The Secret to How To Do Keyword Research For SEO – A Beginner’s Guide

By | August 13, 2019

– [Michael] I’m Michael,
I’m a photographer. I specialize in head shots,
lifestyles, whatever. Physique, fitness and stuff like that. And I’m also in information technologies helping manage large-scale corrections. – [Julia] My name’s Julia. I am a web developer by trade. I’m hoping to get into SEO marketing so that I can actually use that degree that I spent all that money on. (laughing) And also now I’m paying
up to $1,000 in (mumbles) – [Denali] Hi my name is Denali I’ve been doing marketing
for a very long time, this what I do for a living. And I am actually learning and improving and that’s what I’m here for. – [Dara] Hi my name’s Dara. I just started a we too about
a month ago I think about and I’m just here to learn anything that’s going link Google to my account like. – [Joel] Very nice. Can you guys just want
to keep the mic there? That way if you guys have any questions you can just pass the
mic around if you like. – [Dara] Turn it off? – [Joel] Yeah turn it off please. The reason why, like I said, we did this is so that we can empower you guys to build your websites,
to build your businesses, to learn without having
to go back to school. So today we’re going to
talk about keyword research. Do you guys understand
what keyword research is and why it’s important? Anyone? – [Micheal] Like if it
– [Joel] Yes sir? – [Micheal] Is it okay that
I really don’t know it? – [Joel] Well, go ahead. – [Micheal] I think that keyword research is basically helping Google
find your information. – [Joel] Correct. So think about a baby. You’re teaching a baby how to talk so it can communicate with other people. So think of people as people
who are searching online and the baby is your website. Right? So you have to train your
baby how to talk to people. So these are the people
that are going to search online for things that
they’re not really sure. They’re looking for it because
they want to know more. That’s why Google is so, so great because they’re helping people to find
all the information online. Okay, so this is what we’re
going to discuss today. We’re going to discuss Google’s mission. Because you have to understand that in order to understand how this works. We’re going to talk about
researching your competition. And we’re going to also talk about associated keywords and
how to write your content. So it’s not just content stuff and putting the same keyword in over and over and over and
over and over and over. You have to support your content. All right? And then we’re going to go
to questions and answers so you guys can ask anything
you guys would like. So the first thing is Google’s mission. Google’s mission is to organize
all the information online. Have you guys noticed how they are doing a great job at doing that? They do a very great job and they make a lot of money because they do such a great job. And there’s been a lot of
different search engines. Like way back in the days Lycos, I don’t remember all of them right now. Excite. But these guys went out of business. Why? Because Google does such a great job and they’re the top player in the game. They get 70% of all search
engine traffic online. So you want to focus on Google only. Why? Because it’s 70% of where
people are looking at. So here are some stats. 54% of all search queries
are four or more words. A long tale. So when you picture your website, don’t just try to have
it ranked for health. Health recipes and fitness blog. Health recipes and fitness guide. The longer tale phrases because the way we search now when
we go onto our phones, which is how people are doing it now. We’re going like this. At least most people are doing this now because it’s easier. Because we’re always on the move. We’re going onto Google, find the nearest restaurant near me. – [Siri] Here’s the
listings for the nearest. – [Joel] That’s what we’re doing because it’s easier. We want things very easily handed to us. 87% of all clicks are organic. Organic and paid. Organic is the free. You don’t have to pay, it’s free, free. We call it freemium because
they eventually want you to pay. But, once you rank for organic, you’re going to get a lot of traffic. And it actually gets
more clicks than paid. Because when you see paid, paid is like turning on a light switch. You turn it on and people
start coming to you. You could be ranked number one. But with organic, it takes time. It take keyword research, it
takes SEO optimizing your site. Optimizing each page, links,
and all that that’s involved. So organic is very, very important because you get more clicks. And that’s what you need, clicks. 20% of search queries are new. So every day, all the people
who are searching are new. So that means that people are making up more and more phrases online. So we’re searching in different ways. So that’s why we have to constantly keep organizing our
website and our content and seeing how people are interacting with what we’re doing, our content. How long are people coming onto my page. Are they going to any
other pages after that? And so forth. So, I cut this off on
purpose, just so you know. On this side it said you and on this side it said your competitor. I only want you to focus
on your competitors first. Because this is what’s happening right? A lot of people have this understanding of I’m going to build a website and people are just going
to come to my website. No they’re not. In fact, you might get
very little traffic. And that’s probably the reason
you guys are here today. Because you feel that it’s not working. That’s because you haven’t
figured out how to work it yet, but I’m going to teach you guys that okay? So I want you to focus on finding and figuring out what your
competitors are doing. So let’s go ahead and look at the tools that we’re going to use today. We’re going to search on Google. We’re going to use a tool
that Micheal and I love now, it’s called LSI graph. That’s my favorite and his favorite. We’re going to use SEMrush. And we’re going to use SEO Each one of these tools
has specific features that we need to use in order to understand what our competitors are doing and what we need to be
doing on our website. So let’s go ahead and demo. So watch this screen over here please. We’re going to first figure out, who our competition is
and what they’re doing. So anyone please give me a keyword phrase. – [Woman] Yoga mat? – [Joel] Yoga mat. All right so let’s go onto Google. Keep in mind that my search results may vary from your search results and your search results
and your search results depending on our search history
and where we’re located. Even if we all searched the same keyword in the same exact place, we’re going to get
different search results. Why? Because we’ve searched different things. You guys understand that? Okay so always keep that in mind because usually people will say,
go look up this keyword and you’ll see I’m number one. And they’re like, no you’re not. You are. Why? Because you go on, you search yourself and you click your website all the time so Google knows you’re
trying to look for that. Alright? So keep that in mind. You got to use tools to tell
you where you’re ranking, okay? Tools. All right, so yoga mat. Can you make it a little bit longer? What specific yoga mat please? – [Woman] With a Gaia. G – A – I- A. – [Joel] A – I – A yoga mats. Okay. So this is called, are you guys looking over here? This is called the search
engine results page. – [Woman] I’m sorry with Gaiam
with an M at the end, sorry. – [Joel] That’s fine, O with M. It knows that. So This is called a search
engine results page. These are e-commerce, right? You see how they’re here? They have these stars and say Best Buy, Yoga Direct, Pro Source Fit? This is e-commerce. E-commerce means that
these guys have a website with a lot of different
products, views, prices, etc. So e-commerce and then these
are organic search results. Okay? See how they say sponsored? They’re paying to be here. Remember how I said it’s
like a light switch. Once these guys turn this off, they can no longer be here. So we’re going to focus on this, organic. So the first one is okay? So let’s say that we want to rank our website for
or for Gaia yoga mats? We want to see what they are doing. So we’re going to click in here and we’re going to look at their website. There’s certain things that
you guys can’t see right now, but we’re going to use a tool for it to tell us what
these guys are doing. Like what’s the focus keyword? What’s their title tag? Etc. So let’s just look at their website so we can become familiar with it. So it’s their homepage and it looks like they sell everything related to yoga. Mmhmmm. Okay so now what we would do in this case is let’s go on to SEMrush. SEMrush is a keyword
research tool that we use that’s going to analyze what
keywords we should be using, who our competitors are in the space. So the word is, let me
just look it up online. GAIAM, Gaiam yoga mats. So G – A – I – A – M yoga mats. (typing) okay so you would just, go ahead and place, oh somebody’s logged in right? I’m just gonna log you guys out. Okay. (coughing) (typing) okay. So this is going to give us an overview of that keyword phrase. This is SEMrush, one more time. So this is what this does. It tells us, organic search volume. Keep in mind, this is just an average, it’s not
really location specific. That’s why we like LSIGraph because its more local-based results which is what you guys should be using. When you have a local business and you’re trying to rank
within the community on here. So this tells us organic
search results, the volume. How many different people are
competing for that same word. So you see this 1.3 million,
that’s a lot of people. Then this tells us the
cost-per-click distribution. Cost-per-click is for paid search, don’t worry about this right now, okay. And then it tells us the trend of how that word is searched. Okay, so here it’s been searched a lot, it went down a little bit. So it could be seasonal or
maybe it’s not in style anymore or people aren’t really into it. Then, it gives us phrase
match words of this keywords. So you see this mat and
yoga mat, Gaiam yoga mat, Gaiam solo drive red yoga mat. So the phrase is in here,
Gaiam yoga mat review, Gaiam foldable yoga
mat, Gaiam yoga mat 5mm, so they’re being more specific. So I want you guys to
look at these phrases because I don’t want you to use the same keyword phrase over and over. I want you guys to use
variations of this word. You guys need to write content or have your writer write content, that’s going to use
different phrases, synonyms, and supporting words that
will support Gaiam yoga mat. And then, it gives you the related words. So these are not phrases,
but these are words that are related to Gaiam yoga mat. This is what you’re
going to feed your page or your article, your blog
article, your website. Remember, you rank not entire website you rank each page of your site. This is about Gaiam yoga mat. This is about a specific Gaiam yoga mat or this is about another type of yoga mat. You guys understand that? It’s not your entire website’s
about Gaiam yoga mat, no. You need to create a theme,
like we talked earlier. What will be your theme? Tell me. I’m sorry to put you in
the spotlight, sorry. (laughs) – [Woman] So my theme would be what? Nutrition, health. – [Joel] Nutrition, now
where are the different pages or different categories within it? – [Woman] Like there would be different colors of
coffee to like exercise, hydration, recipes. – [Joel] Exactly, so recipes. – [Woman] General poppers. – [Joel] Recipes about health right? – [Woman] Healthy recipes. – [Joel] Nutrition is like those recipe and there’s exercise right? Different exercise or
thing that they can do. – [Woman] Yes – [Joel] What else? – [Woman] And there’s
like general blog posts about even more generalized
stuff or nutrition topics. – [Joel] Yes, what about your sales site? None? – [Man] None, I don’t
like, I don’t need to. – [Joel] Okay.
– [Man] Thank you. – [Woman] Could I use
those like in my tags? – [Joel] You say tag, like hashtags? – [Woman] Yeah. – [Joel] No that’s completely different. Yeah hashtags is just for, so this is for organic,
this is for search engines. I mean this gives you ideas
of what you can search. – [Woman] So we’re adding
that to the description box? Like brief things to put
out when my videos are up – [Joel] Yes, okay so what
you’re saying YouTube. I’m sorry I was forgetting about YouTube. Yes, yes, and your title? Not your tag but your title? Yes this is what you want to have. – [Woman] My tag. – [Joel] In the title of your video. – [Woman] And in the description box? – [Michael] And in the description box. But actually we would even go further, you’re gonna go ahead and
transcribe your video. What your saying, you’re
going to have it transcribed and that’s going to be
in your description box. Yeah, you got to transcribe all of them. Yeah. – [Woman 2] If you’re
gonna have yoga mats, So you use these related keywords? In your box? – [Joel] Yes. – [Woman 2] Like that? – [Joel] Keep in mind, this is so what we’re doing now, we’re
organizing our content, once we get writing about it. But remember, we’re going to look at what our competitor is doing. I just briefly went over there because I wanted to just get an overview, what they’re doing. And really didn’t dig into it. And actually, I rather do a blog, because for me content is a lot different, so I’m gonna search something else. So these are the different phrases. And this is what, you have to have supporting
words in your content right? So, I want you guys to
write this down please. Whenever you are trying
to rank a certain keyword, you need to have these focus keyword, which in this case is Gaiam yoga mat Okay, in your case it’d be
whatever your keywords is. And then you need to
have supporting words, which are different phrases, and related words, okay? And related words. So I’m gonna give you
guys an example right now. Let’s say that I am trying to rank for the word digital marketing training. And actually I’m gonna go to LSIGraph. It’s very similar but LSIGraph is more local intent keywords. So digital marketing training. This is LSIGraph by the way. And then location. I’m gonna put my location in here. Which is West Palm Beach, Florida. Then I’m gonna select the
language which is English and then I’m gonna click
this button to search. So what this is doing
right now is giving me. On the left column you’re
gonna see all the keywords, then you’re gonna see the
trend of that keyword. You’re gonna see the volume. Keep in mind, the volume
is not 100% correct. It’s so see the difference between digital marketing training and
digital marketing institute. So that’s not. You’re not going to get
720 visits a months. That’s just so you can see the difference in each keyword phrase. So in this case, if I sort by volume, digital marketing course gets more, a little bit more than
digital marketing certificate. Digital marketing
certificate and certification get about the same volume. And please ignore cpc. CPC is for paid adds. For now, we’re gonna ignore that because this course is about organic. And then the competition or comp. That’s showing you the competition. So that’s a very competitive keyword. And then we have what’s called lsv which means latent semantic value and it’s basically how valuable a LSI keyword is in a content or topic. So this way, you get basically a hierarchy of words
that you should be using. So that’s very important
to look at that too. So keep in mind whenever you look at that, look at that number too because in that shows you, okay so
digital marketing course is more important that
digital marketing institute. So I’m gonna give you an example. Let’s say I’m trying to rank
for digital marketing course. This is going to be my
focus keyword phrase. Focus keyword phrase. And then I’m gonna write
supporting words or key phrases. So then, just don’t pick any word. Pick words that are gonna
be related to your content. So this is intended to
be something for the Hub. I’m gonna look at all the words that are related to what I’m gonna talk about. So, digital marketing course,
digital marketing certificate. Sure, why not? Let’s have that one. Let’s add digital marketing certification. Yeah, we can give them a certificate. Eventually make it a certification. Digital marketing course online. So, yes, I can see how we
can use that on our content because then I can talk about instead of getting your digital
marketing certificate online or course online, come to the Hub. So you see how you have to be
creative with your content? – [Woman] So tell me, we use the phrases – [Joel] Yes. Yeah you gotta first pick the phrases, and then think about how
you’re gonna have this written. Exactly. So digital marketing training,
yes, very very good one. Digital marketing institute. You can say this is an institute, right? Digital marketing certificate online. Yeah, that’s actually gonna
support the other word. Digital marketing course online. So that will be in the same paragraph as, in fact I’m gonna put it right next to it. – [Man] So all those things on the left that you’re going through
and choosing from. – [Joel] Yes? – [Man] They have come from
the software or LSIGraph giving them to you from you
having typed in one phrase. Is that right? – [Joel] So this is how, the first thing you have to do when you. Is your website up? – [Man] Yep. – [Joel] Okay. So you gotta go through your website now and figure out which each. Is it e-commerce or? – [Man] No, it’s
education, debt education. – [Joel] Okay. Education, okay. So you gotta go through all your pages and try to figure out what page is about. And I promise you, you’re going to have to
rewrite your content. Not entirely. You’re gonna be able to keep some of it, but you’re gonna have
to rewrite a lot of it. Because you need to explain
to Google, talk to Google, Have your pages talk to Google about this is what this is about. – [Woman] What people are searching. – [Joel] What people are searching. Not what you think you should talk about, what people are actually searching online. So for a video, people are searching how
to do certain things. Or reviews. How to videos are 51% of
all searches on Google. I mean on YouTube. I say Google because Google owns YouTube. And then followed by that
I believe is reviews. So if I were you, I would
do how to and reviews. How to use this product. Here is my review on that product. – [Woman] And that will
be in the description box with everything that’s in there right? – [Joel] And you’re title. Yeah, title you do use. – [Woman] I’ve been putting
them in the title but. – [Joel] And you want it to be long. Remember, you want it to be long tail. Long tail means it has
a lot of words after it. That are related, not just
anything that you come. Yeah, but it has to be related. And then, reviews. Here is my review on so-and-so product. But first, search the keyword and then figure out which keywords to use. And in your videos, when
you make your videos, make sure it says those words, ’cause you gonna transcribe it. – [Woman] Yeah but
transcribing, I don’t know how. – [Joel] Yeah, R – E – V .com Transcribes your video. I believe it’s one dollar per minute. And it does everything for you. Okay, so – [Woman] Are these on the LSIGraph right? – [Joel] No. – [Woman] LSI and the
other one you mentioned? – [Joel] SEMrush – [Woman] Are those all sites
that you have to pay for? – [Joel] With a membership here, you get access to those for free. Well, including in the membership. So right now I’m just looking
at supporting keyword phrases. All right? I think I have a few there. How many should you look? As many as you possibly can. And obviously, don’t
go put like 50 of them, but that way, depending if
you guys are writing this, at least you have a word bank. You wanna have a word bank. In advance, you wanna look
up different things, topics, that you’re gonna talk about
and have your own word bank. Put it on Google Docs. So that way is on the cloud. Google Docs, yeah? And that way you always
have it in the cloud and then you could share
this with your writer, or if you’re making a video, you just have it there so you know, okay I’m gonna make this review, and I need to say these
words inside of my. – [Woman] So you suggest
doing this before? – [Joel] Oh yeah, this is the
first thing you should do. Because if not, you’re not
feeding it the right stuff. – [Woman] Yeah, I think
that’s what I’m doing. – [Joel] Exactly. You have to feed it the right stuff and there’s certain best practices that you have to complete. Like having the word and
the keyword in the title. You wanna have your audio transcribed, and for you, there’s a bunch of other things that we’ll talk about later. So we have our keywords. Now, we want to add more. More supporting words, questions, different things are gonna
support this focus keyword. So we have other tools. We have other tools that we’re gonna use and one of those tools
is Google search again. So our focus keyword,
digital marketing course, we’re gonna type into Google search, and has anybody ever seen this,
all the way to the bottom? – [Everyone] No. – [Joel] Searches related
to digital marketing course. This is your best friend. (laughs) I promise you. Google is giving you this information. For a reason. Has anybody ever seen that? Be honest. Yeah? – [Woman] I just started (mumbles) – [Joel] You want to use these. Please use these a lot. So digital marketing Coursera. I know because I am
always online researching. So Coursera is a digital
marketing online platform. So I can compare the Hub to Coursera. Why you should not you take
online courses from Coursera? Sorry Coursera. So I’m gonna put that. Remember when I said I’m
comparing it right here? So now what I’m doing is I’m
organizing my paragraphs. If don’t know if you guys
know that I’m doing that. See how this certificate online? That’s what I’m gonna compare. So digital marketing Coursera. So you want to compare your product or whatever you’re reviewing
to another product. Google likes that. When it sees comparison, when
it sees supporting words, you’re adding more fluff,
you’re adding more words that support that name focus keyword. You guys understand this? If you have nay questions,
please ask them now. You understand? No? Everybody understands it well? You have a question? Yeah, you have a? – [Woman 2] No I was just,
I forgot what I had to say. – [Joel] Oh yeah, yeah, Yeah, I was going to do that but it’s gonna be hard
to like pass it around. All right, so no questions guys? And girls? All right. So, let’s go back here, and
let’s look at more words that can support our blog article. We have Udemy digital marketing. Or Udemy. That’s just like Coursera. And I’m gonna add that
to right here, look. So I have Coursera, then I have Udemy. So I’m gonna tell my content writer, when you write this, Cordelia,
she writes our content now. A hand for Cordelia. (loud applause) She’s very good so if anybody
needs something written, please see her and she’ll
give you a Hub price right? Yeah, okay. So let’s go back and let’s
look for more, more words. Master, oh no. Let’s go back to the first one. So Coursera digital marketing course fees. See there’s another one to add there. Remember, don’t use the same word over and over and over and over again. That’s called keyword stuffing. Google knows that you’re doing that. There’s people that have pages and they use that word at least 300 times. Or they’ll just copy and
paste, copy and paste, copy and paste and it’s just about. They know that. Eventually they’re
going to catch up to you and you’re going to get phbt. Do it the right way the first time. It takes a lot of work. How long did it take you
to write that one article? – [Cordelia] A few hours. – [Joel] A few, how
many hours do you think? – [Cordelia] Um. – [Joel] And I dictated some of it right? So that, I did some of the homework. So then it took you probably like another, I’d say five to seven hours at least. – [Cordelia] At minimum. – [Joel] At minimum?
– [Cordelia] Yeah. – [Joel] So please write
a good piece of content, better than your competitors
if you want your site to rank. It needs to be at least,
and write this down, at least 1,500 to 2,000 words
if you have a blog post. So a photographer,
please write a blog post about, you know, a specific photography or corporate head shots
or linked in head shots and do the same process and
write at least 1,500 words. – [Woman] It’s like to be to this niche. – [Joel] Yeah um. – [Cordelia] That’s really not a lot if you are writing about
something that you like that you are passionate about. – [Joel] Yeah. – [Cordelia] It’s not that difficult. – [Joel] Yeah exactly. And just so you guys know,
I’m not a writer myself. – [Cordelia] Writing is just an instinct. – [Joel] Yeah, you just
write right through right? Don’t like go and edit it because then you’re never going to
write it all the way through. So just go and write it. Just spend a day, go to the park, go to the ocean, wherever you need to go and get your mind right and
then start writing, all right? If you do not write well,
you guys can do what I do. I dictate, all right? So this is what I do. As you guys can see, I
can talk about this stuff. So I use something that’s called Dragon and then I just, I’ll
go in here, documents. And I’ll hit plus here. And this is called Dragon
Anywhere I believe, Dragon Anywhere or Dragon Dictation. – [Woman] I started using Dragon but I didn’t think first
to say it to Dragon and dictating it, it’s a (mumbles). What’s the real purpose? – [Joel] I mean this is just cause this goes into my Evernote which is where I keep my notes. So I just like it cause
it has integrations, you know I’m all about my integrations. All right, so here’s an example. I’m going to talk about this right here, digital marketing training. And let me put this over
there so you guys can see it. (mumbling) O – 4 – 3 – 8. (people talking quietly) Keep in mind I’m just going to say things that might not make sense right now, but it’s just to feed her
as much content as possible, if that makes sense okay? The Hub Palm Beach offers
digital marketing courses and digital marketing certificates locally in West Palm Beach, period. Space. In comparison to online digital marketing
courses like Coursera and Udemy, the Hub Palm Beach is a digital marketing training institute. So you guys see what I’m doing? Obviously I wanted, you know, the point is if you’re
not a writer, do this. And then give it to her so she
can help you out with that. And just dictate it. Talk about it for days. Say everything that’s on your mind. Remember, they are your thoughts. If you can’t write well,
put your thoughts like this. Dictate it and then have
her edit it for you. Okay? – [Woman] So is Dragon an app? – [Joel] Yeah it’s an app and they also have them for
desktop for your laptop. – [Woman] I’m down with it now. – [Joel] Yeah. – [Man] I don’t have a computer
so I’m on an actual phone. – [Joel] Yeah so there’s like different, as long as it dictates. You know as long as it
goes from voice to text, that’s all you want. – [Man] Yeah.
– [Joel] Yeah. All right, so now you guys understand supporting words? Okay? So now let’s go into another little tool. I have a lot of tools I like sharing. This is called AnswerThePublic and I love this one cause
this guy’s very funny. Watch this. Actually you’re not going to see it here. But look, there’s the guy, look. It makes you want to stay on the site. You’re like, what is he doing? All right so. So I’m going to go and I’m going to find digital marketing course and I’m going to copy and paste that. And then put that into so you see what it’s doing? It’s going to get questions. So usually, people go online
because they have what? Questions. So what are you doing? You’re going to start
putting in the questions of certain keywords in there. So look at this. Now I wish you guys could
see this a lot better but. So look at all these questions. They are like, digital marketing how? What is digital marketing course Quora? What is digital marketing? Remember, not all these will apply to you. Just pick the ones that do apply. How to learn digital marketing course. What is digital marketing
course in Deli, India? What is digital marketing course fees? It doesn’t need to be used exactly this, but use the words. So you know, so if for example what is
digital marketing course fees? What are the digital marketing course fees on Udemy compared to the Hub? Right? Is a Google digital marketing course good? What is a digital
marketing course all about? So these are more keyword phrases. You see this? So then when I go back and I
paste this onto my document, I am going to dictate and I am going to make
sure to use these words. Or I’m going to tell my writer please make sure to use
these keyword phrases. Right? So when to do digital marketing course? Anytime. Who can do digital marketing courses? – [Woman] I can’t connect
to your WiFi network. You can reconnect your WiFi. – [Joel] See that’s my Google right there. (overlapping conversations) Stop that Google! (group laughs) what is Google digital marketing course? Google. What are to do digital marketing course? Where to take a digital marketing course? Remember, you don’t
have to use exactly but try to use that phrase
to fluff up your content to give it more, feed it better you know, organic stuff. Which digital marketing course to take? Which digital marketing
course should I take? Udemy or the Hub Palm Beach? You see that? I’m up. Which digital marketing course is best between Udemy and the Hub? Which digital marketing course, so you guys understand this? This is why you use AnswerThePublic. Please use AnswerThePublic. Or I have another thing for you guys. – [Man] What’s in it called again? Answer? – [Joel] Yeah, answer,
yeah, AnswerThePublic. So, look why I love Google. (typing) Where do you think that AnswerThePublic is getting that information from? – [Man] Google. – [Joel] Yeah, oh it’s not on there. Hold on a sec, let me search one more. Oh here it is. You see that? People also ask, that’s where
they’re getting it from. So they’re, and API, it means like it’s
working with Google all right? So it’s getting information from Google. And it’s getting all these from Google. People also ask, what is the
best digital marketing course? Which certification is
best for digital marketing? See this? Use these. Use both of them. Why not? So use these okay? In your case, it’s about that right? That indication so. How to fix credit and debt right? – [Man] Yeah. (typing) – [Joel] I actually wrote debt education. See this? People, how much debt do
students graduate with? These are what you want
to use in your article. What qualifies for loan forgiveness? How do I find out how much I owe with the Department of Education? How do I contact debt
management collections? Why because your article
is 2,000 words right? You want to start from
the top and educate them and then give them like a repair sense. Give them, you know, tools and places that
they should look online because it supports the focus keyword. You guys understand that? Yes? So YouTube is the same thing. The YouTubers don’t know this, trust me. The reason why they do so well is because they produce so much content. That’s why. But some people now
are catching up to this and they’re doing this. And they do very well. Okay but you got to produce, now you’re going to be able to produce a lot of content right? – [Woman] Yeah, for
YouTube there’s two right? Which is kind of like the
websites they’re using and it talks about stuff like this there. Kind of all the keywords. I just didn’t know how
to input the phrases. – [Joel] The phrases. – [Woman] The one thing
was like the top or. – [Joel] Yeah the title
is a little different. The title is like your hashtags. – [Woman] Yeah. – [Joel] Yeah, it’s like
compare hashtags, tags it’s like the same thing. Do you guys understand this? Back there, do you guys understand this? – [Man] Yes. – [Joel] Yeah, the questions to put in your content and so forth. All right, so I’m going back to my
example, digital marketing. So I’m going to copy and paste this. And look at that, more
info inside of there right? Take all of it, why not? All that apply. There’s a reason why it’s in there. And there’s a reason why it’s at the top. Why? Because Google likes it. This is the top ranked content. Copy what they’re doing but
put your own thoughts into it. Do you guys see why researching
your competitors first is the most important thing to do? That’s the first thing to do. Keyword research and
research the competition. So now I’m adding, I’m just going to add all this and she’ll understand what
I mean, right Cordelia? – [Cordelia] That’s right. – [Joel] So then I’m going to get a couple more questions. What is taught in digital marketing? Okay let’s pick one more. How can I do online digital marketing? (typing) okay. So you guys understand this? Yes?
– [Man] Yes. – [Joel] Okay, so we talked about associated keywords, on the bottom. You want to use those. Writing your content. We started doing that. All right so now, to write your content, I told you guys, you can
dictate or you can write it. So what’s everyone going to do here? Just hold up, so I kinda understand like, are you going to write it yourself? – [Woman] Dictate it. – [Joel] No, dictate it? You’re going to write it. Micheal, you’re going to write it? Or you’re going to hire her? Or work together, yeah? – [Micheal] Combination maybe
– [Joel] Yeah, combine. I like that. Because it will only make it better. Are you going to? – [Man] Combination.
– [Joel] Combination. Okay, we have a great writer in the back and I’ll show you some of
the content she’s written. What are you guys doing? – [Woman] I’ll probably write it. – [Joel] You’re going to write it? And you’re going to
talk about it and, yeah? – [Woman] Write it. – [Joel] How about you Karen? – [Karen] I’m going to do a combination. – [Joel] Okay, how about you Amy? – [Amy] I’m going to write it. – [Joel] Okay, great. So I have homework for you guys. No applause? (group laughs) (clapping) so what we just did, I
want you guys to do this and I want you guys to
write me an article. About any focus keyword
that you guys have, please. – [Man] I did one. – [Joel] No I want you
to do it again, please. This is new homework. – [Man] I just did this for homework. – [Woman] So we enter a
keyword and write about it? – [Joel] Yeah, so research
the keyword phrase. I’m going to give you guys access to this. We’re going to do the onboarding for all the members starting on Monday. I’m going to call everyone
and we’re going to have a Go To Meeting or Go To Webinar where we’re going to discuss you know. – [Man] What were we
searching the keyword? – [Joel] So you’re going
to get a keyword phrase and then you’re going to get
supporting words, questions and then you’re going to write an article. And it has to be at least a thousand words, it should be 1,500 but. You know what, let’s do 1,500 cause you gotta do it the right way. (group laughs) all right so then, now
I’m going to show you guys how to add nice beautiful
visuals to your content. Because text is just text. It gets boring. It’s like, oh my god I don’t
want to read this anymore. Okay so we use different tools. And I’m going to show
you one of our tools. So let’s go to Visme. Did you use Visme? – [Woman] Yeah, I’ve used Visme. – [Joel] Okay. Is it Visme or Vismay? Probably Visme right? – [Woman] I would say Visme.
– [Joel] Visme. – [Woman] It’s Vasme,
I’m just kidding (laughs) – [Joel] Vasme, it could
be Vasme too, like Visine. All right so this is a tool software that, like I said, we’re going
to onboard everyone and give you guys access to all the tools that we possibly can. Keep in mind that like, SEMrush, won’t allow more than one
person in there at a time. So if you see that it kicked you out, just do it later please. Go in there and do what you
got to do and then do it later. Because what’s going to happen, that’s going to create a problem for us, you know that right? And you guys should have access to it. Because it’s going to help you. So alright, so you’re
going to come to Visme and you’re going to create. I’m gonna actually do
this now so that way but, we’ve already created certain ones right? Like look at this. – [Woman] Yeah I’ve created
in there before now. – [Joel] Yeah she created
a bunch of them look. Like look at this one, this is beautiful. So this is called an infographic. So, when you’re telling someone the steps of how to do something, then you can create what
is called an infographic. There’s different ones. There’s ones with stats,
there’s ones that with steps. So this one, all you do
is you grab your content, your text, and you put it in here. See that? And then you can even like take these out and put other ones, which
we also give you access to. What’s called if you guys
wanna write that down. And what it does is it
makes things just nicer. It makes it more pleasing
to the eye to read. And when it makes it more pleasing to the eye to read, what happens? People stay on your webpage longer, which Google looks at that information and they say okay, well this
guy is ranking for this keyword and then this other person
ranks for that keyword too. But people are spending more time on the A guy than the B guy. So what does that tell Google? Who should rank higher? The one that people are spending
more time on their page. The way you do that is with
visuals like this or videos. This is where your videos come into play. And everyone should create
a video of their content. You can either do a voice
over and just talk about it or there is a tool that
I use which is called Easy VSL. And then what I do on there is (typing) You guys have any questions so far? So let’s start this from
scratch so I can show you guys. And let’s pick this one. So, quick little demo. Update later. What is digital marketing? (typing) Next slide. (typing) and then you talk about it. It can’t be too long because
then it looks ugly right? So you just put the beginning. Digital marketing is,
and then you’re gonna, in your mic, does everybody have a mic they can use? Yeah? So I have this mic. I think I paid about you can get one for
like 30, 40, 50 dollars. And you just plug it into your phone. Or you could plug it into your computer or you can use this one,
which I’m using this one now. This is called the Yeti Mic. You should use this one. – [Woman] I have one. – [Joel] You have the Yeti? – [Woman] No I don’t have it. – [Joel] This one is
about 79 to 99 dollars but it’s amazing, it’s for podcasters. – [Woman] Sounds real good. – [Joel] Okay, excuse
me, Mr Audio Video guy. Which one should they
use? That’s affordable. – [Man] Oh – [Joel] That’s affordable. – [Man] I use a Heil because
they’re the best rated but they’re about 250. – [Joel] Exactly. We’re not a baller like you. (group laughs) – [Man] You can make
a singular conveyancer so that it picks up only you
or picks up an entire crowd. – [Joel] I could do that on here too. – [Man] Yeah but it’s not that good. – [Joel] Okay, well this
is a podcasting mic. – [Man] That is not that good. – [Joel] Yeah this is a podcasting mic, and this is about 79 to 99 dollars. We have the same one back there. That one’s a newer one. It’s called the Blue Yeti, or it’s just a different
color and it’s newer, and probably a little bit better quality. But then what I would do is, you know, put the main keywords in here right? And then, go over the top, the most important things on your website or on that webpage. Right, so then you know you put it in here and then it’s going to
ask and you save that. Uh, where is it at? You can do a timeline so, once you add your audio right here. Record audio. What is digital marketing? Digital marketing is how
search engines find keywords. I don’t know, I can’t think
right now what to say. But you guys understand right? So look it’s preparing my audio. And now look. – [Recording] What is digital marketing? Digital marketing is. – [Joel] See that? So then you can import this. And then you have two slides. EasyVSL. – [Woman] No the mic thing. – [Joel] Oh, Yeti. Y – E – T – I. – [Woman] Is it that
one or the little one? – [Joel] Oh no this one? I’m actually using this one
for I’m recording right now and then, yeah the little one, the
one that I showed you. Not my using, I’m just using the one
on my computer, yeah. So I was trying to think like, I got bunch of different mics. So anyways, so then you would go here. You would play this. And then this is how it works. So you’ll play it. – [Recording] What is digital marketing? Digital marketing is a search engine’s. – [Joel] See how I clicked it. So that’s how you make it change a slide. See it’s pretty easy. Once you get the hang
of it, it’s pretty easy. So you can record yourself,
you know, talking about it. If you’re shy then just do it this way. Or you could do a combination of both. Okay? You going to do this? – [Woman] Yeah so this is how they’re making videos that they put on YouTube but they’re only like
PowerPoints you see talk. – [Joel] Yeah because
this is what people want. On YouTube, people want
to learn how to do things. So, in your example, how
to prepare keto recipes. – [Woman] Yes, I just got my first recipe back from the back group. – [Joel] Yeah. – [Woman] It’s a turkey shepherd’s pie. I need to figure out how
to put that on YouTube. And I got that BlueTooth
mic, like you said, – [Joel] Yeah this one
right? You bought the Rode? – [Woman] It came clear if it’s on yet. – [Joel] Okay cool. – [Woman] I got the one
that you told me to. – [Joel] Nice, all right. So you guys are seeing
how to create content. You know, how to make visuals, right? So the infographics, the video like this. Let’s look at another visual, so you guys can see how easy this is. You guys have to be creative guys. Okay, if you guys don’t want to do this, there’s another site actually. There’s a site called – [Man] Wait, what was the
last place you had to go to? SM tools? – [Joel] Oh, SEO toolset. – [Man] When do you use that? – [Joel] Oh I’m going to get there. I’m going to get there. So this is called Fiverr. See this, graphic design. Videos. Or graphic design, have them
design something for you. After your content is written, then have them design something to put on your content piece. And then when you do it,
it’s going to look like this. Um, let’s see, base camp. Let’s see, where is that? Right here? This is not on our blog
post, on our blog yet. But I want you guys to see
how we’re organizing this. So this article or blog post is how I became a digital
marketing project manager with no experience, and how you can too. How I got into digital marketing and then here it says,
let’s talk about my journey into digital marketing and how
I became a project manager. Going back in time, about nine years ago I was exploring the
idea of a career change. I wasn’t happy with my current occupation, knew that there was
something out there for me. I always knew that I loved business and the endless possibility it has online. That’s when I learned
about digital marketing and how it aligns with my
skill set and ambitions. While researching different opportunities, I came across a listing on Craigslist for a digital marketing project
manager with Solvvy Digital. And then, I can like link to it if I want. You know, that more, but
you can link back to it so you can show supporting. This is what Solvvy Digital is or was. I can put a picture there. Remember people want to see
visuals along with the text. I immediately started working on my resume to demonstrate my love for technology, the internet, and my
passion for the industry. Even though I didn’t have the experience, I had the confidence that I would learn everything I needed to get the job done. I believe this confidence
was part of the reason why the digital marketing
agency ended up hiring me. And then look, I put a, my paycheck there. One of my paycheck stubs. Just to show, like, to make it real. Personal, like, authentic. Based on my payslip, posted above, you can see that my starting rate was about 1,300 dollars bi-weekly. The reason I’m talking about that there is because later we’re going to talk about how much a digital project
manager makes, correct? So you see, it’s supporting. Right, put pictures to support
what you’re talking about. So, and then look, let’s keep going. So then we have that as a visual. You see that? Then we have more visuals. Remember, you see that one? That’s the one that she made. And then this is a wire
frame that I created. And then, how my designer,
got it back to me. And I know it’s small, but
you guys get the point. Have visuals. And then here’s another infographic. And why digital marketing is the best. Flexibility, travel with your team, unlimited earning possibilities, job diversity, learn in comfort. Where to go to learn so you
can start making money fast. The Hub Palm Beach. The national average for digital
marketing project managers. Did you know, the starting
rate for a digital, you see that? So you’re adding, you’re organizing your
content and you’re giving. Because people get stuck in, you know, I don’t know what to write about. Or, I can’t write 2,000 words. Yes you can. Go look at what the competitors are doing and put in your own thoughts. All right? So there’s so many ways to doing it. Dictate it, make a video,
transcribe the video, but create content. How are people going to find your website if you’re not putting
anything into your website? How? And then you start with, you
know, let’s say five pages and you have five pages
there for five years. You’re not giving Google any activity. So, let’s at least work on
publishing one blog post a month. All right? Which is not a lot. But make it very good. This is a guy that I follow and, you know, this guy can write. I don’t know if he writes it himself, but obviously they’re his thoughts. And his, are man, they’re amazing. Check this out. So look at this. So there’s text. And now look. See how nice that looks. That’s what you guys need to do. Why? Because it keeps people
on your website longer. And that’s what you need. Not only do you have to
get your pages to rank but you got to keep people on
there for as long as possible. That’s why you need these videos and you need these visuals. You need to get them to also, let’s say for example, let’s say you don’t want to
read this entire blog post. Here’s a PDF version of it. Download it now and then what happens? You get their e-mail. Boom! You have their e-mail and now you start feeding them e-mail marketing. And you know if this person is for real, they wanna like, get to know you more. Or better. So look. More visuals. Do you see this? This is how you should write your blogs. And I know I keep soliciting – [Man] So one example is that sent to the guy, what do you call it? – [Joel] BackLinko. B – A – C – K
– L – I – N – K – this is one of my favorites. And then there’s also Neil Patel. And this is because I know about digital marketing so I follow these guys. Follow, you guys can follow how these guys write their content but then, in terms of writing,
look up your competitors. In terms of video, look
up you competitors. What are they doing? – [Man] Look at what they’re
doing and do it in other words. – [Joel] And then do it. – [Man] In your own words. – [Joel] In your words, your own, yeah. You guys can dictate it. If you can’t write, dictate it. So this guy here, oh this is a video. Okay, so this guy does
the same thing, visuals. But the other guy I think
is a little bit better. You see, he puts these nice visuals, so you can see it because
it’s how to guides. See that? You see it’s a guide. Yeah, Neil Patel. – [Woman] Which ones the other one? Back? – [Joel] BackLinko. backlinko. – [Man] (mumbling)
– [Joel] Huh? – [Man] Lingo?
– [Joel] Link, link, linko. – [Man] Thank you.
– [Joel] Mhmm. All right, so after you’re
done writing your content, you’re going to publish it. And it should look like that. And people are going to start reading it. How do you get people to read it? You have to share it on Facebook. Take snippets of it, when I say snippets, you know little paragraphs,
or a couple sentences of the most important things, and then post it on Instagram, post it on Facebook, post
it on different place. So that way, you get referral traffic. That means people are
going on to those sites and they’re seeing it
and they’re reading it. Okay, you want to do that. So remember, you’re talking
to all these different places. All right? So then, you’re going to be ranked, I
don’t know, maybe number one. I hope you guys are rank
number one like right away. But you might not because
you don’t have history and the other person does. So this is where competitor
research comes back into play. So there’s a tool called And I’m throwing a lot
of tools at you guys but, you guys need them all. (group laughs) all right so, I learned a
lot of digital marketing and SEO from this guy, you see his book. So this score is. – [Man] SE apple tool? – [Joel] SEO so this is one of two books. I went to California in 2018 and I take other courses and conferences and all that but I took
this from Bruce Clay. This guy is the best in SEO. He’s been doing SEO before Google existed. So, just so you guys see, you know he talks about everything. If you guys want to look at
this, you guys can do that. We just have to keep it here please. You guys can come in any
time and look at this, look at my notes. But this was four and a
half days, eight to five. I don’t think it was enough time. I think I need like a whole entire month because this guy covers everything. And this is one of two books. So I have another one like this, but I think I left it in the car. But I think it, yeah. – [Man] How much time do you give digital
marketing your business? – [Joel] Oh mine? You
don’t wanna know man. I do this, I want to say, yeah about, I want to say between
15, like 15 hours average. Not everyday, but 15 hours. – [Woman] So that’s to
the business in general? – [Joel] To the business in general, yeah. There’s more than just this. So I focus on, obviously, teaching what I’m going to teach you guys. And then I have to focus on the ads and where we’re putting ads in. What our ads should look like. And then I work with
Amy on the social media. So I do a lot of different, I
play a lot of different roles. Yeah so there’s a lot of
different moving pieces. And that’s why I want to teach you guys the necessary steps so you
guys don’t feel overwhelmed. And the reason that I’m
giving you, you know (laughs). It’s a lot right? – [Man] Don’t feel overwhelmed
because of the work. – [Woman] Mhmm.
– [Man] Just work hard. – [Joel] Yeah. – [Man 2] It’s okay, you’re young guys. – [Joel] Oh no, you can, listen. I’ve programmed myself, you can do it. You just have to know the
basics and start with that. And then you’re going to
get very curious about it because you’re going to
see it work very well. So, you don’t have to do, the reason I’m doing this
is because I love it. And I teach it so I
need to know everything so I can teach you guys. And because I’m very curious about it. So, and I work with
clients and everything. So you guys have to know the basics of how to write and what
keyword research is, what keyword to feed Google because a lot of people don’t know this. If you guys learn this, your gonna rank (snaps)
right away, first page. Our website ranked, on the
first page, within like days. Why? Because, and it’s not like very, I haven’t worked on it a
lot to be honest with you because you usually you
work on other things more than you work on your own website. So, but imagine, you guys
could do the same thing too. Or if, let’s say that you want
to do it for your clients, if you guys wanna, you
know, teach or have clients. You can do the same thing
and you can tell them, you talk to them about this. But for your own business,
I would just do the basics. Which are organizing my site, checking each page on my website
to see what they rank for, and then, re-writing your content. You’re going to have to do it. Okay so. – [Woman] Go back to the Neil
Patel site for me real quick. – [Joel] Yeah. Yes. – [Woman] His two tier content is awesome. – [Joel] Yeah this guy
is a content powerhouse. I want to say that he will, I want to say he publishes at
least one to two videos a day. Really good ones. But he has a team of people obviously. And he has a certain way of doing things. What you have to do, oh and that’s another thing guys. How to do this. Don’t write one every single day. Maybe take one day a week and write a couple different blog posts. And then work on those and
then schedule those out because you can do that. You can go onto your website. (typing) I’m going to show you this real quick before I get
into the competitors. And you’ll go here to blog post. This is WordPress by the way. Who has a WordPress website? Yeah I love WordPress because
it’s very easy to use. So, and then you know,
you type in whatever, your blog here, you have the images. And then you see here on
the right where it says, status, draft, publish immediately, you change, edit right there? You see that right
there? Edit, right there. Can you guys all see that. And then you’re going to change the date. So, have everything in advance, you know. So you are not doing it,
you know, on the fly. And then, let’s say, you’re going to do one per month to start. You really want at least one a week. That would be ideal and
you guys can do that. But what you have to
do, spend an entire day and just write as much
as you possibly can. And have those edited or edit it yourself and then another day work on the visuals. Either the videos or the or the, what else are
they, the infographics. For your videos, I
would just grab a camera and shoot as many videos as I possibly can within a couple hours, two or three hours. And then your thing is
going to be the editing. That’s what take a lot of time. What do you use? – [Woman] iMovie. – [Joel] iMovie, okay,
so do you feel comfort. So I use Camtasia. – [Woman] I tried doing
the final cut myself. – [Joel] It’s harder yeah. I use what’s called
Camtasia, it’s very good. It’s like iMovie. – [Woman] How do you spell that? – [Joel] C-A-M-T-A-S-I-A. – [Woman] C-A-M
– [Joel] T-A. Camtasia. T-A-S-I-A. Camtasia. You guys want to see what it looks like? Come over here you guys, come on. Come one real quick, stretch,
stretch, let’s go, come on. (crowd mumbling) – [Man] Feels good to stand up. – [Joel] Yeah I just
recorded this yesterday and it took me about half an hour. One of you guys saw it online? Step one, keyword research. Find and tap three sites on Google for your focus keyword phrase. Let’s get Rich on. (Distorted music) Our focus keyword phrase is digital marketing
training West Palm Beach. Now let’s find the top three results on the Google search results page. (distorted music playing) Then, let’s use a tool in SEO toolset to see what the competitors are doing. Let’s give it a try. I’m going to show you guys this now. (distorted music playing) Wanna learn more? Attend our workshop. (distorted music playing) And I did all that in Camtasia. And look, it has all
these different animations and then visual specs, audio effects, it’s more plug and play. And I just record my
screen, I can record myself, and I use this mic and
then you just edit it. You can see. – [Woman] Does that work in (mumbling) – [Joel] What’s that? – [Woman] Is there any way
to download to my Mac Book? – [Joel] Yeah, that’s for Mac. Yeah, let me see how much it is. So actually I think it’s a
one time fee for Camtasia. It’s a, so you can get the studio one, which is what I have. I think it’s this one on here. How much is it online. Yeah it’s not much. – [Woman] What I want like, get it online. – [Joel] Yeah it’s harder,
it’s more fraught on – [Woman] I tried to do it like a monthly trial and I couldn’t do it. – [Joel] Yeah Camtasia just easier. So when I record stuff and
then I just, go in here, and then I can you know, push those here, edit it, I can add effects,
I can add music onto there. – [Woman] So it does the innovations. – [Joel] It does, yeah. It can do animations. – [Woman] Well I just looked
at a competitors website yesterday and she had
like a page with like pieces of bananas and strawberries. And they’re like going back and forth like they were dancing. – [Joel] So yeah. – [Woman] How do you do that? – [Joel] Well I don’t know how to do that, I don’t know how to do it yet. – [Woman] Okay, it’s very cool. – [Joel] Yeah, yeah, I just do the basics. (group laughs) – [Man] Ask her if it’s nice. – [Joel] Yeah ask her. No ask her. You can be like hey your
stuff looks very, very cool. I mean, how do you do it? – [Man] Be someone else and do it. – [Joel] Yeah. – [Woman] She, I actually subscribed to like her free gate number, I keep her thing that to tell you about advertising your reels. – [Joel] Yeah. – [Woman] She’s just basically, do not copy this or you’ll
be pursued by the FBI, it’s this big crime so I don’t think she want to give away any
of her secrets (laughs). – [Joel] Well I don’t
know, try it out yeah. – [Woman] It’s a copyright. – [Joel] Just ask her. All right so, like I said you’re
gonna publish your content and then you’re not gonna, I hope you rank number one, you might not, eventually you will. And this is how you can
check how to do it right? So this is called which I was saying was made by Bruce Clay. So Bruce Clay, he teaches
and then he has his own tools that his students use and that’s
what this is, SEO tool set. This is more for like a blogger. This does not apply to YouTubers. I would use TubeBuddy or VidIQ. (woman mumbles) No I’m saying I would
use TubeBuddy or VidIQ but I would not use this SEO toolset. Yeah you only need the
SEMrush and TubeBuddy. – [Woman] What’s the other one? – [Joel] SEMrush
– [Woman] S-E-M – [Joel], yeah and you get those with the membership. All right so, you want to see what your
competitors are doing. You can use SEO ToolSet
or there’s other tools which I’ll show you, but this one first, then I’ll show you another
one called Screaming Frog. All right so I already
imported my site in here. I just did this actually,
I think it was last night. And then there’s a feature on here which is called page analysis. Remember, you’re trying
to see what that page has. Remember I told you earlier, you can’t see all the stuff right now but if you use a tool, you can do it here. So you’re gonna use what’s
called multi-page analyzer. So, we’re going after the focus keyword, which is digital marketing course. And we’re gonna put that
into our keyword right here. Digital marketing course or
going to put our business on here, the Hub Palm Beach. But then we want to
look up any competitors, see why they’re ranked above us. Digital marketing course. So look at these, these have ads right? Ad, ad, ad, ad, ad, so you
don’t want to use that right? And then Udemy. That’s the first organic result. These other ones, these
people are paying for the ads. I’m just going to check
these guys right here. Because this is more of a, Udemy is an online platform so I really don’t apply, it’s
not the same kind of thing. All right, so I’m gonna use
what’s called marketing land. So I’m gonna click here
and find this link. And put that in the URL right there. And I’m going to hit plus
to add another competitor. – [Man] And would you say the
competitors should be local or – [Joel] They don’t have to be local. It could be a national one like that. Cause you want to see what the best of the best is doing really. – [Man] Okay – [Joel] Because usually the local people, they’re not going to be
doing the right things. If you follow the national, you’re going to blow the
local out of the water. How you localize it is by adding the – [Man] Original. – [Joel] Oh yeah the keyword would be the city or the zip
codes and that kind of thing. You want to add that. But don’t go after local cause usually they’re not doing it right. – [Man] I guess, that’s
probably what happened. – [Joel] Exactly. So don’t go after, go
after the national guys and see what they’re doing. All right so I’m going to add one more so you guys can see. And then I’m going to put it into my multi page analyzer, SEO ToolSet. So then I click analyze. By the way, the reason you
see that green and blue is because I’m recording
my screen, by the way. So just keep that in mind. It’s just going to take a moment here. All right so, do you guys understand what on page and off page mean? On page is on the pages,
on the website right. Off page means that other sites are linking back to that site. So right now we only want you guys to focus on on page recommendations. Okay so this is just showing me an overview of the word in the title. The title is the title
tag, that’s the blue link that you see when you get to
the search engine results page. I want to look at on page ranking factors. So here, it’s giving us, here’s the Hub Palm Beach and
those are the other articles. Or the other websites. So, the Hub Palm Beach
has digital marketing in the title, one’s not. So one’s not paying
all the different word. Do you see this? Digital marketing, marketing course. They’re just doing
digital marketing courses or digital marketing and
digital marketing course. It’s giving me different variations or worded different ways. It’s not the entire word but
variation of the actual word. So here we have the competitor. So they have digital marketing in their title tag, see this, one. So it’s telling you a
percentage of what their doing. Right, so that way you can figure out, you can tweak your website. So the title, digital
marketing is there once. We all have it in one time. They don’t have it in the description. See this. We do. Keywords, it says that we
knows, that must be an error because I’m pretty sure
that we have it in there. Remember this is software,
it has it’s glitches. So the heading is like when you see the big bold text inside the body. Heading one, heading two,
and organizing content. These guys have it in there 12 times. So, I need to take that
into consideration. Yes sir. – [Man] Well would that
be keyword stuffing? – [Joel] Yes it could be. But if they’re even higher
that means Google likes it. That’s why I want you guys
to look at competitors who have the same style of
what you guys are doing. Not, I can’t compete
against e-commerce or Udemy. – [Man] Right.
– [Joel] Okay. Then the first words
of the sentence, right, we have it in three times, they have it in 12 times in the body. We have it in three times,
they have it in there 39 times. Keyword stuffing, all words. So I know all the words, you know, they have it under their
entire thing 52 times. Net marketing course, what this tells you is how often you should use that keyword. You guys understand that? So, yeah. – [Man] Sorry how do you
know the ranking hierarchy? – [Joel] Because I look them up on Google. – [Man] Oh that’s, – [Joel] That’s how I got them. – [Man] So that doesn’t show up here, it just shows up on Google, okay. – [Joel] Yeah you gotta go to Google. So let’s make a list for you guys now cause I know I threw a lot
of information to you guys. All right, step one. What is step one guys, tell me. – [Woman] Look at you competitors – [Joel] Yeah it does kinda apply, yeah. I’ll tell you in a little
later what you gotta do. So say that again please? – [Woman] Looking up competitors. – [Joel] Yeah go to Google. Step one, go to Google. Go to Google. And research a keyword phrase, any keyword phrase. Step two. What’s step two? – [Man] Collect your competitors? – [Joel] Collect your
competitors, so yeah. Collect (typing) step three. Just like, check out their website and make sure that you’re a competitor. So if there’s an e-commerce site and you’re a blogger, you can’t compete. You understand? You want to compete against other blogs. (typing) Do not compete against e-commerce sites if you are a blogger And when I say blogger, that doesn’t mean you blog all the time but you have a WordPress website that has blog posts,
that has pages, etcetera. All right so then, you want to use, use a tool like LSI Graph or SEMrush to find your keywords. And that’s going to be related keywords. Or no, hold on. Variations of your keyword phrase. Of your keyword, let me say like that. Of your keyword phrase, related keywords and related keywords, okay. All right so then step four. Use AnswerThePublic and Google Search questions to add supporting questions terms, to add questions to support your content. Okay. And then after that. We said write your content. Or have your writer write it for you. Okay then. Add visuals and when I say visuals
that means infographics and videos. The goal is to make your viewers stay on the page as long, and I’m doing that capital for reason, as long as possible because
this is very important and people don’t do this
because they get lazy. So don’t get lazy please. Seven. Oops. Seven, publish your content. Oop, I added that goal. Publish your content. And then eight, wait about one month or else you’re going to
keep looking every day. But wait about a month and check to see how you rank
against your competitors, you know, where do you rank? Nine. Use a tool like yeah? – [Man] Publishing your content. You said weekly, weekly
you should update it. – [Joel] Yeah but what I’m talking about, I don’t mean, I’m just
saying this one piece. – [Man] Just this one? – [Joel] Yeah this one piece. Use a tool like SEOToolset or Screaming Frog, which I didn’t go over but I’ll show you guys after I type this up. Or like Screaming Frog to
see what your competitors or why your competitors outrank you. Figure out what they are doing and copy them. Test, test, test, in other words, test. So if they have a keyword phrase. Amazon product reviews and you have, here are your Amazon Product reviews. Changes to Amazon Product reviews and then add something to it. So test that out, then wait
like a week or two weeks, you know give it some time cause it take a little bit of time and then keep doing that over and over for every piece of content that you write. – [Woman] You can always
go back and change them? – [Joel] Yes. – [Woman] It will still capture these? – [Joel] Yeah you have to
go back and change things. You’re going to have to
change it all the time. Yeah. But you first you want to
do, these are best practices and then you’re going to
go back and then see why. And then you know – [Woman] See what works. – [Joel] What works, exactly. So then I think that was it right? Yeah. All right so one more thing guys. – [Man] Repeat.
– [Joel] Huh? – [Man] Repeat
– [Joel] Oh yeah, repeat for every piece of content. All right so then one last thing guys. Then we’re done for the day. All right Screaming Spider,
I mean Screaming Frog. Screaming Spider (chuckles). All right so Screaming
Frog is another tool and what this does, it tells me it tells us, what we’re doing or what the competitors are doing. So, I think this was the one. Yeah, lets look at let’s look to see what
these guys are doing. You’re going to hit start. So basically I’m getting
all their links right now and I can see what they’re
doing, all of their, on each site, each URL, or
each page in their website. So let’s go into digital marketing, let me make that big for you guys. So, so this is about their digital, you see other links obviously, this is all the ones on their site. And then you want to
find what they’re doing on this specific page right here okay? So, here it is. All right so it’s telling
me their title tag. So once again guys, their title tag is this right here, the blue link. That’s the title. – [Woman 1] Does your
screen turn a little or not? – [Woman 2] Yeah. – [Woman 1] All right,
that did it, thank you. – [Joel] Ah all right, so their title is digital marketing courses
you should check out. Number two is really good. So we might want to use that. We got to test one thing at a time. You can’t test, you can’t
make a bunch of changes cause you’re not going to figure out what worked and what didn’t. So first I start with the title tag. Why? Because that’s the top thing when you search something online. Right, the blue link. The title is the blue link. For YouTube the title is
the most important thing. It’s the most important thing for anything on a search
engine, the title tag. – [Woman] Can you use
this from Screaming Frog? – [Joel] Screaming Frog, I believe I gave you guys access. I’m not 100% sure but have
given it to you for LSI Graph. But you can go on Google to see on the SEOToolSet I can’t because each new project is 25
dollars alone, I believe yeah. But I’m going to figure that out so I can share this with you guys. So I will start with the title
tag, change your title tag. Or use this one from the beginning. You guys understand that? H1, so do you guys know what
the H1 or the heading is? Yeah? Do you know what the heading is? Do you know what the heading is? Okay, let me see your website. Or a website. Oh look you can see there. – [Woman] The main menu (chuckles) – [Joel] Nice. So what are your broad codes? (woman mumbling) and go to any barcodes, the best ones. – [Woman 1] This is mine, it’s new. – [Joel] Okay. (crowd talking quietly) So go to widen. Widen up your launch beaver builder. (crowd talking quietly) – [Woman] Beaver builder is really nice. – [Joel] Yeah okay, so I believe this that’s your H1. Click on that or highlight that. I believe that that’s your H1. – [Woman] How do we tell? – [Joel] See on one side
plane it’ll be where the line. But I can figure out later. – [Woman] Okay. – [Joel] So your heading
one would be this. You can only have one H1. – [Woman] Okay. – [Joel] And then you have H2. This is how you organize the
structure of your blog post. So you want talk about,
you want to break it down so the heading one should be really like the overview of
what you’re going to talk about. In the article. And then you break it down into sections. So for example, digital marketing training will be my H1 and then my H2 could be a specific digital marketing trick. – [Woman] Okay. – [Joel] You know what I’m saying yeah and then you talk
about that in there. – [Woman] Just like each page right? Not like your whole web. – [Joel] This is for one page. So there’s a title, there is heading one, only one heading one and then you can have as many H2s and H3s or
heading three depending. So for example, you just
have to organize it. – [Woman] So like subtitles in content. – [Joel] Not subtitles,
you know how in a book how it tells you this paragraph
is about this, same thing. Yeah. You guys understand that concept? – [Woman] It’s like the
name of the tack board but then there’s like the sub, like the. – [Joel] What thing is
about, this break like this. Exactly yes. (woman mumbles) you guys understand that?
You understand that? Okay. So then I would test the title first. But this is how you see what
your competitor is doing and that’s how you make your sites and ranks better, repeat this. So I’m gonna have, I’m gonna have Cordelia and Euna make a like a PDF I guess of
what we just wrote there. I’ll put in basing up but that way we can, everybody can download it or get it. – [Woman] Okay. (people talking) would do this the exact same
way Heather did? (mumbles) – [Joel] Yeah I would guess, well not really this, I
wouldn’t copy word for word. What you wanna copy,
you see how they used, they actually used 11 digital. – [Man] I didn’t see that 11 before. So 11 digital marketing
courses you should check out. – [Joel] Right. If your content’s about
11 digital marketing, you’d write that in there
but the point is that digital marketing, a digital marketing course
you should check out. The Hub Palm Beach has a
digital marketing course. You get what I’m saying? So then you’re coconut recipe,
was that coconut popsicles? – [Woman] Mhmm. – [Joel] Those look good by the way. – [Woman] They’re big coconut taste. – [Joel] My daughter would love those. (crowd laughs) – [Woman] Should I
bring you a sample then? – [Joel] Yeah please. So then. Here’s the best, here’s
the most common use. Use words that grab people’s attention. Look it up on Google, I can’t think of any right
now because my brain. – [Woman] I get it. – [Joel] But you know what I’m saying, make people want to click
on your site, on that link. – [Woman] Okay.
– [Joel] Yeah. You guys have any other questions? Yeah? No? No? – [Woman] We’re good, thank you Joel. – [Joel] Thank you. (clapping) thank you guys for coming, I
really appreciate you guys. Thank you. (people talking)

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