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  1. Michael Bird Post author

    37:30–38:30 That minute spoke to me greatly because of the lose of friends (one did pass away in the mean time, but I was "so busy") a break up also and still I won't stop working every minute I'm up. It is very hard, but the end game that I see 10,20, 30 years from now is why it's worth it. Not everyone is built for this. Thanks for always having these videos up and for all the great blunt advice 

    Michael Bird

  2. Thought-Provoking Inspiration: Self-Help Post author

    Gary: 12:27 to 13:27…
    That whole spill about having the audacity to live on our own terms.. and basically NOT respecting the work that "entrepreneurship" really TAKES..

    And then the closing with "All of it. All the time. Always and Forever"

    That's the one.. that's gold.. 🙏🏽

    Ig @infinitely.celestine

  3. Lisa Stark Post author

    I found you today. Listened to you for 6 hours, nonstop, while on my grind. I have an idea that has been bouncing around in my head for months but I never felt ready to commit as I believe I didn't think I was good enough. In one of your videos, you mentioned that very few people fully support themselves off their own backs. I do and have a comfortable life. I am am hungry for more but have been too afraid. Your outlook, advise and rawness gave me courage to take my hustle to the next level. I am home after an amazing day and the first thing I did was purchase your books. Man, thank you. Seriously, I am grateful for the few slaps in my face as it woke me the fuck up.

  4. Eyrock Post author

    Just discovered you through instagram the other day, and now this. Thanks man, you are an absolute true inspiration!;) Thanks and keep up the good work;)!

  5. Post author

    wow, nice nice point, YES, do it and see if that is what works because how the hell does Gary Vee know if one of the other platforms might be the one that may apply better to your specific biz, so, EXPAND, try it all, nice point.

  6. TheEntrepreneurVlog Post author

    Any entrepreneurs/motivation focused Instagram pages want to hook up and create an engagement network? @joshbardsley1 on Instagram Dm me on there or comment here 🙂

  7. Alexx Hayward Post author

    46:51–47:45. It's like the Thank You Economy coming full circle – someone who's been inspired and energised by your content trying to give something in return just to say thanks. "The Universe is looking at me and saying 'keep going'", TOO TRUE! My IG is 🙂

  8. Curtis Post author

    It’s nice to see him more calm. I’d watch more of these.

  9. G-I-Lane Post author

    I disagree. I have a planner that helps me spend 2 weeks in marketing and 2 weeks in sales and the other 1/2 a week in Product Development. I only have one hour a day to do “to-do” list items and have to manage my cash flow everyday. While marking what I did exercise wise and how I decompressed that day. It’s amazing. Check it out I’m not sure if Gary’s every been a 3 employee company? But I understand what you’re talking about woman who asked how time to spend on marketing. Also, Gary has different goals. Buying the Jets isn’t what we all want. So 2 weeks out of the month on marketing and the other 2 on sales, more on sales if you’re not making bills, is good. 💚G.I.

  10. Stevie Wanderer Post author

    This guy could get me to jump off a building with no safety net . Absolute legend oozing pure hustle every second @GaryVee

  11. Zeyad Alabdaly Post author

    You are simply my HERO. Thats it I look up to you so much gary. You have no idea how much of a role model you really are to me.

  12. Michael W Post author

    Hey Gary, you're inspiring and love 11 min mark answering the question of speaking the language of those you're attempting to convert.

  13. Sharif Sourour Post author

    LOL to the 'normals" so true, especially for a guy like me LOL…

  14. amarguitar Post author

    I've been wanting to ask Gary the question asked at 42:35 for a long time.  Gary's answer re: technical content vs. entertainment is absolutely brilliant and gave me a HUGE mindset shift.  THANK YOU NORDIC DUDE AND GARY

  15. Players Choice Mounds Post author

    Best line: when Twitter started decline I took the punch in the mouth spit my tooth out and I got back to work

  16. GraFikki! Post author

    did just see this for 2 times.. and at +44.00.. you talk about alot but i was sitting and doing somthing.. and some words really hit me.. "some is sitting and making a break down off this and more.. and that is what you live on the next person there contact you.. pro words.. #figgecasper.. will post somthing bigger there soon.. how i would piture my plan for 2018 og social platforms.. and what i will post on the deffernt site / app / social networks.. to spredt the contant i make on IG right now and more ind time and what ppl could plan them self.. just to inspire.. but it is not done yet.. still making it but have dyslexia, and are a dane.. so give me some days.. cya around on the web! and stay creativity #Grafikkii and have a great day team and mester gray him self.. hope you like the commet

  17. Austin Cameron Post author

    I know this is from a few months ago, but it's terrific evergreen content. I recommend: 1:01:12 – 1:01:49 @ustinCameron on IG. Daily pics for 1,000 days in a row.

  18. Sutapa Mazumdar Post author

    I'm finally convinced that you're truly awesome. Your analysis aren't shallow.

  19. REC-it Gaming Post author

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    I run all three of these apps to nab some extra cash any time I need it.

  20. Aiyshah Gwilliam Post author

    The one that resonated a lot was the last one about something going haywire at the last minute, how you recover from that can send your brand into the stratosphere….I've had that experience and it's true.

  21. AmericanMadeBoyTV Post author

    Thanks bro. Listening to your vids let me know that I've been doin alot of things right even when I got it wrong, lol. Keep doin you, being leader and teacher. 💯

  22. Chris Francis Post author

    12:34–13:34 was something a lot of people need to hear and would make a get clip.

  23. Daniel Spitzer Post author

    The announcer is so weird. Just let Gary talk, mane. don't worry

  24. Daniel Spitzer Post author

    I literally stopped watching the video because of the announcer. Might rewatch in a few months, maybe not

  25. Darius Brantley Post author

    Hey Garey I been watching your daily videos on my iPhone 7 ever since I herd about you 2 months ago. #Vaynernation baby #tuffguyz #Raleigh #919

  26. Maginpanic Post author

    42:48 – 43:48 skills will win on their merit, no necessarily need to be entertaining. @maginpanic

  27. Fire Desire Entertainment Post author

    Gary your pretty popular that side of the world. They must all be crushing it by now!

  28. Gordon Osborne Post author

    12:25-13-25 " WE HAVE THE AUDACITY TO LIVE LIFE ON OUR OWN TERMS" IG: @grdnosborne

  29. Wells Comedy Post author

    Yo! Gary love what you are doing but quick advice on your pop up link to the previous video you left out the word see, no shade just trying to help! 💯

  30. Bouchra Bat Post author

    real content-thank you! it's like a master class of social media marketing – and for that Ithank you teach'

  31. PRANAV VERMA Post author

    23:50 – 24:50 — instagram – @9pranavverma9
    "Work" thats the best advice anyone can ever give because "everyone was big dreams but they are not willing to work" . No false motivation no bullshit just clean truth and if people will like it then they are the best audience you need.

  32. David Lindgren89 Post author

    50:00 – 50:57 Your talk about personal brand. Very interesting.

  33. Ester Jalo Post author

    I love this man! Works fucking hard and tells the truth how it is!!! We can't be passive. We must act to achieve.🤓

  34. bbakes Post author

    Enjoyed your chat that touched on people getting exposed for what they are, greatness and honesty always win!

  35. Giovanni Teran Post author

    Woah great video! I’m about to do 2 skits today!!!

  36. Marty Lau Post author

    I need to get started boz opportunity is waiting.

  37. Athan Monk Post author

    The "selling the nice jacket your mom bought you" is the type of shit most people don't wanna hear, but that's real shit. The realest of real shit.

  38. PLANET VAPE MEDIA Post author

    If you vape and need anything we have the highest quality vapes and e-Juice. Check us out at and on Facebook at #teamgaryv #vaynermedia

  39. She Said Post author

    Cut and instagram post the old guy standing at the question mark counter behind you at 1:04:04 (ish) who while you are asking what 1minute micro thingy bob got my attention – stands defiantly (or proudly) defending or standing his position at the question mark counter, then slowly turns towards you, and slowly lifts his right hand and scratches his head – absolute pure serendipity right there. Xxx

  40. isinsession Post author

    Hi Gary, Kevin here from a competitive gaming startup we would really like some advice on what we need to do to scale. You mention volume and context, humility, Facebook, IG, snap chat regarding online marketing. But there's frameworks, nuances and mindset / perspective that are key to users/consumers / gamers signing up and staying given a products relatively decent. We love our idea we think it's incredibly under valued. We arent after a mention, a few pointers maybe? Apologies my original question was vague. Also What do you think of Australian reds from NSW? whats your favorite New Zealand wine? I'm originally from Auckland on the coast, living in the UK.

  41. James Schwab Post author

    I usually work while listening to these seminars. During the q&a when the guy didn't have a question but brought a gift of thanks. I had stopped doing what I was doing to watch. The humble admiration and thanks is the exact gratitude that Gary seems to preach. It's a beautiful reflection. Around the 47:00 minute mark.

  42. Ruckus iiV Post author

    I would like to contribute my supporting thoughts on this piece of content. Gary nailed the "Do work for free"…. To simplify what he is saying here is… If you do it for free, and you're really good at what you're doing, or you're trying to get better at what you're doing… "Free work" puts you in a position to where you can not only gain more experience from your "Free" projects, but you are setting yourself up to expand your exposure…. At some point, if your product or service is getting more awareness, you are gaining something far more valuable than money… Think about it, if you make free stuff for so many people and businesses, eventually you are going to get noticed… Do you know how this works? It's not just your product, or service, or because it was free… It's because you show your confidence and efforts in what you're passionate about in your craft… You show that you care about the person that you are working for an showing them that you want THEM to succeed, not yourself… You are providing someone else with your quality hard work and talent so THEY can grow. You are being a SUPPORT unit to someone else's success… You are being empathetic to their needs, trying to do whatever it takes to make sure that they are successful. When you end up doing many "Free" jobs for people, eventually some will find you valuable. You become valuable as a PERSON… not a THING… Your value is not based on money, it's based on what you can do for PEOPLE.

    I chose to do this very same thing before I found out about Gary, and slowly I have been making high traction… It's nice to know that someone like Gary Vaynorchuk who has made it as far as he has is stating the very same thing I care about the most and that is "Having empathy" … Putting ourselves in someone else's situation and trying to navigate our actions and feelings according to that narrative outside of selfishness is key to truly appreciating life with the blessing that we have to not only be alive, but to share it with others.

    Okay, so maybe that wasn't simple, but in my mind it was…. Many props to all you true people out there sticking to helping others.

  43. Cinco Smith Post author

    10:30–11:30 Of you have to cut pay off the front, I get it but MAKE SURE you end it with "….This model had the most Upsides, but also has the MOST Graveyards."💀 Tag @cincosmith on Instagram

  44. rhapzodyb Post author

    14:06–15:04 God! There were so many, but this one was a good shot of reality.

  45. Evelyn Suarez Post author

    37:15 – 38:10 "One thing you do everyday … To deploy gratitude that the seven people I love the most are healthy" this was the most powerful statement to me. IG LiveWestPalmBeach

  46. shethewriter Post author

    14:54–15:09 "the best way to have as a human, if it's possible."

  47. Thomas 2005 Post author

    at12:20 I would have loved it if she said "scarfs"!…. "I wear a lot of……"!!

  48. The Lemon Eater Post author

    18:15 Garry its pronounced normies 😛

  49. CHINOGHOST1r Ninja Post author

    190k views and only 3k likes?? Kind of odd I think 🤔

  50. Tina Jackson Post author

    Telling some guy to sell the nice jacket that his mom gave him!?!? REALLY!?!? What shit advice!!
    Your parents aren’t going to be around forever and some of us cherish our relationship with our parents. I would NEVER sell a jacket that my parent gave me as a gift to advance myself just “a little”. I’d rather work a second job!!

  51. TheSharpMind Podcast Post author

    I have a podcast on Spotify and Apple podcast #TheSharpMind I also motivational speak and tutor through my company #SharpenOurMindsOrg follow me on Instagram 1sharpmind

  52. Michael Fink Post author

    Soak this shit up ladies and gentleman. This is pure intellectual gold.

  53. Michael Fink Post author

    Fuck Gary, one minute out of that whole hour. Maybe the part about Audacity, “who the fuck are you.” I’m not sure but I was completely glued to my screen the whole time. This guy is a fucking machine. Try out working him. Try to grind as hard as him. I have learned sooo much from you and will continue to be a die-hard GaryVee fan for life.

  54. Jamboogs Post author

    Gary at 6 minutes you got a type for one of your ads.. just helping out brother; you the man

  55. ACnolimits Post author

    Its fascinating how a person who has all the money he needs and more still giving his knowledge for free, in a world that one day we'll have to pay for breathing…love to you man…all the best for you and your family.

  56. Jeff Clifton Post author

    51:20 the more awareness you have, the more options you have

  57. Jeff Clifton Post author

    57:00 yes it’s harder, do you want to work at a bank

  58. Megan Roberson Post author

    In regards to making a mistake in order to correct it for the client, that is actually an effective way to increase ones overall positive outlook on a company or organization. I'm not saying people should do this, BUT business owners should really leverage their mistakes this way. It's actually more effective, when you consider opportunity cost, to spend more time correcting mistake than time trying to ensure that no mistakes ever happen.

  59. ANGEL I TAROT ROSA Post author

    Only just now coming across this video. At 16:04, you talk about integration (people are aware we have full lives; we used to keep who we are on FB different than on LI). Outing myself on LI as a tarot reader was one of the best and most favorite things I've ever done, just for the punch of new life and happiness it gave me. 🌸

  60. ANGEL I TAROT ROSA Post author

    Hahahaha! ("No more nice jacket." "That's from my mom." "Respect." 😊) I love the advice in this, and everything about this video.

  61. Arthur Cates Post author

    Hey Gary how do you feel about doordash as a side hustle? I listen to your content all day while I make deliveries and it's a good way to have alone time and make 15 an hour. Thanks for reading and helping out!!

  62. BeReal Relentless Post author

    I realize this is 2 years old, and im up grinding on laptop and cell, with THE V jabbing me with +vibes, but to answer your request at th end for a Igram post.
    @47:26–47:45 is unbelieveabley a "clutch" moment, and surprised you havent used that, but then again, you are the "mayor" of patience, so it may pop up and be the "proof in the puddin' for many to vote for you and you become the 1st PODUS to not wear a suit everyday,BooYA!
    Yeah I agree I would rather own a Team! Do You and The V will keep answern' your wishes!(modified tagline from the Ask show)

  63. Marquan Love Post author

    Just Dye Your Hair Blue. Not Rocket Science @ 1:47 lol Love You and I Do Not Fuck Wit Da Whites Like T h at….. In this current State of States😂😂😂🤷💙

  64. Silvia Sparklefeen Post author

    Do u sell zip ups with the heart and exclamation point? I was looking to see if u do and cant find

  65. Manu Sehgal Post author


  66. Manu Sehgal Post author

    Can some summarize it plzz…or if possible important points atleast….?

  67. Julius Rendon Post author

    👔 Let's help people let's goo….

  68. jose ceron Post author

    Thank you to @teamgaryvee. I'm watching this short video now. 7:45 p.m. Oct. 15.19🤩🚲 Finishing up watching this now. 11:11am.😉

  69. gloria t Post author

    I am just creating my first business and consuming all of your videos at the insistence of my son who has consumed all of your videos before me. Such a wealth of information! WOW!!! Thank you so much for all of the content you create to help others. This video is right at the top of my favorites. What a motivator! And your trash talk videos are awesome!!! Thank you and blessings to you and your family!


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