The Secret of My Love | 내 남자의 비밀 EP.6 [SUB : ENG,CHN / 2017.10.02]

By | December 2, 2019

What insanity is this? Jin Haerim is the one acting insane. I was just lucky and happened to witness your fiancee having an affair. Watch what you say. Where are you? I didn’t know that Haerim’s man lived in my building. What? Why does he have to live there? He was… Alive? This is everything I have. I’m begging you with all I have. Please, have him adopted abroad. He can’t live in Korea. Actually, because he’s so underweight and jaundiced, he won’t live long. That’s a relief. I should’ve made sure back then. That’s nice. You’ve exceeded your limit. That was your last shot. Should I set a new limit tonight? ♪ Pour me a drink, hubby ♪ No. I don’t want an alcoholic wife. Just for today. I got expelled from school for assaulting an assemblyman’s child… And had to take the GED to finish high school. Why would your mother like me? To be honest, I understand her 100%. That isn’t something you should understand. I’m used to it, and I put up with it because she’s my mother. But it’ll be hard for you to tolerate. I don’t mind it being hard for me. I’m worried that your relationship with mother will go sour because of me. Don’t fight with her. Please. The person who knocked me down… And picked me back up was always my mother. When I was in 5th grade, I got a new father. I got hit a lot. If I did well, I got hit for being smart. If I didn’t do well, I got hit for being stupid. But mother couldn’t even stop him because she’d get beat up for stopping him. I never knew… When she got divorced when I was in high school, I was finally freed from the abuse, but the hardship didn’t end. That’s when I had to start providing for my mom. What choice did I have? She was my mom after all. That was my life and my destiny. But I can’t stand her making your life… Miserable as well. Ki Seora, you’re in trouble. What if the gods get jealous? I’ve received more love from my parents than either of my sisters ever since I was young. Now, I’m receiving so much love from my husband. I’ll be better to both you… And to mother. You’re already doing… More than enough. Honey, let’s live a long life together. Until Haesol gets married and has kids, and those kids have kids. And at the very same moment… Let’s hold hands like this… And leave this world together. Okay. Let’s do that. They say clothes make the person but that’s nonsense. What completes the look… Is this beauty that you can’t buy with money. Who is it at this hour? You didn’t forget our promise, did you? He texts all the time as if I’d stiff him on the interest. The kids will have my head if they find out I borrowed from a loan shark. That’s it. I’ll have to borrow to pay the interest. Jaeuk, don’t tell me you’re having Haerim followed. That’s none of your business. What would grandpa say if he saw this? Things would get pretty bad for you, right? Don’t let your imagination go wild. Haerim was just drunk. I think she was confused. If you knew that, why did you play along? If she came to you drunk, you should’ve scolded her and sent her home. How could brothers do this over the same girl? Don’t tell me… You’re still hung up on her. Let me ask you something. What’s your problem? You’re marrying her but you still haven’t won her over? – What? / – You made her yours as you wanted. So make sure her heart doesn’t wander. Make sure she doesn’t come to me anymore! You’re playing with Haerim’s feelings. You’re the one refusing to let her go! Are you that insecure? Then call off the wedding. You don’t love her! Don’t be so arrogant. You were dumped by the woman you trusted. Stop being so confident and face reality like the loser you are! – What did you say? / – I’m right. You’re no longer a doctor. You’re nothing but an ex-con who committed medical malpractice. A failure in life. A pathetic loser who was betrayed by his woman! Do you get it now? You’re right. So… Don’t be like this to a pathetic loser, and take care of Haerim. Who are you to worry about my woman? Did you forget? Haerim is my woman. Your sister-in-law. Practice. Don’t make a mistake later. I won’t forgive you then. I was drunk. Write it off as that. Women often do crazy things like that just before their wedding. Sorry. It’s late. – Where are you? / – Home. I came home early because I was tired. Early? Good. I’m out front. Come out. I want to see you. I’m in bed already. – I’ll see you tomorrow. / – Haerim. – Do you regret it? / – What do you mean? Do you regret… Deciding to come to me? And if I do? Then what? Will you let me go? Of course not. We’ve already sent out the invitations. Such meaningless questions and obvious answers are exhausting for both of us. Get home safely. Let’s talk tomorrow. Yes? If you’re still up, will you make me some tea? Sure. What would you like? How are things at the hospital? To be honest, I feel bad. I’ve been so preoccupied with the wedding that I’ve been careless. So I was thinking, why don’t you take time off and focus just on the wedding? Take time off? You don’t have a mom who can help you like other girls. Although I know Jaeuk’s mom always takes care of you… I’d like you to be free of the hospital for a while and focus only on your future. Jaeuk will need your help going forward as well. I’ll do that. I’ll do as you say. Okay. Good thinking. Is Jaeuk nice to you? I guess it’s because we’re friends. It’s nice and comfortable. They may be brothers but Jaeuk is very different from Inuk. The chairman is wary of Jaeuk’s ambition but I am not. The starting point of success is dreams and ambition. If he’s honed well, he’ll be the next chairman for sure. You should help him. I hope he will be of help to you. Anyway, Inuk really needs to make a fresh start. The chairman is very concerned. He’s been too ruined ever since the malpractice. I wonder if he’ll ever recover. You’re late but my prediction was correct. Have a drink. Nothing beats it in bringing up your bad mood. Miryeong. You’re more vicious than you look. You use this to make me run over in the middle of the night. My man is about to become someone else’s man. It’s the devoted wife’s duty to make one last attempt. Devoted wife? So? This is what you wanted? Is that why you sent that stupid photo? I’m not the messed up one for sending that photo. Haerim is, for doing something stupid like that. Get your head on straight! If you marry her whose heart is with another man, both of you will be miserable! Don’t you know that? Shut it! What do you know? Devoted wife? Who says you’re my devoted wife? Did you forget? You’re just a pastime. How dare you lecture me? How dare you judge my woman? Jaeuk. Please, Jaeuk… Jaeuk… Get it together, Jaeuk. Please. Please get it together. How… How could you? The world is big and there are many men out there. I’m sure you’ll meet a better guy. Forget it. I don’t need your empty words. I’m sorry. I’ve never been hired to break up with someone before. He should’ve done it himself. I’m sure he had me do it in his place because it hurt too much… I said I get it. Excuse me. I’m really sorry but he said he’d like to get the pearl necklace he gave you for your birthday back. Relay that to the scumbag. Oh, no. Just a minute. What are you doing? I’m sorry. This was on the ground. I’m sorry. I checked the surveillance videos from near the apartment but there was nothing useful, including any shots of the license plate. What about the people in the area? I’ve checked and the man in the photo doesn’t seem to live in the building. I think he had stopped by to visit someone or was only parked there briefly. So… You can’t find him? If a professional like me can’t find him, no one in Korea can. That’s what people who give up easily say. – Look harder. / – Yes, ma’am. Wow. Mr. Kang became a chief manager. (Marketing: Han Jiseop, manager) It was around here somewhere. Saebit Gynecology? There’s no gynecology in this… You must mean the clinic that burned down before. It burned down? It’s been about 30 years now. The clinic burned down, killing the director as well as several nurses. It was a huge mess. The clinic director passed away? The director and nurses died. Then that means nobody knows about this. Father! It’s the deed to an apartment. That should be more than enough. – Father. / – I know what you’re up to. But I don’t want to dirty my mouth so I’ll stop talking. Leave as soon as you give birth. The baby is our blood, so we’ll take it. No. I can’t do that. I refuse! Inuk’s mom will raise the baby much better than you can. Help me raise my baby. I don’t want anything else. Let me protect my baby! I’m being this generous for the baby’s sake! Father. Father! Ignore what grandpa said. Just wait and see. Your mommy will carry you confidently into that house. You just have to be born healthy. That’s all. A little more. Almost there. One more push. Something’s wrong with my ears. Why don’t I hear the baby crying? My baby… Is okay, right? I asked a question. Is my baby okay? My baby. Is my baby okay? Loser. If you were going to die so soon, why did you break Inuk’s mom’s heart so badly? Child, please forgive me. He was our blood. I couldn’t kick out Jaeuk’s mom who gave birth to my grandson. However, you shouldn’t have done that. You left us… Way too soon. My apologies. I didn’t know Lawyer Park was here. I was just about to go. Okay. Get back to work. You left me to open your own practice, so make as much money as you can. I should. Have a nice day. Why was your attorney here? Have you made any progress with Qingdao Shopping Mall? Gangin Group shopping mall being built in Korea right now is receiving rave reviews, so we’ll likely be able to enter China. You may go. But… Why did you call in Lawyer Park? Why? Are you worried that I asked him to prepare my will? If not, he has no other reason to come see you. He isn’t in our legal department anymore. I asked him for help with Inuk. With Inuk? He won’t listen to me, so what could I do? I asked Lawyer Park to sweet-talk him to get him to work for me. He used to be a surgeon. It won’t be easy for him to adapt here. When you think about it, business is all about selling people. After selling people for 50 years, I should have an eye for people, don’t you think? He’s so against it. Must you use Lawyer Park to drag him in here? Was taking Haerim from him not enough for you? So you knew. No, it isn’t enough. Not even close. – Inuk is not your enemy. / – No. You know how much I suffered growing up because of him. Ever since I joined the family with my mom after his mom passed away when I was 7… Mom wasn’t my mom. That’s enough. If he hit me, I got hit for upsetting him. If I talked back, I got hit for that. It was my fault if he got hurt or was sad. It was my fault if he got angry or his grades fell. It was all my fault! Inuk’s every move was torture for me. And what did you do? You turned a blind eye. Do you know why my mother did that to me? In case she’d upset you. Because all you ever cared about was making sure she didn’t abuse the first wife’s child. Do you know what my biggest regret is? Not being able to take you away from your mom. Your animosity toward Inuk is your mom’s handiwork! You’re an accomplice too. No! You’re the true perpetrator. Leave Inuk as is. I won’t permit it. (Assemblyman Jin Gukhyeon) What are you doing? Please help me. Whatever it is, get up first. I know… That I’m not good enough yet for my grandfather. Nonetheless… I want Gangin Group. I do not want to lose it. Please help me. I need your help. Get up. I don’t care if Haerim doesn’t love me. I can love her. I will give you and Haerim my all. That’s good enough. Ability isn’t everything in a man. The spirit and desire to win. There is no better weapon. Get up. I judged you correctly. Father. Repay Haerim for the gratitude you feel for my help. I’ll do my best. Time off? Yes, I’d like to take a break. Sure, go ahead. You’ve been looking terrible lately. I’m sure Inuk’s matter weighed on you. What do you mean? Why would I? I mean… Since he and you were so close… That’s right. Forget things here for a while, and focus on your wedding. Thank you. Okay then. – Dr. Cha. / – Yes? Now that you’ve become the hospital director, you worry about unnecessary things. But sorry, I’m uncomfortable with such attention. Sure. I went overboard. See you at the wedding. It’s not anywhere weird! Let’s just leave. I have to prepare dinner. We barely just had lunch. What do you mean, dinner? It’s because we worry about food all the time that people treat us like kitchen workers. I’ve never been to places like these. I feel uncomfortable. No one comes here from the moment they were born. Housewives like us need to relieve stress once in a while to provide a peaceful family. That’s right. No one will know if we go for just one hour. Let’s go. Here. Strawberry for you, vanilla for me. I wanted chocolate ice cream. What do you mean? You said strawberry. No. I’m sure I asked for chocolate. No. How does a kid have such bad memory? Fine. I’ll just eat the strawberry. That’s more like it. Haesol, want to swap a bite each? Here. You take a bite. Hey. Goodness. That’s just great going, with your 5-year-old niece. Hello? What? My husband? He should be at the market. What? A club? Him? Going dancing? Please, tell him to dance. Stop the nonsense. I’m busy. Why are you home so early? When did you get home? A while ago. Why? You barely started. You just got home, right? Don’t you see I peeled all of these? You peeled these by yourself? You said peeled garlic is expensive and to peel them myself. That was when garlic was expensive. Don’t hang out with women from the town and come home early. There was a reason I felt like buying peeled garlic today. Hi, Seora. What? Dinner? Probably just bean sprout soup. Why? What? A promotion? Jiseop was promoted? What? Give me that. Come over. Tell him I’ll make him a feast to celebrate. It was a misdiagnosis, right? It makes no sense. How could I get menopause in my 30s? Whichever hospital you go to, the results will be the same. It is premature menopause. What? You must’ve dieted a lot when you were younger. Your body is very weak overall. Your muscle mass is low too. What’s this? The door is locked. I’m sure he said to come here today. Excuse me. Is anyone inside? Anyone there? Where did they all go with the office closed? Hi. Where are you? Weren’t we supposed to meet today at the office? Hi. I’m so sorry. We suddenly had to meet with Gangin Construction. I see. But no one is at the office. They’re probably at meetings or running errands. I’ll call you tonight. I found a great new place. You’re always buying. I feel bad. I’ll pay for dinner. Okay. Call me later. Cheers! – Congratulations! / – Congratulations! Thank you. Daddy, let me congratulate you. That’s the best. What can you not do? Seora was blessed with a great husband. Did you hear that? You used to say you were blessed with a great wife. To be honest, your luck improved after meeting Seora. Hear that? Sure. I knew you’d succeed like this. You work so hard. If you don’t succeed, who will? No. I’m only a manager now. A manager is huge. Some people are still wasting time failing exams. I said I’ll pass for sure this time. I checked my horoscope online and this is a good year for me. I swear to give you a civil servant son-in-law this year. Goodness. From the Higher Civil Service Exam to Level 7 from Level 7 to 9. Just work for me. I’ll make you a level-one deliveryman. Mom. Seonghae, eat up. Thank you, Seora. My grade school alum is the only one who cares about me. Where is Haesol’s grandma? She usually can’t stay away from free meat. I know but she had dinner plans today. Didn’t Daera say she’d be home soon? – She’s running late. / – It’s obvious. She’s probably jealous that Jiseop got a promotion when her husband is like that. She can’t stand seeing things go well for you… You’re the prettiest when you shut your mouth and eat. How can I eat with my mouth shut? – I’ll go out and check. / – Sit back down. What are you doing? You go check. Don’t worry. She isn’t a child. She’ll be fine. Go on. She seems stressed these days. Go on. There you go again. – Hey. Hey. / – Hot. Hot. What will I do with that immature kid? Leave the immature son-in-law to your immature daughter. Okay, let’s toast by ourselves. Congratulations again. Keep climbing the ladder and become the CEO while you’re at it. Can’t you speak more nicely? What do you mean, while he’s at it? That’s right. CEO sounds nice. Forget CEO. Let’s go all the way to chairman! – Shall I? / – Me too! Here’s to our manager, Han Jiseop. – Cheers! / – Cheers! Thank you. The phone has been turned off… He stands me up twice and then turns off his phone? Don’t tell me. No, it couldn’t be. It can’t be. It absolutely can’t be. Don’t even think about it. Don’t imagine anything. Nice! – No, please. / – Come on. What did you just say? I’ve found him. The man in the photo. Han Jiseop. Han Jiseop? (The Secret of My Love) It’s too quiet. It’s making me nervous. Jaeuk, were you following me? Throw it away. Garbage… Belongs in the garbage can. I don’t know why you’re asking that. I’ll tell you the truth. They say nice shoes will take you to nice places. What if I wear these shoes to run away? You never should’ve existed in the first place. How did you dare to show up before me?

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