The Nutrition Industry’s SEO ‘Shortcut’

By | August 11, 2019

Hey, what’s up practitioners,
Grayson Carter here, and I want to stop by and visit with
you a little bit more and continue our discussion around how we can insulate
ourselves from all the competition and all the big players are going
to be entering the market, or entering the nutrition
industry in the coming years. So, we’ve been talking about,
you know, this big trend and there’s
all these big companies, all these big players that are raising
money and going to be really going after that low end of the market with
a direct to consumer testing. All sorts of weight loss apps,
um, companies that are selling their products
like vitamins and supplements and then giving away all their
nutrition counseling for free. So there’s gonna be a lot of competition
entering the industry and we need a way to be able to insulate ourselves from
that so that we can still get clients, we can still provide our transformation
to people without having to compete head to head with people that have millions
of dollars of marketing dollars at their disposal. And we still need to be able
to be successful in our private practice. So we want to continue that conversation
today and how we can insulate ourselves from all that disruption that’s going
to be happening in the market. Now, fortunately for us,
fortunately for all of you, there are literally hundreds
if not thousands of little
niches that are popping up all over the place of people that
are desperate to get answers to their problems. And these are people that haven’t been
able to get help or solutions with conventional medicine. And there’s more and more people every
day looking for alternative solutions that you’re able to deliver on that
service. So we’ve talked to are, we looked at a couple of these
trends in my previous email. Um, things like people looking for either a
specific solutions or specific problems like, uh, they’re looking at the
AIP, the autoimmune Paleo Diet, they’re looking to go vegan.
Uh, pcls is becoming more and more
common food sensitivities, a FODMAP, Eczema, these are all little niches of
people that are looking for answers that conventional medicine just has
not been able to help them with. And let’s face it,
if conventional medicine was the answer, like pretty much all of us would be, you
know, healthy, thin, happy and you know, life would be great. People
would be looking for these, uh, looking for these answers. But more and more people every day you
can see those trend lines just keep going up and up and up of people
looking for more and more answers. So that really starts to beg the question,
well, if people are looking for these services, how are we actually able to get ourselves
in front of those clients that we can, that we can help and how can we get
paid handsomely in order to help them? So fortunately there’s a number of
different ways that we can do that. We can kind of talk about the pros and
cons today and probably the first one. And the most common thing that comes up
when we start thinking about getting in front of our ideal clients is using
search engine optimization or Seo. And Seo can be great for
a lot of different things. And if you’ve ever taken on any sort
of like SEO campaign are starting to do this for yourself, they usually kind
of follow the same sort of pattern. There’s some keyword research.
What we start looking at, you know, the types of keywords that are
ideal clients maybe searching for. We write some sort of like blog post or
page on our website about that specific problem or about that specific question.
Uh, we start optimizing the head, the heading tags, the body copy. We
have images with the proper tags. We start internal linking in our website
so that we can have internal links. We start trying to get back links
from other websites and you know, that’s all fine and good.
I have no problem with that unfortunately. There’s a couple of challenges
that come along with that too. Um, the first one is how much time that
takes for Seo too. First of all, I’ll put all those pieces into place.
You have to learn how to do the, the Seo and then you got to write the
blog post and then you’ve got to do all the optimizations and then it
becomes like a waiting game. We have to wait for Google to, first
of all, they have to index us. Uh, and that can take awhile.
But assuming we get indexed, we still have to figure out a way for
our content to outrank everybody else. And when we’re going head to head
with some of these bigger companies, that can be a really difficult challenge.
Um, they have really deep pockets that can,
that happen. They may have a team that’s out there
doing this for them and trying to get our content to outrank there is, it’s
just a really tough thing to do. Um, also there’s really no guarantee
that it’s going to work. Um, unless we know that those key
words that we’re optimizing for, that we’re trying to rank for, unless we’re sure that those
are going to bring us clients, we may be doing a lot of work
getting our page to rank, but if those aren’t the keywords
that are our ideal clients, are searching for that actually
gonna bring us clients. Well it doesn’t really do
us any good to have those, those pages ranking of those blog posts
ranking in Google if we don’t know for sure if that’s going to bring us clients. So rather than continue to
talk about this in theory, let’s just go ahead and jump in and look
at an example and we can kind of see what some of the pros and cons may be to
trying to rank a specific blog posts or specific website and see
what we’re up against. So let me just pull this up here
for you. All right, here we go. So I’m just going to do a search for
a lot of my clients specialize in gut health and I know that’s a, uh, a
topic that is really big right now. People with IBS,
all sorts of problems around gut health. So let’s just search for IBS treatment. There’s a good chance that somebody
that searching for you know, a cure to IBS or help with their IBS. Are there going to be searching
for something like Ibs Treatment? So let’s just look at what happens when
somebody searches for IBS treatment. We can see we have the ads here at the
top and then when we start looking at the type of pages that are ranking in
the organic search results, uh, we can see the type of companies
that are showing up here. So we have Mayo Clinic, you know, showing
up first a number of the questions. And then we have Mayo
Clinic. Again, web MD, uh, here we have some sort of
government organization. I forget exactly what the acronym is. It’s
something for like kidney, uh, disease. Medical News about and organization, IBS about shows up a second time. Dr Hyman a So
these are all big name, uh, companies and brands that are showing
up for somebody searching for IBS treatment.
And you can see here, there’s probably tons of Dietitians and
nutritionists out there that specialize in IBS treatment. But unfortunately all these bigger
guys are showing up ahead of them. Uh, even somebody like Dr Hyman,
you know, he has a huge following with
tens of thousands of followers, if not millions of followers at this
point and has it, you know, the, the capability to be able to
rank up here with these big guys. But you’ll notice that there’s
hardly any smaller companies in here. So let’s just take a look
and see. All right, well, is there any search volume
for IBSD treatment like wood? Like what’s the opportunity here?
If we were able to rank, would that even be a
good search term for us? So what I’m going to do is I’m bring up, are a little keyword tool and I’ve
already plugged this in for us so you can find this tool. This is called the keyword planner
inside of your Google ads account. This is a free tool. And if you,
if you’re not familiar with it, it can be really helpful to, uh, for any
sort of Seo campaign or paid campaign. But what I did here is I just
plugged in IBS treatment in this. This allows Google to tell us how many
searches are happening for that keyword every single month. And so you can
see here, uh, if we look at this, what’s showing up here on our graph, IBS treatment gets on average 27,000
searches per month in the United States. So you can see are up here.
This is in the United States, English and Google and search partners. So there’s 27,000 people every single
month searching for the term IBS treatment. So there’s lots
of people searching for this. And if we want to go head to head with
some of these bigger companies and try to rank here, you know, that could be a
way to, to snatch up some of that, uh, traffic.
Unfortunately. What are the chances that we’re going
to be able to do something that’s gonna outrank a company like Dr Hyman about that’s gonna outrank web and d by, these are all huge industries, are
all huge brands, all huge companies. So it’s going to be really tough for us
to write a blog post or have a website that’s gonna outrank these huge brands. So I want to propose a different
way that we can do that. And you’ll notice that on the same page,
at the top of the page, there’s these ads here and these can
be a really effective way for us to instantly bypass all the, all the, uh, the difficult work down here of doing
SEO and just get to show up at the very top of the page.
So what I want you to notice here, or I want to ask you this question,
uh, to start is how much do you think it costs
these guys to show up here at the top of the page? So you see UCI
ideas, treatment, uh, how it How much do you think these
brands paid to show up here? I think about it for a second. Do you think it was a dollar
or $10 thousand dollars. All right, you ready for it?
They paid zero to show up here. It costs them not a single penny
to show up in this position. So you may be wondering, how
the heck does that happen? Well, these ads here are what we
call pay per click advertising. And what pay per click is that we only
pay when somebody clicks on the ad. Okay. But it doesn’t cost us
anything to show up. So this UCI health,
they’re able to have their, their ad here at the very top of the page. It’s the first thing that anybody sees
when they search for IBS treatment and they only click once,
or excuse me, they only pay when somebody clicks
on this ad and goes to their website. So let’s think about that for a second. Is there any downside for
UCI health to show up here? No, just them showing up here.
If I don’t click on this, it hasn’t cost them a single penny. If I completely ignore this and jump
over all this and go down to the SEO results, it hasn’t cost them
a single penny. So there’s
nothing lost. If I think, oh, inflammatory bowel
treatment, UCI health, that’s a reputable company or reputable,
uh, healthcare system in my area. If I decide that I want to schedule a
consultation and I click on one of these links here on their ad, they’re only going to pay
when I click on the link. So they’re only paying when their work
here has been successful when they’re actually getting traffic and
they’re getting my eyeballs
onto their website from running this ad here. So
you may be wondering, okay, well how much does it cost if somebody
clicks on these ads will show you that in a second. But what I also want you to notice here
is that these are all private companies, uh, or UCI, how they may be a public
company, but they specialize in IBS, IBS, IBS, treatment center, how it goes.
Um, I’m not familiar with these, but you’ll notice that these are all
people that are actually helping, uh, you know, provide treatment for IBS. Not, not just like blanket information like
Mayo Clinic or Mayo Clinic or web MD. Um,
these are, these are actually providing services
for people to help with their IBS treatment. Yeah. Now I want you to notice here is down
here in the search engine results, the Seo results,
big brands can show up more than once. [email protected]
uh, web and d. Let’s see, they showed up once Mayo Clinic,
they showed up twice. So some of these big brands, if they know
that these keywords are good for them, there are able to optimize multiple
pages on their website and multiple blog posts and they can start to dominate the
entire search engine page because they have the resources to do that. But how many times or are they allowed
to show up in this upper part where there’s the ads? Just once?
Yeah, it’s actually a Google will not
let them show up more than once, no matter how much they want to pay them.
Now, there may be people that try to hack
that and create a bunch of different websites and, and do multiple
things there. But, uh, if
Google find out about it, they’re going to be, they’re going
to have their accounts shut down. Yeah. So it really levels the
playing field because anybody
that wants to show up here, all they have to do is have their account
set up and be willing to bid on these specific keywords and they’re going to
be on level playing ground or on a level playing field as the rest of
the big players in the industry. So let’s take a look at what it would
cost these guys to show up here. So I’m gonna head back out or my keyword
tool that we were just looking at and we can see here IBS treatment,
27,000 searches a month. And then Google is going to tell us
kind of the ranges of what it would cost when somebody clicks on that Ad. So to
show up at the top of the page there, they’re saying top of page bid is on
average about a dollar and 34 cents. And the top of the page bid, the high
end of the range is $6 and 36 cents and we can see all these other keywords
as well. Let’s say IBS medication, same sort of range,
irritable bowel syndrome treatment. So they just have it spelled
out between a dollar, a little over a dollar
and a little over $4. So you can see here a lot of these are,
you know, a buck, a buck, you know, up to $3 $8, you know,
getting more expensive. But let’s look at and look at the math
would, how that would play out for, for, for a second, let’s say we’re bidding on this keyword
IBS treatment or actually to make the numbers a little bit easier, let’s just use this irritable
bowel syndrome treatment. So, um, it’s going to work out the same way, but I like using round numbers just to
make my job a little bit easier. Um, but it’s the same strategy. Let’s say we’re searching for
irritable bowel syndrome treatment, 8,000 searches a month.
On average, it costs between a dollar and
$4 and change when somebody
clicks on one of those ads.
So let’s just round this to, let’s pick some something
like right in the middle, let’s say $3 $3 per click. If we’re being charged $3 every
time somebody clicks on our ad. If we had a budget, let’s say a monthly budget of $300 we
have a $300 budget and it’s costing us $3 every time somebody clicks on our ad. So that basically means that we are able
to buy 100 clicks to our website from people that are actively
searching for irritable, irritable bowel syndrome treatment. So we basically get a hundred people that
are searching for treatment to IBS to our website,
a hundred people for $300. Now if we specialize in IBS treatment and
that person gets to our website and it says, I help or I specialize in helping people
with IBS, you know, treat their IBS. Honestly, if we can work on the
copyrighting a little bit better there, but you get the point if they’re landing
on your website and it’s clear that you’re an IBS expert, that you specialize in IBS and you have
a unique way of solving that problem for people. If you got a hundred people that were
actively looking for a solution and we offered them to hop on a call
with us to find out more, how many people do you think we’d be
able to get on on the phone with us? Well,
what we found in all, I’m going to be sharing some
more of these numbers later on, but do you think we could get one out of
every 20 people that are searching for a treatment to hop on the
phone with us for a short, short call?
So out of a hundred people, if we get out of one out of 20
that’d be 5% conversion rate. Can we get five people out of
those hundred on a call with us now, of those five people
we talked to, and again, these are all people that are
actively searching for IBS treatment. Of those five people we talked to,
do you think we could get one person, one of those five people to enroll and a $3,000 program? I’m going to say yes because I’ve
seen it over and over and over again. So you may be thinking,
oh my gosh, I’m going to have to spend $300 a month
on clicks to get people to my website, but let’s look at that. If we are spending $300 a
month to get a hundred clicks. Yeah. Which means a 100 people coming to our
website that are actively searching for the solution that we provide, and we can get a couple of those people
to hop on the phone with us to find out more about our unique solution and we
get one person out of those hundred to purchase a $3,000 program.
Well, what have we just done?
We’ve just traded $300 for $3,000 which basically means we
have $2,700 in gross profit to be able to serve that client. Now if that’s over a three month period
and we see them a handful of times, let’s say we see them 10 times,
that’s an average of $2,700 divided by 10 appointments.
That’s $270 per appointment. I want you to notice here is that there
are literally thousands of keywords that exist
for Google suggestion here. I just typed in IVF treatment. They found 70 or 777 keyword
ideas related to IBS treatment. Now obviously some have more than
others. Ibs, treatment ideas, medication, irritable Bowel Syndrome,
treatment ideas, cure, IBS relief, but there’s so many options here that
we can test and some of them are even cheaper. Home Remedies for Ibs, Ibs, pain relief ideas, diarrhea,
treatment ideas, symptoms, female treatment, getting more specific,
I guess constipation treatment and these all have hundreds
if not thousands of searches
every single month that people they’re are looking for solutions. Now the benefits of this is
yes we have to spend money, but how much time is it gonna take for
us to write an ad for IBS treatment and show up here? Yeah. Well once you kind of
know how to set this up, you can start showing up here faster than
it would even take you to write a blog post about the same topic. Yeah. So while people are writing blog posts,
trying to optimize their site, trying to get back links,
all that’s fine, but how long before they start showing
up on page one of Google for IBS treatment? It’s going to be
months, if not years, if ever. But we can write an ad and we
can show up here and again, showing up here cost us nothing. And
then when, only when it’s successful, only when somebody clicks on our ad, do we actually pay that one
to five to $6 for that click. So I don’t want you to
think that I’m against Seo, but I’m against things taking
forever to start working. I want to have the results now. And if
I want to build a longterm strategy, that’s fine. But what we’re able to do by showing up
here with these ads is we’re able to try different keywords and see which of these
keywords actually convert into clients. Cause we were gonna be
able to track all of these. And so what that allows us to do is
maybe somebody searching for Ibs cure is more likely to become a client then
somebody searching for IBS relief, I don’t know.
But we were able to, we’ll be able to test these and see which
one is generating more calls in which one is generating more clients. Somebody that searching for
that is actually very motivated. And so their scheduling
calls and becoming clients. Well now that I know that that is the
proper keyword that’s actually bringing me clients, now I can go out and
start optimizing for this keyword. Am I SEO campaign? But if I don’t know that this is actually
going to bring me clients and let’s just say I’m guessing and I use IBS
relief as my keyword that I’m optimizing for. Well, there’s a good chance that,
you know, somebody’s searching for Ibs, IBS relief just isn’t the type of person
that wants to invest several thousand dollars in purchasing a program. But there’s no way to know that and less
we’re actually getting traffic on this particular keyword and were
able to discover that very, very quickly by running paid ads because
we can get it up and running within just a matter hours and start getting
clicks and seeing if we’re getting people scheduling calls with us. So I’m sure there’s gonna be a lot
of questions around this videos, but I’m just going to go
ahead and leave it there. I’m going to be stopping by again soon
and showing you an actual case study of somebody that we’ve done this with
and some of the numbers behind. Uh, what she was able to do with getting
calls scheduled and actually getting clients. And this is somebody that started
their business very recently and uh, within just a matter
of months of starting, she was already doing 10 to 10 k a
month by using this exact strategy. So I’m gonna go ahead and leave it there.
If you have any questions, go ahead and post them below this video.
I’ll be curious to what, to what you think about it.
Hopefully this is helpful. Um, paper click advertising has been a huge
benefit to my business and I can only hope that this is something that you’ll
strongly consider to start using in your own business. Um, so that’s all
for now. Thanks for watching.

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