The Most On Demand Digital Marketing Skills in 2019 (High-Income Skills to Master)

By | August 12, 2019

– Do you want to be a
digital marketing expert? Well, you’re going to need
specific skills to become one. Hey everyone, I’m Neil Patel, and today, I’m going to share with you
seven digital marketing skills to master in 2019. (upbeat electronic music) Before we get started, make sure you subscribe to this channel. If you’re on YouTube, click
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on all of these channels. Question for you: Do you want to become a digital marketing consultant? Whether it’s opening up your
own digital marketing agency or just becoming a consultant? If that’s you, leave a
comment below with “yes.” Even if you work at a company,
these skills will help you. So let’s get right into it. The first skill you need is data science. You don’t have to be a
crazy data scientist, but you need to learn how
to look at Google Analytics. There’s so many videos
out there that teach you how to read a report,
because Google Analytics isn’t just about, “Hey, how
many visitors am I getting?” It’s more about “How many
visitors am I getting,” “Where are they coming from,”
“What’s the conversion rate,” “What’s the ROI,” “Where’s
the drop-off in my funnel?” All these little things
will help you figure out how to maximize the traffic
that you’re getting. If you don’t know to look at the data, you won’t know where to focus your energy to maximize your results. The second skill to learn
is content strategy. Writing content doesn’t guarantee
you any traffic anymore. There’s over a billion blogs on the web. There’s roughly seven
billion people, so that means roughly one blog for every seven people. That’s too much content. So, if you want to do
well, you need a strategy. Without a strategy, there’s no guarantee that people are going
to read your content. You need to follow up with a promotion. I spend twenty percent of
my time writing the article, eighty percent promoting it. You need a content strategy. The third tip you need is you need to learn how to leverage video. Video is up-and-coming as one of the most popular channels out there. When I say “video,” I’m not talking about just pulling out your iPhone and saying, “Hey, check out me,” you know, “Check out all these campaigns.” I’m talking about stuff like going live. I’m talking about filming
videos like this one and releasing it, evergreen
content, on YouTube, LinkedIn, Facebook, you need
to do a ton of video stuff because you’ll find it’ll
build a much more engaging community than almost any
other channel out there. The fourth skill you need
to learn is storytelling. I don’t know why, but I’m
seeing less and less people use storytelling, but
storytelling is still as effective as it used to be two, three, five, ten years ago. You need to integrate
stories into your marketing. When you do that, you’ll find that more people relate to you. They’ll identify with the
characters in your story, and you’ll notice that your
conversion rate goes up. The reason this is important is ad costs continue to rise and rise, and that’s not going to
change in the future, so you better get good at storytelling. The fifth skill that you need
to learn is email marketing. And I’m not talking about
just basic email marketing, like sending out emails every
time you release a blog post, but more complicated emails. I’m talking more so marketing automation. Well, if someone goes through your funnel, they don’t open up one email,
what should they do next? If they open up that email,
what should they get? You don’t want to send
everyone the same emails. When someone’s super engaged,
you want to send them emails that mainly sell products and services. When someone’s not engaged, you don’t want to sell them anything
they’re not going to buy. You want to get them engaged
first, and then sell them. That’s what marketing
automation is all about. The sixth skill is funnels. There’s tools like ClickFunnels out there that can help you build a
funnel faster and easier, and funnels are really important because ad costs keep rising. You need to learn how to
do upsells and downsells. You may not be thinking,
“Oh, that’s not related “to marketing, why do
I need to learn that?” Well, if you can’t figure
out upsells and downsells, eventually, you’re not going to be able to afford your paid ads. That’ll help improve your
margin so you can keep selling. The seventh skill that you
need to learn is podcasting. Podcasting hasn’t taken
off in the U.S. as much as it has in Asia, like places like China. But podcasting is growing
at a very rapid pace, and people are listening
to podcasts on the go. Plus, the people who listen to podcasts are super engaged, and they typically have a higher income percentage-wise, from a medium-household-income
perspective, than other marketing channels out there. And that’s why you need to
get into podcasting now. It’ll be much more competitive
in three, four years. Then it’s going to be hard. And when you do podcasting, don’t expect to get results right away. It’ll take years before you
see the fruit from your labor. Now, if you need help crafting
your digital marketing and growing your traffic,
check out my ad agency, Neil Patel Digital. If you have any questions on growing your digital marketing skills, leave a comment below, and I’ll
answer it and help you out. Make sure you also like
the video, share it. Thank you for watching.

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    Do you want to become a digital marketing consultant? Whether it's opening up your own digital marketing agency or just becoming a consultant, if that's you, leave a comment below with "yes."

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