The secret to understanding YouTube SEO with Vid IQ

By | August 15, 2019

– Let’s be honest, sometimes
YouTube SEO makes you want to hide under your covers
with a pint of ice cream and not even worry about it. But it does not have to be difficult and I’m going to be sharing
with you today a tool that’s gonna help you figure out the YouTube optimization stuff that may be stressing you out. (upbeat music) Hi, I’m Trena and I started
this YouTube channel to help creative entrepreneurs
like you get on YouTube to grow your business. Because as a busy mom and business owner, I need these videos working
for me 24 hours a day while I’m changing diapers and chasing kids across the street. One of the biggest stressors
I get from my clients and students is stressing
over YouTube optimization. What keywords should I pick? What tags should I use? How am I going to rank? Today I wanted to walk you through a tool that I use called vidIQ. VidIQ lets me do quite a
few things like finding tags and keywords to go after and also seeing how
other videos are ranking and if they are trending. So why don’t we pop onto my
computer and I’m gonna walk you through how I use this
Google Chrome extension to lessen my stress on optimization. So vidIQ is basically like
a Google Chrome plugin that can help you optimize your
videos a little bit better. You can go to
and you’ll see it says “More views, less time. “Sign up to start using vidIQ “to grow your YouTube channel for FREE.” If you go here and you
sign up, you can also get a Google Chrome plugin
which I have right here. I’ll show you what it
looks like on YouTube in just a second but the homepage here shows you all the different options that vidIQ gives you. I can show you what mine
looks like on the inside, the data that I get. So it gives you similar
information that YouTube analytics give you, but vidIQ’s analytics are just a little bit cleaner. So in this chart right here, it’s showing you the
numbers on your channel from May 13th to June 11th and you can very easily just click whatever you want to look at. If I wanna see how many
YouTube views I got this month, I can click on YouTube views. Maybe I wanna see what
are my YouTube searches versus suggested videos,
what’s doing better? You get an easy look at demographics. You can see your top performing videos during this time period. Also your top search result
and a really cool feature is your best time to post. This is just showing me
that a lot of people, a lot of my audience is
watching Sundays at about 8 p.m. and I don’t even post at that time. These bigger dots show when
your channel is more active so that could be a better
time for you to post. It’s also going to show you trends, so what my views look like
in the past seven days versus 30 days, and just
an overall overview here. It’s a little cleaner to
read than YouTube analytics. If you go over here to videos, it’s also going to give you
some details on your videos. I just posted this video four hours ago. I’ll have 14 tags, I have 113 views, so it just gives you some overview. Now this is probably one
of the more important ones you’re looking for. You’re looking for SEOs. You can type in a keyword like, “How to get more YouTube views,” and then hit enter. It’s gonna give you the top
keywords for this phrase. And it’s going to give you
a lot more information. It’s going to give you
an overall score here and you want to look for something that has a good overall score, right? So how to get more YouTube
subscribers may be a better video for me because it has a score of 61. Or maybe just adding
YouTube views as my keyword and just jazzing up the
title to make it stand out, and making sure I use YouTube views in the description box and tags. This can help you come
up with tags as well. Here’s another one, “How
to increase YouTube views,” so basically any kind of topic you have like how to grow an Instagram account. You can see what people are searching for. It’s gonna work really well on YouTube. Here’s a tag you’d wanna use. You’d wanna use Instagram, you’d wanna use Instagram followers. Maybe you would want to use the title, Instagram tips in there, and jazz it up. Maybe you’d also want to use
followers as your keyword. That’s kind of what you’re getting vidIQ. Then, on your channel, you can look at trending
videos from vidIQ. And so you’ll see right now,
some of my trending videos is my YouTube workflow
which I just uploaded today. Another trending one is how
to get 1000 subscribers. It’s going to show me which
of my videos are doing well and maybe I would want to create another video similar to these and capitalize on the traffic
that these are getting. You can also go to stats
and it’s going to give you an overview of your channel stats. It will give you your view rank,
how many Twitter followers, Facebook followers,
subscribers all on this page. Then here’s a cool feature
of vidIQ if you’d grab the plugin right up here, I
have the Google Chrome plugin. It’s going to give you some information about your competitors. So this is Video Creators,
and he uploaded a video on how to Grow a YouTube
with 5 Hours a Week. If I wanted to potentially
drive traffic from this video, I could see, is this a good video to hit? Is it still growing? It’s only getting around
three views per hour, so it may not be the best
video for me to go after. I would probably want to
look for something that was maybe getting 50
views, 100 views per hour. It also gives you some
details about this video that might help you as well. It’s gonna give you the video tags that this particular video is using. If you’re stuck on tags,
vidIQ shows you some tags that your competitors are using. It gives you some of Video
Creators’ channel stats. He has over 31 million views and 392 subscribers, getting about 277 subs a day. It’s also going to give you this video optimization checklist. He has his title, tag, description. And you can look at this
with your videos too. Here’s my video and it gives me a little bit more information. I can see top devices right here. Mobile is getting 70, I’m sorry, 48% of the views on this particular video where as the desktop is
only getting about 38%. It’s telling me about
46.6% of average view time, for this particular video, I got eight subscribers driven
from this specific video. It’s giving me an engagement rate of a good engagement rate. It’s also gonna show that
it has four Facebook likes. And you can just see it’ll
break down your vidIQ SEO score. You can dig more into that as well, but I don’t really look
at this particularly. I look at some of the other stuff. You can also, this is an
important one to look at. Look at referred views and see where your views are coming from. You can see my website drove 31 views and my Facebook page drove 13 views. I’m getting six views from Google search, three views from Pinterest. This is an important one to look at too. Because if you go back to your competitor and see who his top referrers are, it’s basically some Twitter accounts. People on Twitter are sharing his video but how this could help you is if you have a main media source or there is a magazine or a website that, what you can do with your
competitor’s top referrers is see, is there any websites that you could pitch to share your video to? So if maybe, you know social, maybe social media examiner is one of Tim’s top traffic sources, maybe you could reach
social media examiner and ask if you could do
a post for them as well. It just kind of helps
you broaden your reach. And lastly, vidIQ has this
quick little plugin up here at the top of your YouTube channel so you can grab some
statistics really quickly instead of having to go
through the rigmarole of clicking on your icon,
going into your Creator Studio, you get basically how many views you had the last 60 minutes, the last 48 hours. Are your views up or down
in the past seven days? I always look at this
when I log into YouTube, just to see how I’m doing. Overall, I like vidIQ. I pay for the bottom. You can get started for
free and get access to a lot of these features without
even having to pay, by getting in the basic level. I have the pro level and
that’s all I really need. And it’s about $7.50 a month
if you pay for it in a year. I have not done Boost or
Enterprise, so you could definitely get off with just using the
free version if you’d like. You don’t have to pay to
get this particular version, you can do the free opt-in and it gives you just as great content. If you want to learn more
about YouTube optimization, and how to figure it out for
your channel, make sure you click the playlist on
your screen right now, and don’t forget to
subscribe to this channel to be notified every
time I upload a new video to help you here on YouTube. Thank you so much for watching, and I’ll see you in the next video, bye!

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    I would love to know what you struggle with when it comes to figuring out YouTube SEO??

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    Finally! Vid IQ was kinda confusing at first but this explains all my questions! Thank you so much Trena!

    Btw I have a question about working with other companies. Recently I’ve have a lot of companies reach out to me and ask to me to do reviews or mention their product in my videos. Which is great but I’m super suspicious because I only just made it 260 subscribers. Should I charge them ? And if so how much?

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