The Key to SEO Success

By | August 29, 2019

– Hey what’s goin’ on
guys, Nathan Gotch here and in this video I
just want to talk about the one thing you need to do to achieve consistent SEO results and to become a success
in the SEO industry. And the truth is, you can
achieve one SEO result, you can do really well with one keyword, do really well with one website. But if you want to achieve consistent SEO results with multiple
websites, multiple projects, then you have to master this one thing. Not only do you have to master it, you have to actually execute on it and actually practice it on a daily basis. And so, what is it, with
my clickbaity intro? So the one thing you have to do is you have to learn how to focus. And I know that’s super annoying, probably not what you’re thinking. You probably thought I was gonna tell you some really cool tactic about how to get more traffic from Google. But the truth is, a lot
of your success in SEO or really in anything
is all gonna be up here. It’s all gonna be on
your ability to focus. It’s gonna be all about
your ability to execute. And so, what tend to
happen with SEO is that it is on the surface,
it seems very intricate, it seems like there’s
a lot of moving parts. And there are literally a million things that you can do in the SEO industry and within SEO campaign. To put this in perspective, when you start an SEO campaign, if you don’t have a strategy in place you can end up spending a week
optimizing meta descriptions or spend another week
just writing alt tags for your images. And the truth is, those things are important in the grand
scheme of an SEO campaign, they need to get done but they aren’t the things that are actually going to drive long term results and drive huge results
for your SEO campaigns. And so you have to figure
out what to focus on and what is going to drive the best and biggest results for your campaigns. And the truth is, not all SEO
actions are created equally. So you could spend a week
optimizing meta descriptions and I could spend a week crafting a keyword target content asset. And the truth is, you
could literally optimize a million meta descriptions
but me spending time just creating one content
asset is going to destroy all of that time that you spent optimizing meta descriptions. So you have to figure
out what is high impact and then you have to focus on that. So in SEO, there really only are a few super high impact actions that you should be focusing
on, on a daily basis. Number one, either creating or optimizing existing content assets. That’s pretty much the
most important thing that you should be doing in SEO. Whether that’s transactional
type of content or whether that’s informational content, it doesn’t really matter. It’s just the focus of
continually improving pages that you’re trying to rank in Google is a really, really
good high impact action. And the second huge action is acquiring quality back links to your site. So if you do those two things, and you focus on those two things a lot, and pretty much on a daily basis, you’re gonna see great results. And then you can start getting
to more micro things like optimizing for user experience and then focusing on
conversion rate optimization which are still super, super important. But they’re not as important from an SEO perspective than
creating content assets or optimizing existing
assets and acquiring links. But then once you’ve done
all those things then yes, you can focus on those more micro things like making sure you
don’t have broken links and making sure that
you’re tackling 404 pages that may have existing link equity. You know, doing content audits. All those good things
that are going to help you tackle a lot of those micro issues. But once those micro things are done for, you should really be focusing
on the high impact stuff that’s really gonna drive results. So that is all I have for you today. I just wanted to explain that
focus is absolutely critical and this doesn’t just
apply to an SEO campaign, it applies to all the project
that you’re working on. And you probably witnessed
me doing this in real life where I shut down my
link building services, I recently shut down my SEO Audit product. I, about a year and a half ago, or actually at the beginning of 2018, I shut down my Client
SEO part of my business and now I purely focus
on my SEO training course Gotch SEO Academy. And that’s what I’ve
been continually doing for the last three years, I’ve just been slicing things off my plate and pushing them off my plate so I can focus on what’s most important. And even on a daily basis for Gotch SEO I’m either just creating content or I’m acquiring links or I’m
working on user experience. But I’ve narrowed my focus onto the things that are most important and
I hope that you do the same. So, that’s all I have for you today. If you enjoyed this video
just please share it. If you have any questions
or comments or feedback, whatever you want, just drop
it in the comments section. And I’m gonna be
publishing a lot of videos just like this over the
next couple days and weeks because I am going to be reopening Gotch SEO Academy. So I do want you to know the value that you’re gonna get
when you enroll in that so I wanna make sure that
I’m preparing you for that big enrollment period and
it’s only open for a week so I want you to be prepared. So, thank you so much for watching and like I said, if you
enjoy this please share it. And if you have any questions, just drop it in the comments section. Talk soon.

11 thoughts on “The Key to SEO Success

  1. srihari pusapelli Post author

    Hey nothan, I just have a curious question.
    Have you really read the whole rack behind you ?
    Can we get a clear, picture of your catalogue?

  2. Anthony Eneje Post author

    I recently watched an interview that you had with, Ruan Marinho. You Briefly spoke about Link building services that you used to provide. Is there a company that you can recommend?

  3. Kandaman Post author

    I could not AGREE MORE. CONTENT Optimization is KEY to ranking and staying CONSISTENT in SERPS! Great video as always Nathan! Keep 'em coming!

  4. Anthony Eneje Post author

    Sorry to keep on asking questions. This may be my last question for today. lol. Clearly, I'm new to SEO. Pretty much everything I have learnt about SEO has been on youtube and reading blog post. At the moment I'm trying to build a case study. I've found a client – Atm not paying me anything.
    (feel bad charging something while I'm still learning)

    What I've done:
    – Done most not all on-site optimisation,
    – Citations – manually
    – schema Markup – that's another headache, slowly, slowly wins the race.
    – I'm not good at writing content – so use Iwriter (complete waste of time and money) > I end up having to rewrite the content.
    – would like to start creating backlinks (I used this to look for Guest Blogging, Forums and so on. I then use Ahref to look at Metrics.

    – My – UR is 6, DR is 0.1 I'm ranking number 1 for some keywords and overs I'm on the 3rd page for.

    How do is increase me DR & UR?
    How do i check if a site has a Dofollow?
    If I can i want to learn how to build backlinks myself. Is there any resources that you can recommend for a complete beginner, please.

    Kind Regards

  5. Jason Duckworth Post author

    Hey Nathan, thanks for the video. I always watch what you put out.
    Question: are you avoiding client seo because you don't enjoy doing it for other people? It does make sense to build your own empire instead of someone else's….

  6. Jaya Vishwakarma Post author

    Does using 2 to 3 images from Google images in our post can have a bad effect on traffic or any copyright? Actually, I want to use famous personalities photos on my blog


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