency owner we would spend half our time writing reports and it seemed like
a quarter of the time trying to figure out what
everybody else is doing. So as we started to create Raven we ultimately were our first
customer. An so we started have started building tools to help us Just do our job faster, “In-House”. and then we realized that what we were
doing other people might find advantageous as well. What agencies had
to do in the past was they had to painstakingly go well email everybody grab the state and call
a person in the other state is all part of the other team and eventually here police excel spreadsheets and word
office and have to go out to you other services google analytics all the
data out of there and instead outwards or days trying to do it all together and in that one person whatsoever for together eventually and gives it to customer label changes frame because were independent weekend think independently we think outside of the echo chamber dream a little bit more hands being a lot farther ahead we’re not
reacting to you what needs to happen the next quarter of the next month uh… we have some room to try taints
experiment we can talk to you our customers and get
better they come first because we didn’t have the same we may better business decisions we make
better decisions on our outside the product resigning given to be competitive environment and in the
marketplace where there were coming superb system we had agreed some product this kind of strange its it’s a place where things apart really relaxed where the same time
current or can grow apart so we’ve somehow just have been able to strike that perfect balanced between let’s have a lot of fun and let’s make something amazing reenact out nationalism is a great place for us to
build this company the city is full incredibly talented created and hardworking people in particular musicians it kranjc traced it okay trades that creativity traits he supported natural also has is an excellent place
for presidents for company because nationalism is a sea of dreams
you have a lot of premature because the national because it would be successful and you think music city u_s_a_ naturalness so you take three four five ringers episode happened seven seven two parts we wanted to build the best internet
product platform that week i looked at internet marketing said it’s
not about as individuals it’s not about just how much traffic getting to the
website is where our company spending money
online traditionally s_c_o_ has been kind of separated forms social media
marketing social media marketing separate from advertising paid search but the thing is is that the same agencies the same places they they all have the same teams which is all we have what we wanted to provide with the original raven with doctor from service and support to provide other companies is the ability to organized crime make more
efficient there work twelve o’clock markets
festival as so that you don’t have to keep on having people to make up for all the
inefficiencies managing to stay that way but the software management data and then people can manage relationships
declines raven does is it takes s_c_o_ social media advertising into one flap if simplifies your
marketing that what you don’t have to have searched out malcolm x_ as your
customer maybe that’s all coming and i’ll tell you what the industry itself internet marketing
its too lenient sentence and so the things that people need to be a
order to be relevant jobs that’s changing so if our developers for all in one step
away from our producers that stalin as far as what their needs are but i think
they were going to stay ahead make a product that makes sense for people
today and tomorrow

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