The Power of the Mastermind

By | November 5, 2019

Hi guys, Andrew here. I am in San Francisco
today. I’ve spent the entire weekend at one of the largest Internet Marketing conferences
in the world. It literally a who’s who of Internet Marketing from all of the different
disciplines whether it’s search engine optimization or local search or pay per click or conversion
optimization, all of the different disciplines that we implement at Lawn Care Marketing Expert.
The best and brightest are here. I’ve spent the past three days hanging out with them,
listening to some of the speakers and really devising ways that we can get even better
results for our clients. There were four main things that we dove into
this weekend. One is the new Facebook Open Graph Search. I don’t know if you’ve heard
about that or not, but Facebook is launching their own search engine within their site.
That’s not going to affect most of you right now, but it’s a really interesting technology
and we think it’s going to play a role in helping your Facebook business pages get discovered
even easier in the future. We also talked about Facebook in the sense that they’re going
to be releasing advertisements on third-party sites. That means when you’re browsing other
sites, you’re going to start to see Facebook ads on other sites. This can be a really interesting
area and a really interesting way to advertise in the future. Our clients that have budgets
less than 2,500 a month, we don’t really recommend that they spend their money on Facebook
advertising, but the ones that are really dominating their markets have higher budgets,
over 2,500 a month, then we definitely recommend that they implement one of our Facebook campaigns.
Also lots of changes in Google AdWords strategy. I went in-depth with that with a number of
different speakers, so we’re going to be changing our strategy on what we do there. We’ve
also started to do some stuff where when a lead or a prospect visits your website, we
can follow them around the Internet with an advertisement for your business and services.
That’s another big thing that we’re going to be implementing for some of our larger
clients as well. We really dug into the guts of what’s the
latest, what’s the newest, most effective strategies to implement on SEO. This is Monday.
That happened on Saturday. I just got off the phone with my team, and they’re already
implementing these strategies for our clients. Two days have passed. We’re already implementing
this new stuff for our clients. There’s nobody in our industry who does this. I think last
year I spent nearly 20,000 dollars just on private coaching, educational events such
as this and what I call a Mastermind. I spend a lot of money every year to stay at the very
top of what we do in our industry for our clients. That is money very well spent. I’m
going to do it again this year. I’ll probably even spend more than 20 grand this year. It’s
very important. That’s something that only we do. You’re not going to find somebody that’s
as aggressive as we are in their education, in furthering their education. I always say
that the best entrepreneurs are always students. They’re always students hungry for learning
more. They’re hungry for getting better. They’re hungry for improving at what they do. Keep
that in mind. I encourage you to always be reading, doing different things that you can
do in your own business to be a better businessman. One of the others things that I did while
I was here is I met up with my Mastermind group. This is a term that you might hear
me mention a lot. If you’ve every read Think and Grow Rich, which is a classic business
book, the power of the Mastermind is linking up with other business people at your level
or higher than your level in brainstorming with them, meeting with them, becoming friends
with them, hanging out with them, and sharing information about your businesses. What’s
working for you? What’s not working? I have this problem. How can I fix it? You really
have a group of mentors. I’m in a great group. It’s a very international group. Quite of
a few of them are based in Australia, some in the UK, some in Dubai, a few in the US.
From all over the world, it’s a group of hardcore Internet marketers. We meet every single week.
We have a giant videoconference. We talk every Monday night. We rip apart our businesses
and figure out what’s working, what’s not working, and we improve our businesses. I
really encourage you guys to do that. Something that I always recommend if you’ve
been on a strategy call with me is one of the greatest things about going to a PLANET
event or an MPMA event of CLCA, or any of other industry trade shows is I really encourage
you guys to get to know other people in the industry. If you’re not involved with PLANET
get involved with PLANET. Get to know other people in our industries. I’m not saying becoming
best friends with your competitors in your market and spill your guts and your secrets,
but create your own Mastermind. Create your own Mastermind. Link up with other businessmen
that you aspire to be like, where you want your business to be as successful as theirs
and work together. There’s things that you know that can help them. There’s things that
they know that can help you. I really encourage you to do that, think about that.
I’m super excited. I love coming to these things because it’s great to be around other
people fighting at what they do everyday like we do. I just leave pumped up, refreshed,
excited to get back to Miami and really implement this stuff for our clients. We have a lot
of big things coming. There were four major takeaways that I had. Like I said, I’ve already
been on the phone with my team in Miami. They’re already implementing this stuff for our clients.
That’s what we do. That’s what we do. We are on top of this industry and that’s
why we’re on top. It’s because we come to these event. We spend the money to stay at
the top. We have the training to do so. I just wanted to say hi from San Francisco,
let you know there’s a lot of big things coming. If you haven’t started your marketing yet
for this season, you need to get started. Stop delaying. I’ve been talking to a lot
of people via email the past couple of weeks. Some people still don’t know what they’re
doing for their marketing. You’ve got to put a marketing plan together. Whether you
use us or not, you’ve got to get a marketing plan together. Figure out what you’re going
to do. You need to be hitting it hard this season.
Andrew over and out from San Francisco. I will speak to you guys again next week. Take

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