The Settlers: Meet The Team | Casper Wermuth – Senior Lead Environment Artist | Ubisoft [NA]

By | March 12, 2020

When we’re making something in a computer game, like, the more organic and imperfect and real, well “real”, we can make it, is usually by making it not perfect – right? My name is Casper Wermuth and
I’m the Lead Environment Artist of the Settlers team. My job, at its core, is to be a bridge between game design and our art direction head that’s been set by Edgar. So, for everything that isn’t alive in the game,
for all our environments and buildings and everything that’s static, my job is to make sure that we hit the art direction as well as possible, while also following all the requirements
from a game design perspective. Most people think of a forest being “there’s a bunch of trees”, but there’s so much more that happens, right. Because there’s a lot of trees, yeah,
the ground looks completely different, right, so even if you remove the entire forest, like all the trees, not the forest, right, you would still have this: like, fallen branches or different kinds of leaves
and of course the leaves depend on what kind of trees that were here, so it’s a different kind of color, different kind of shape. So, because it’s important for the player to read what’s going on actually the eye sees mostly values, that’s the strongest
contrast we see, like in how bright or how dark it is, black or white –
so, what we do is more color variation or what’s called “hue”. So if you look at those leaves for example, we don’t just make the whole forest green
because that would make it look plastic and empty. There are also many assets that we create that are not directly
related to the gameplay, so, that is not a building or deposit or
something else the player interacts with, but are just, you know, grass and trees and whatever else we do to build the whole world around it. And those assets are made almost like small puzzle pieces,
so we make a few trees, a few pieces of grass, like a little, yeah, a little set, if you will, that we then pass on to the next department that comes after us, called “level art”, that then uses those pieces to build the whole
worlds that you know as a player that you’re playing in. All, all my work is on observation or communication or planning,
like, all of it is, is stuff that I just need to think for. So, it’s important for me to also do something physical. We’re here at the gym because I need to find
some kinda balance in my life. My, my job is purely something where I use my, my mind all the time, but it’s an office job, so, eh, I just need to do something physical. This is a good way to, like I said, just shut down the brain completely
like as a good compensation or balance from the office, right, to just come here and it’s purely physical with no excuses,
no team mates to blame, like: Nothing. The only one to blame if I fail is me. Mentally, I dunno, I think, I think it helps me after
I started going to the gym in the morning, like if you’ve been doing a heavy-ass squat, going to a bad meeting afterwards is just so much easier, right? Often when we sit here and, and we got a little bit of a tunnel vision,
we focus only on the game and, you know, what, what pops out to us. And sometimes something can feel a bit off or just not right,
without anyone really being able to pinpoint why. For example, a recent topic we had was the forest in, in the game.
It just didn’t really feel like “foresty” enough, it felt more like a garden. And we started talking
about like what is the difference, actually, why does it look like a garden and not like a forest? And in one of the recent trips I had, when I was just
walking around in a, in a forest to in one of the weekends. I think that the, the real world is inherently imperfect,
and we try to be perfect, right? And then the computer is the opposite. When we’re making something in a computer game, like,
the more organic and imperfect and real, well “real”, we can make it, is usually by making it not perfect. So, we need to make sure that the player understands the world.
It’s always very important that art serves game design, and that the world is understandable from a game perspective, we’re not just making a pretty movie, right. So it has many different iterations in that. And my job there is then to find a good of a balance as possible between game design and art and kinda bring that together.

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