The SEO Triangle – Three most important factors of SEO in 2019!

By | August 14, 2019

Hi welcome back to the second in a
series of digital marketing diagrams I want to talk to you about the SEO
triangle hi I’m Ben you know by now you’ve probably seen a few of our videos
now I want to talk to you about the SEO triangle it’s based on the fire triangle
and that’s the idea that any one of the three sides if you take it away then you
don’t get the outcome you’re looking for so in the case of the rankings that
we’re looking for that’s what we’re after you need three things so along the
bottom of the SEO triangle you’ve got user experience then up one of the sides
you’ve got content with keywords and then on the other side we want links and
citations now these three things all together they can give you great
rankings so content and keywords really what you want to do is your keyword
research you want to find out all sorts of different terms that you think this
whole website should be about but when you’re optimizing a particular page what
you want to do is pick your pick your battles all right you’ve got a look at
your keywords and say well alright we’re going to use we’re going to use this set
of keywords this cluster these terms to get this particular page ranking and
when you do that when you focus in on what you want to get it ranking for you
should really bear in mind that you know there might be more to it there might be
other terms that you that you’ve not picked up you know even the Google Ads
kind of feed of keyword ideas that’s not that’s not the best anymore now if
you’re a great writer already chances are you can have a super vocabulary and
you’re going to write all sorts of wonderful stuff but it’s nice to have a
helping hand and maybe even check out some kind of tools like a it’s Refs
and look at what your competitors the ones who are ranking look at
then and look have a look at what’s out of keywords they’re using in their text
the other side of the SEO triangle links and citations really what you want to do
is have other websites that link from their website to your website ideally
they’re going to link on a page-by-page basis so linking to the pages that are
valuable now of course that’s quite difficult if you ask somebody to link to
you it could well be that they’re only going to link to your homepage right so
that’s a that’s fairly normal that most of the links you acquire would be on a
key service or the home page in fact but it’s worth trying to find out you know
whether they can link to another page if if they’re going to help you out and
link to you of course you know SEO s have been trying to work out ways of
acquiring links for a very long time and and building up relationships and trying
to contact other people with websites and give them something of value
something that really gives them something that they can share with their
audience with their readers that’s really the very best way of acquiring
links so in terms of how to go out link building again that’s a whole video on
its own but you need some links in order to it so right
those two are really important obviously it’s extremely important that you’ve got
links and citations and content with keywords but we consider sort of user
experience the foundation which is why we put it on the bottom because we’ve
seen rankings come undone you know rankings that come in and you’d
say yeah you’re you know fire triangle doesn’t work then because you know we’ve
got it ranking yeah just hold the phone wait a couple of days and you know you
just annoy some of Google’s visitors a few times the bounce rate well it’s not
bounce rate the Google’s using but it’s there long click and the amount of time
that they spend in the website and then go back and then they they just go
somewhere else and that signals to Google that your website’s very poor and
that signal so those other people signaling to Google that your website’s
poor that can really under your ranking and really do quite a lot of harm so we
actually have a video discussing the way that user experience and pogo-sticking
actually goes together and the way that you should consider that that’s I think
there’s a there should be a link on the screen now but we really consider that
to be a real foundational part of of the whole SEO kind of a process trying to
get somebody ranking so I mean effectively as an agency that’s why we
have a web team and we’re still building websites even though the vast majority
of the work we do is search engine optimization and advertising okay so
that’s the SEO triangle video I hope you found it useful and if you’ve got any
questions or you want to give us some input please don’t hesitate to comment
like subscribe get in touch with us hit us up on our Facebook or something yeah
we’re happy to answer any questions and certainly would value your value of
questions and input so that we can make these videos better thanks very much for

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