The Return of Superman | 슈퍼맨이 돌아왔다 – Ep.79 (2015.06.14)

By | August 9, 2019

Let’s go to Tokyo to see Sarang. Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday, dear dad. Dad? It’s Yuto’s birthday. Happy birthday to you! Okay. Goodness… – There. / – There. Who’s going to help? Me! Okay, one second… Then… Should I make it or not? Here. – Mix. / – I’ll do it. Mix it up. Mix it up… Please mix it up. Okay. More. You have to whisk it a lot. 1… 2… 20… 21… 22, 24… 25… 26… 27… 28… 29… What comes next? – 30! / – Very good! There. Here we go… Wow! Yuto’s coming soon. Go change. Change into a dress. Okay. – You know where it is. / – But… – What? / – My hand… It can’t reach. My hand can’t reach it. – Oh… / – It’s too short. Your arm is too short? You want me to get it? – Yes. / – Okay. Together? Okay. Sarang. – This? / – This! – We have this… / – No, this. You want to wait in that? – Yeah. / – Okay, you’ll wait in that. There’s this one too. How about this dress? No, I want to wear this. That’s your favorite? Okay. Princess… – Let’s put it on. / – Yeah. Okay. What do you think? Sing him the birthday song later. Now Chef Choo can make a cake on a frying pan. A delicious looking golden brown cake that’s very thick. Looks like Chef Choo is going to make something amazing. Some mangoes which are Sarang’s favorite. Plenty of whipped cream… And one more pancake. The 2-layer pancake is done. Tell Yuto when he gets here. He’s here. – Wait for Yuto here. / – Okay. When I show up you start singing the birthday song. Okay, okay. Got it. – Got it. / – He’s here! Just a moment. Just a moment. Come on in. – Hello. / – Hello. Hello. Mommy has to go now. – Already? / – Yes. – It’s Yuto! / – Happy birthday to you. It’s Yuto.To you…Happy birthday, dear Yuto.Happy birthday to you.Yeah! Yuto! Congratulations. There’s a cake. Blow out the candles. Blow them out, Yuto. All of them. Okay. Applause! Yuto, have some cake. How is it, Sarang? It’s a pancake. I don’t want cake. You don’t? I don’t want it. I want to play. Okay. Here. Want some, Yuto? I’m fine. You’ve got mail! Goodness… Look here. Sarang, what are you doing? The Return of Superman. Chapter 79. “Don’t Grow Up Too Fast.” Maybe he worked too hard on his cooking. It looks like Sunghoon is exhausted. This is where the baby brushes her teeth. Let’s bursh our teeth. Brush, brush. Brush, brush… Use sweet toothpaste. I did. I think the baby will like this. – Okay. / – Okay. Sarang, you look cute.I am…Your friend.I want to…Live with you.I want to dream with Yuto this time.I’m a friend.Yuto is here…Sarang’s dad is…Over there.Yuto and Sarang…It would be nice to live together.Yuto lives with me.Yuto and I live together.Yuto is… Yuto is…Let’s go to sleep. I’m cold. No. Thank you. Okay, I’ll get up. Wake up! Wake up… Come here, Sarang. Let’s change and go. Are you up? Get up. Wake up. I’ll hold you. Did you sleep well? Did you sleep well? I’ll hold you. This is when they’re the cutest. When they’re spaced out after they wake up. Should we wake Seojun? – No. / – What? – Should we wake Seojun? / – No. No? Don’t wake Seojun? No. Some guys are coming over. Should I tell them to come over? – Yes. / – Okay. Seoeon… These guys have a lot of fans so I’m nervous too. Millions of… Not just millions. They probably have as many fans as there are people in Korea. They’re here. The guys are here. Hey, they’re here. They’re here… What will we do? Hi! – Hello. / – The older one just woke up. – Hello. / – Hi. Come on in – Come on in. / – Mom. Mom. – Seojun woke up. / – It’s Seojun. Seojun woke up. Seojun, some guys came over. – You want me to hold you? / – Yes. Some guys came over. Okay, come here. Who are these popular guys? I’ll hold you. They’re so cute. Goodness… I’m nervous. Rapper Chanyeol from popular group EXO. And the main vocalist Baekhyun. They have 3.2 million people in their fan club. The Korean Wave stars EXO melt the hearts of girls. What brings them here? I don’t use SNS. So I heard from someone else. Chanyeol really wanted to see the boys. I heard from someone that he wrote that he likes the boys on his SNS. So we exchanged numbers and I told him to visit any time. They’re so cute. Goodness… Ta-da! – Peek-a-boo! / – Peek-a-boo! Peek-a-boo! Are you smiling? – You’re smiling? / – How cute! – You’re smiling? / – Peek-a-boo! Are you smiling? – You’re smiling? / – How cute! You’re smiling? Seojun! – The guys are here. / – Hi, Seojun. So cute. Goodness… Goodness… Look at their faces. They’re not looking? Hold on… Hi, Seojun! Peek-a-boo! Peek-a-boo! Seojun. Peek-a-boo!Stomp, stomp, stomp, stomp…These guys will come to grab you two. We’ll run away. – We’re going to get you. / – Here we come. Go! Let’s get Seojun! So scary! Seoeon, want to go have some fun with me? Yes. – Yes? / – Want to go have some fun? Yes. – Really? / – You want to go out with us? – Yes? / – Yes? Want to go out? – Yes. / – Goodness! Go out? Go out and have some fun? Yes. You too, Seojun? Want to go out? Take this off. – Let’s go have fun. / – Want to go with us? Get ready… Seoeon, want to go have fun? – I’m going to chase you. / – Run away. – 1… / – Go and hide. 2, 3. – Go! / – You have to hide! I’m going to get you, Seojun! Want to go get Seojun? Yeah. Go get Seojun? Here’s Seojun! Seoeon… He’s not usually like this. – You hold him. / – Okay, that’s it. He wants daddy. Seoeon only likes his dad. The king of childcare Ilkook… How much do these guys weigh? Even father of many Lee Donggook. They all failed at holding Seoeon. But… 1, 2, 3! 1, 2, 3! Want a piggyback ride? – Yes. / – Okay. Wow… Want a piggyback ride? – Yes. / – Okay. Wow… Wow… 1, 2, 3. They’re so cute. That’s good. Put them down. – Seoeon. / – Daddy is tired. – I’m really tired, Seoeon. / – Seojun. Hey… Hey, hey. Hey… They’re tired too. Just as I expected. Dad? Come here, boys. Give the guys a break. – Seojun. / – Come here. – Shoot at him. / – Seojun, shoot at him. Bang. Bang. Bang. He died. We have to save him. Bang! Bang! Bang! – That’s it. / – Hey… You’re so close with them already, Seojun. Bang, bang, bang, bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Seojun, let’s shoot twice. Bang! Seoeon. – It’s here. / – Want some candy? Seoeon, ask for it politely. I love you. I love you. Seojun, ask it for it politely. – Ask nicely. / – Ask nicely – Smile. / – Ask nicely. Say hello. – Ask nicely. Smile. / – Give it to me. Say hello. Seojun, give me a kiss. I got a kiss! I’m going to eat your foot, Seojun! I’m going to eat your foot, Seojun. – You don’t like that? / – Yeah. – Okay. / – Let’s eat Seojun’s foot. I’m going to eat it just like that. Eating Seojun’s foot! I’m going to eat it just like that. – Like this? / – Seoeon, you eat his foot. – That’s it. / – Want to eat his foot? Seoeon, you eat his foot. – That’s it. / – Want to eat his foot? Seojun, you too? – Seoeon. / – Sorry. It’s okay. – Seoeon. / – Sorry. It’s okay. He has the blood of a comedian. He likes joking around like that. A spider is crawling up your arm. – Tummy. / – What is this? Seoeon’s tummy! So full! So full! A spider is crawling up your face. Seoeon. Seoeon, you have a spider crawling… Seojun, come here. Seojun. I’m going to get Seojun. Seoeon, Seoeon! – Seoeon! / – Run away! – Hwijae. / – Yeah. There’s a dish I’m pretty good at making. Can I go buy some groceries nearby? Can you do it? I’ll go with Seojun. They’ll go nuts in this neighborhood. – This neighborhood? / – Of course. Will it be okay? What if the fans get you? There shouldn’t be many people out now. – Yeah? / – Yes. Seojun, want to go grocery shopping? Seojun, can you go with him? Should we go to the mart? Can you go? – Yeah. / – Really? Yeah. For real, right? Yes! Okay, I’ll get you dressed. Come here. – Go get changed. / – And change your diaper. It’s his first time he’s going to the mart with someone he just met. I would’ve never imagined. I was shocked. EXO is always surrounded by fans no matter where they go in the world. Will they be okay today? Hold my hand tight. Where’s the mart, Seojun? – This way? / – Yeah. Or this way? – No, that way. / – This way? This is nice. Should we go meet the triplets now? I’m making you breakfast. Just wait a bit. Today’s breakfast is toast and tuna salad made by Ilkook. He uses plenty of ingredients. That sure looks good. This looks good. He plates three even portions and breakfast is ready. Daehan, Minguk, Manse, look. Wow… Put each of these in between the bread. Then you eat it. Don’t eat it separately. Stick it together? Yes, that’s right. Look, I stuck them together. Yes, you stick them together. Watch me first. That’s it. That’s it. Very good. Look at me. You take the bread… That’s it. Good boy. – Dad, I’m going to take a bite. / – That’s it. Look at the jam… Spread some jam like this. That’s it. Good boy. No, no. It won’t taste good like that. If I eat it like this it tastes good. You eat it like this. Good? – Yeah. / – See? That’s it. Good boy. The fish is really good. – It’s good? / – No bones either. What? – No bones. / – It has no bones and it’s good? Yes. I don’t like rice and beans. I like cookies and cake. I like cake too. But does the country mouse not like cake? Is he afraid of it? Tell me. I like cake and cookies. I like… Beans and rice. Yummy. Look. Wow! What is this? An egg. An egg, right? – Yeah. Egg. / – This egg… When you blow it… Crack… Bang! And it’ll pop out. I’m scared. – I’m scared. / – It’s not scary. The egg will pop out. Dad, the egg isn’t coming out? The egg isn’t coming out. It happens sometimes. Just wait… Dad, just peel it. Peel it. – I want egg. / – My mouth hurts. The egg is supposed to pop out when you blow it here. Even a 6-year-old can do this. Why can’t I? Oh, it works! Why couldn’t I do it? This is what I wanted to show the boys. Help me out. That’s it. Thanks, Daehan. Minguk, you help too. Manse, help me. Help me. Look. The skies are upset because you aren’t helping. That’s it. Good boy. Where are we all going today? Open sesame! That’s it! Good job, Minguk. Walk with me. Look. Manse. This is a self-studio where you can take photos even if you’re not a photographer. Why are the triplets here? I put on a puppet show last time. I felt bad about that. It wasn’t good enough. So I wanted to make something good for them. I’m going to make them a story book. Not just any story book. The boys will be in it. I’m making two books. “The Three Little Pigs.” And “The Little Mermaid.” Who’s the prince? – Prince Daehan. / – Prince Daehan. Who’s the witch? Manse. Manse? Then who’s the little mermaid? Me. Minguk. Look at what I brought… What’s in the bag? Ta-da. We’re going to take “The Little Mermaid” photos. Manse will be the witch. I’ll be the prince. – This is it. / – Minguk will be the mermaid. I’m going to be the mermaid! The mermaid? This one? Yeah. Daehan, let’s turn you into the prince. No. No. You can’t do that. Put the crown on. The prince… Oops… – The prince… / – It fell off again? The prince.. The crown fell off again? The prince shouldn’t let his crown fall off. Okay? Hey… Prince Daehan. Dad, my shoe fell off. – Your shoe fell off? / – Yes. I’ll put it back on you. Wow. Prince Daehan? Yeah, I’m Prince Daehan. Prince Daehan, my shoe fell off. Your shoe fell off? My shoe fell off. Manse. My shoe, my shoe… My shoe… Put it back on me. Manse, put it back on for me. Put it on him. My shoe… Dad. My shoe… Come here. My shoe… Prince Daehan. My shoe fell off. Prince Daehan, put Minderella’s shoe back on. Prince Daehan. Can I do this? Prince, my shoe fell off. Daehan, look at him. Look at him. Let’s get you changed now. I’m the mermaid. Prince Daehan. Prince Daehan.. My clothes are gone. Now you have to save the mermaid. This is… Put your feet in. Daehan, don’t go in there. I don’t want to be the mermaid. You have to be the mermaid. Look, you’re the mermaid now. You have to be the mermaid. Fine, fine, fine. Look. I want to change! You have to be the mermaid. Hold on… What is it? Why are you crying? It’s gone… I don’t want to be the mermaid! You’re supposed to be the mermaid, Minguk. I don’t want to be the mermaid! Then who do you want to be? – Nobody. / – You don’t want to be anyone? Okay, okay. The mermaid… Yeah, the mermaid… – I want to be the mermaid. / – Happy? Yeah, you be the mermaid, Manse. Manse will be the mermaid. Where is my mermaid hair? Here. That’s not the right one. This one. This… You’re covering up. I can’t see. You can’t see? I’ll just do this… – Let me see the mermaid. / – Look here. Look at me. The mermaid married the prince. He looks like a pretty little girl! Goodness… Hold on. Look how pretty the mermaid is. Mermaid. Manse is the mermaid, dad. Look here, mermaid. Sit for a second. Sit. I’ll hold you. That’s it. Hold that. Look here. Come here. Sit down for a second. Sit down, mermaid. Try to look pretty. That’s it. Come here. Where are you going, mermaid? Mermaid! No, no, no! No, no, no… No! Come on, mermaid. Prince, I fell down. Get up. What is the mermaid doing now? There’s no pose like that! Put your hands together like you’re praying. No, don’t do that. I want to be the prince. The prince will come save you. Mermaid. There he is. Where? Where are my shoes? The mermaid… Daehan close your eyes. Daehan is passed out in the water. Manse, you have to hold him. That’s it. Hold him like that. Hold him tight. That’s it. Daehan, close your eyes. Daehan, close your eyes. Daehan… Daehan… What happened? What happened to the mermaid? Mermaid, close your eyes. Close your eyes. Prince Daehan! Prince Daehan. Prince Daehan, save me! Save me quickly! Why are you showing up? Prince Daehan, save the mermaid! Prince Daehan! Hurry up and save the mermaid! I’ll bring Prince Daehan. Are you okay? Yeah. Manse is the mermaid. Daehan is the prince. Who will be the witch? Dad, this itches. It itches? Okay, now… Look, Minguk. It came out like this. It came out like this. Look, this one looks better. Look. I’m the witch? No, you look nice. Am I an octopus? Yeah, an octopus. Give me a kiss. A kiss. I’ll make you look nice. Look at me. Hands up! Hands up! Manse! I wasn’t calling you! That’s not what I meant. This is the new fairy tale “The Manse Mermaid.” Made by Ilkook. Starring the triplets. Each page shows Ilkook’s efforts and the innocent faces of the boys to make a totally unique story book. The reliable Prince Daehan, the distinct Manse Mermaid and the chubby and cute Witch Minguk. It’ll be a great gift for the triplets. Taewoong is at a counseling center. According to the developmental test, she’s developing normally. – Yes. / – She’s fine. She’s fine. – But for her social nature… / – Yes. – Her social nature… / – Yes. She’s around 10 months behind for her age. Jion. Jion. Jion, I’m right here. Jion, I’m right here. Did something happen to the gentle Jion? Taewoong and Jion went to a playground earlier that morning. She’s good at swinging. Want to try, Jion? Yeah. Wait. – You have to wait until she gets a ride. / – Wait. Say hi. Say hi, Jion. She’s so good! You want to ride? It’s okay, it’s okay. You were startled. You were startled? It’s okay. You were startled. Mom! You were startled. Don’t run in front of that when it moves. It’s dangerous. Mom! Let me see. You’re fine. Climb up there, Jion. Are you two friends? I’m 4. You’re 4? How old are you? – 4. / – You’re 4 too? They’re all 4. Have a seat. She’s 4? – 4. / – 4. When did she start talking? When she was 10 to 11 months old. She could say mom and dad. My girl is really big but it’s taking her a while to speak. She can say mom and dad but she seems too shy to speak sentences. It’s true… I’m concerned. When I see her with other kids… I don’t know if we’re doing a good job. Does she understand us? Are we doing something wrong? I’m curious about that now. He went to a counseling center because he was worried. – You do this with your daughter. / – Yes. Jion, heads, shoulders, knees and toes… Here… Okay, fine. Jion. Plop. Plop. Plop. This is yours Jion. Should I step out? – Tell her first. / – Jion. Jion, I’ll be right back. My stomach hurts! – I’ll… / – Dad! Dad… You don’t have to leave her. – Really? / – Yes. It’s all done. Hello. I bet that was tough. No, not at all. According to the developmental test we did today, she’s developing normally. She’s fine in that area but… In one area… – Her social nature… / – Yes. She’s a bit behind in that area. She’s around 10 months behind for her age. Social nature means how well she can fit in with other kids. But she can’t develop that on her own. So it’s up to the parents. You have to help her develop as you play. When we observed you, you did the playing by yourself. You didn’t check to see how she reacted. So that could be your homework now. It was nice how you colored her toes but you were just looking at her toes and the marker. I see… You weren’t looking at her face. Try to look your kid in the eyes. After you do something, check her face. If she smiles, say, “So you liked that.” I didn’t really look her in the eyes. I just saw the side of her I wanted to see. I haven’t been looking into her eyes. I’ve just been watching her, feeling pleased. I feel bad for Jion for being so complacent. Kids usually start speaking a lot between 19 and 24 months. Jion is 22 months old now. She should start speaking more now. But from my observation when she was playing, all she said was “dad” and you got everything for her. Dad. You want me to ride this? Dad. You want me to wear this? Dad. You want me to do it? Instead of that, give her some time. “What is it?” “What do you want?” Even if she doesn’t say it, give her a chance to try. Even if she doesn’t say what she wants give her a chance to at least say, “Give me.” You should respond to her like that. Then she’ll start to combine words. “Give me milk.” “Give me food.” “Give me the doll.” You need to explain many things to her. Got it. It might be very frustrating for Jion. This is a very important period. – And when she’s with her peers… / – Yes… It might be hard if she can’t speak. – There needs to be an exchange. / – Right. Her peers won’t wait for her to talk. It’s our fault. Taewoong has a lot of homework to do now. It must’ve been frustrating for you, Jion. Many things come to his mind as he sees his sleeping daughter’s face. Goodness… So hot! Sorry. Meat. It’s Taewoong’s first time at being a parent so he made a lot of mistakes with Jion. He always feels bad and frustrated that he doesn’t understand Jion. – Hello? / – Hello. – Yeah. / – Yeah… The test today… Yeah. It’s a good thing we went there. Yeah? From hearing the results… – Yeah. / – It was… – It helped? / – A lot. Try to play with her at home the way they told you to tomorrow. Yeah, I should. Communicate with her. You’re good at communicating with the dogs. You didn’t know better. – I’d better pay the center a visit too. / – Yeah. We talked on the phone jokingly but I was worried that my husband would blame himself. He kept saying it was his fault and that he’s the problem. He’s not the problem. It’s not easy for a dad to try that hard. It made me a bit sad. The next morning… Sarang and Sunghoon hurry to the train station. What are they up to today? Grandpa should be here somewhere. Call out to grandpa. – Grandpa. / – Yeah. Louder. Start. Grandpa! How strange… Grandpa. Grandpa! Where is he? Where is grandpa coming from? From there. – There? / – Yeah. – He’ll come from there. / – Yeah. Say hello to him and give him his gift. Got it? Yeah. Cut it like this. She made a carnation yesterday with her small hands. It’s all crooked but she worked hard on it. Her grandpa should love it. That’s grandpa? He’s not coming. It’s grandpa. It’s not… – It’s not. / – It’s not. There he is! There he is! It’s grandpa! – Sarang! / – He’s here! It’s grandpa! Do what I told you to. Call out to him. Thanks. Thank you. Thank you. Did you give it to grandpa? Did you give it to grandpa? Bow to him. Say hello. She’s grown a lot. It’s been a while since we saw grandpa. Chinatown is famous in Yokohama. – The Chinese food there is delicious. / – Dumpling. – Delicious. / – Dumpling. – Dumpling. / – They have dumplings. Fried dumplings. Manse likes dumplings. – Manse? / – Manse likes them? – Manse? Really? / – Do you like Manse that much? I see. Who do you like more? Manse or daddy. Manse. – Manse? / – You like Manse? Manse or grandpa? Manse. Manse? You like Manse? He’s your favorite? Yuto or Manse? Manse. Manse is your favorite? We’ll go to Yokohama. Then we’ll take a boat and go fishing. We’ll catch fish. But… – What about animals? / – Animals? You want to see animals? Which animal do you want to see the most? I want to touch a chick. – A chick? / – A chick? They should have some. – I want to see chicks. / – You want to see chicks? – You want to touch a chick? / – Yeah. They visit this place so that Sarang can see some chicks. It’s an owl cafe. It seems a bit bleak here. Let’s go touch some chicks. Hello. Wow. What about the chicks? There they are. Will Sarang be okay? Sarang, isn’t that one cute? It’s cute. Touch it slowly. Touch it slowly. It’s my first time seeing one. It’s my first time seeing one too. Cute. They’re not potty trained. Their claws are trimmed so it’s okay. – So cute. / – Don’t move your hand around. Touch it. Touch it slowly. Be gentle. – His name is Mocha. / – Mocha. Grandpa, you try. Try what? Excuse me. Okay. Cute… – Hello. / – They look alike. Say hello. So cute. Owl is fukuro in Japanese. Sarang, he’s as big as you. So big. – Tell him he’s pretty. / – Pretty. Okay. – You can’t? / – No. That’s huge. I’ll just stand still here like a statue. Please don’t poop. What is this? What is this, Sarang? Making me do this… Want to try, Sarang? I like this one. You want to try? Okay. Sarang… Please take a photo. Okay. Cheese. Should we go? Should we go home? Yes. No! – Why? / – No! No! No! No. – Why? / – No! Why am I the only one with an owl? He pooped! He pooped! I bet you were waiting for that! He pooped. When we went to Nara a year ago she was terrified of the deer. – Sarang. / – I’m scared! Sarang. Baby Sarang went to the deer park with her grandpa a year ago. She cried so much when she saw the deer. I’m scared! You don’t remember? – Come here. / – Let’s get out of here. She wouldn’t go to her dad. She wouldn’t leave her grandpa. She ran away to me. Now she’s bigger now so she isn’t scared. I think she’s really grown up. It’d be nice if she ran to me again. That’s how I felt. Let’s see how Seojun is doing with Chanyeol. Hold my hand tight. Where’s the mart, Seojun? – This way? / – Yeah. Or this way? – No, that way. / – This way? The weather’s so nice. I don’t know the way so you have to tell me, Seojun. Yeah. So cute… Here’s the mart. What’s his name? The baby? – His name? / – Seojun. Seojun. – Seojun. / – Say hello. Hello. – Let’s go. / – I saw Seojun on TV. Really? That’s right. He’s Seojun from the show. Should we go to the mart? Yeah. Where’s the mart, Seojun? It is him. – It’s Seoeon! / – This is Seojun. Hi! Wave to the lady. Bow to her. Good job. Good job. – Let’s go. / – How cute. Bye! How cute… Seojun. I think you’re more popular than I am. – No. / – No? No, I think you’re more popular. No. – No? / – Yeah. I’m more popular? Yeah. That’s it. That’s it. Good! 1, 2, 3. Fun! Seojun! Hi, Seojun! It’s like you’re world famous. Seojun. You know what? I’d better work harder. Let’s go, Seojun. Raise your hand. That’s it. Very good, Seojun. Raise your hand high. We made it. Put your hand down. That’s it. Such a good boy. Let’s go in. Hold my hand. Come here. – Seojun. / – Yeah? Let’s go. Should we get some onions? Yes. Should we get some onions? Yes. Where are the onions? These are onions? Let’s go. What’s this, Seojun? – Sausage. / – That’s right. I’ll make you something yummy. – Isn’t Seojun cute? / – He sure is. Seojun, can you give me an autograph? Want to give her an autograph? Seojun, can you give me an autograph? Write your name here. Seo… Nice autograph. Nice job. Thank you. Seojun’s first ever autograph. Very simple and nice. Where’s the other kid? He’s at home. Why didn’t you bring them both? He’s playing with his dad. So you’re here to shop. I’m here with Seojun. Please sign. Sure. Seojun, I signed here. You got to sign on paper. Thank you. – Good-bye. / – Let’s go. I’ll make you something yummy at home. Hi, Seoeon! – Baekhyun… / – Yes? I’m terrible at cooking. I’m the worst. – My wife said… / – Yes. I should at least serve you guys something. So I’ll try my best. Got it. Cooking is so… Seojun. Seojun is here! Did it go okay? – Yes, it did. / – Really? Nobody recognized me. They only recognized Seojun. It’s like that for us too. When we go out to eat… They say our kids pay for our meals. Plus, they’d never imagine that you’d show up in this neighborhood. – He didn’t cry? / – He didn’t. – I had a lot of fun. / – Really? It was his first outing. – Without his dad? / – Yeah. Seojun. I made this often for the members. – Really? / – Yes. – At your dorm? / – They really like it. I guess you guys didn’t order in. No. – A lot of paprika. / – It needs a lot of onion. That looks good. – Right? / – Yeah. It smells great. Just mixing this in rice would taste great. It looks really good. Open wide, Seoeon. Isn’t that good? Is it good? Good, right? Open up, Seoeon. Is it good, Seoeon? – Yeah. / – Say yes. – Are they eating it? / – Yes. – Yes, they are. / – They are? Yes. Don’t you feel satisfied? Totally. Want some more, Seoeon? – That. / – This? The sausage? Want some of this? Good boy. Seojun, can you eat this? Seojun. You don’t want this? You want this? This is really yummy. Do this. Zoom. Zoom. Zoom. Zoom. Good boy. Want another one, Seojun? Zoom. That’s yummy. So good. This. This one? The yellow one? – Yes. / – This? Zoom. – Want some more? / – Yeah. Okay. Cooking really doesn’t suit me. Hey… This looks really good. It’s not… Eat it with kimchi. It won’t be good on its own. It smells really good. I’m curious now. Try it. It’s not terrible. It’s not terrible. – It’s good. / – It’s not terrible. It’s not that bold. I wanted to make it bolder but it didn’t work. It’s really good. Seoeon, open up. Zoom. He spat out what his dad made. – Open up. / – That. – The sausage? / – Yeah. Not the sausage. This. – Seoeon. / – Open up. Give me that. Sausage? He’s so cute. Yeah? I’ve watched every episode of The Return of Superman. I begged my manager to get me on this show. You guys… You guys probably can’t visit again, right? No, we’d love to. – We want to get closer to the boys. / – For real? I’d like to come all the time if I had time. That was unexpected. I want to get closer to Seoeon next time. I got closer with Seojun today. That was unexpected. Sooman sure has some great students. Sooman… Thanks for saying that. I tasted it and I was shocked. It was like a bland soup. I felt so bad. But Chanyeol… I took a good at him. He kept adding the sauce for his sausage dish in it at the end. He mixed it in and ate quickly. I felt so bad… Thank you guys… – For taking up your precious time. / – Not at all. We’ll really come again. Go ahead to your gig. I’ll contact you. It was so much fun today. Answer my texts. We will. Bye, Seoeon and Seojun. Let’s say good-bye to the guys. – That’s it. / – Seojun. – Bye. / – Give him a kiss. – Goodness. / – Give him a kiss. Kiss. Good boy. – You too, Seoeon. / – Come here, Seoeon. You grew closer. Oh, thank you. Goodness… When I first heard that Chanyeol wrote on his SNS that he wanted to see the boys, I was like… “Really?” But when I saw them playing with the boys I felt that they really liked them. I realized he was telling the truth. Chanyeol and Baekhyun… I was so thankful. I’ll be totally rooting for them whenever they’re on TV. Now the triplets shoot for a second story book.three little pigs!The three little triplet pigs. What will the finished book look like? You’re not our mom. Our mom isn’t black. Dad, a wolf is here. Dad… Dad. 3 baby brothers. A wolf might show up. It’s the wolf! I smell pigs. Where are the pigs? Okay. That’s it. Daehan, look out the window. – Dad. / – You too, Daehan. That’s it. Look out the window. Look out the window! Hurry! Look! Hurry, hurry, hurry! You can see now! Daehan and Minguk! The 3 little triplets changed into the 3 little pigs. Ilkook even shows off his acting as the wolf. The story book is complete. I wanted to make the story book as gifts for the boys but more importantly… They’re at their cutest now. I wanted to capture their cuteness in the story books. That’s what I really wanted to do. How do you think they’ll feel if you read the books with them? I don’t think they’ll be interested. Maybe Daehan will be since he’s the prince. I don’t think Minguk and Manse will want to see it. Goodness, Manse… Sorry, Manse. Boys… Since it’s Children’s Day in May we’re supposed to eat sweet and sour pork. Sweet and sour pork is still hot. It’s cold. I’ll cool it off for you. Manse, Daehan, come here. Come to me. Come to me. Have a seat. It’s a dinosaur, dad. Look, Daehan. Water comes out of the cucumber. They’re not picking up? Hello, can you deliver now? Yes. Can I get sweet and sour pork? – Yes. / – Two bowls of black bean noodles and… One order of fried dumplings. – Sure. / – Bye. I ordered sweet and sour pork, black bean noodles and fried dumplings. Is it almost here? No, they’re making it now. Is the man coming to our house? Yeah. He’s coming all the way here? He’ll come on a motorcycle? – Yes. / – Is he almost here? He’s not coming. He’ll be here. I just ordered. He’ll be here soon. He won’t make it to us at this rate. He can’t come because it’s dark, dad. He can still come even if it’s dark. He’ll turn on his light. He’ll turn on his light and come? Yes. It’s inside… He’s here. He’s here! He’s here. He’s here. Thank you. Did he come on his motorcycle? Yeah, he came on a motorcycle. I came on a motorcycle. You came like this? Say good-bye. Good-bye. Yes. He’s leaving on his motorcycle? – Yes, he’s going now. / – On his motorcycle… Have a seat. You guys will eat with me now. Here. Don’t eat yet. You eat after I start eating. Okay? You start eating after the eldest eats. Got it? Yes! Don’t eat before me. Black bean noodles. Ilkook never got to eat because he had to make sure his boys ate in their high chairs. Spoon… You can hold your chopsticks but do not eat. I won’t eat. Good boy. I’m going to eat with dad. When you eat with your elder, you eat after the elder starts eating. Okay? – Yes. / – The elder eats first. You eat first since you’re the elder. The elder eats first. Then you can start eating. When you eat with an elder… – I’ll hold onto this. / – Okay. I’ll just hold this, dad. Just hold it. Don’t eat it. You can eat when I start eating, okay? Yes. We can’t eat. Ready. Go! That’s it. You can eat now. – Ready. Go! / – That’s it. You can eat now. – Ready. Go! / – That’s it. You can eat now. That’s it. – Dad, this is… / – This is so good. Boys, we only eat black bean noodles on special days. When I was a kid, I’d only get this on really special days. Wow, this is huge. I finished my dumpling. I didn’t even taste it. I’m already done. This isn’t enough. I’m going to mix in some rice. You’re going to mix in rice, dad? You’re going to mix in rice? A regular size isn’t enough for me so I’m going to mix in rice. Wow. I’m already done. Look! It’s longer than me. You have a train. Is a train this long? It’s really long. You can’t hold a train with sticks. Daehan, you’re the best. – I got some here. / – It’s long. I got some on me. – Dad, I got some on me. / – It’s okay. It’s long. Eat it. I’m going to eat it. Yeah, go ahead. Try. That’s it. Eat it. – Put it in your mouth. / – It’s shaking. – It’s shaking. / – Yeah? You have to aim properly. Control them. I’m putting them down. Black bean noodles. I got it all over my spoon. – I got it on my chopsticks. / – It’s okay. I got it on my chopsticks. It’s okay. Dad, feed me. I’ll help you. You poor thing. Poor me. It’s on the floor. You poor thing. Open up. Open up. – I’ll… / – It fell on the ground. You got it now? But… You got it now? That’s how you eat it. Manse, you got it now. What did you just eat, dad? A fried dumpling. Did you take it from Minguk? No, I took it from Daehan. Daehan, did he take your dumpling? Don’t tell him. Give it back. Give it back. Give it back. Give it back? Yes. Give what back? The dumpling? – Save me! / – Give me back my dumpling. I’m sorry I ate your dumpling. My dumpling… I’ll give you your dumpling back, Daehan. What a relief. Here you go, Daehan. Sorry I took yours. Meanwhile, let’s see how Jion is doing this morning. Look, Jion. Yesterday we picked this with mommy in our yard. It’s mugwort. Mugwort from our yard. Let’s pick mugwort. Mugwort. Goodness… Does it smell nice, Jion? – What? / – Does it smell nice? Yes. Jion, I’ll make mugwort soup with this and some yummy rice cakes for you. Give me a kiss. What’s that? You’re doing this, Jion? What are you doing? What are you doing with that? Look, Jion. They went, “Ouch” because you dropped them. From observing her play when she plays with something and loses interest in it she seems to just throw it away and play with something else. Jion is big for her age. It’s because of her size she can’t control herself. Try to personify the objects. “Ouch! The markers went ouch because you dropped them. You should make them feel better.” Like that… That’s how you can show her not to throw objects and put them back in their proper place. Yes. These water caps went, “Ouch” because you dropped them. They’re hurting. Don’t be hurt. Put them here, Jion. Put them to bed. Jion, put them down here. Nice and gentle. Don’t be hurt. Good. Grandma would make me this with mugwort in the spring. Jion, when you… Okay, okay. You want to mix too, Jion? – Yes. / – Okay, if you sit… – I’ll make it for you. / – Yes. Jion, mix this up. It’s mugwort rice cake. You can work on this, Jion. A little bit of salt. What is it? You want to add salt? Yes. Salt. Salt! Ask for the salt. Say, “Give me.” Just add a little. That’s it. You saw me do it? Want to taste, Jion? Salty! – So salty! / – Salty! Salty! So salty! Give some to me too. Salty! Salty! – Salty! / – Salty! Goodness… The mugwort rice cake and bean paste soup that smells like spring are ready. A breakfast made with love by Taewoong. Want some of the soup? Smell the mugwort, Jion. Want some mugwort soup? How is it? – Good? / – Yeah. Yeah. Jion, remember the dough you were touching? The one you added salt to. It became this. If I’m not acting well, I feel bad and that’s my burden to carry alone. But when it comes to raising kids, I can’t give up even if it’s tough. That’ll only be bad for Jion. I always want to do a good job but… I don’t think I’ve been trying hard enough. Jion, I have a tail. Try to grab my tail! I’m scared! So scared! Wow! Do it again? Yes. Helicopter! Helicopter! Jion, look in the mirror. Look in the mirror. Glasses. Look in the mirror. Draw on me. What are you drawing? You’re drawing yellow on me. What are you drawing, Jion? He’s still inexperienced but Taewoong truly loves his daughter. Jion definitely feels her father’s love. Don’t worry if you’re a bit late. One day everyone will be surprised at how much Jion and you have grown. Newbie dad Taewoong and Jion, let’s go! Next episode… 3 generations of Sarang’s family are at sea.To catch fish?Got one! It’s the battle to see who the best fisherman is. The marine twins are here. Dad! Dad! Open your eyes! Hwijae wants his boys to get used to water. Will they get used to it this time? Let’s go in. The playful triplets learn to dance. Should we go faster? And Ilkook’s hidden charm. He’ll show off his hidden dancing skills. Meat. The day they’ve been waiting for. Every day with their kid is a miracle for the dads. The Return of Superman. Chapter 80. “Dad’s Imagination Becomes Reality.”

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