The Hidden Benefits of A Short URL for Google SEO

By | August 14, 2019

hey everyone it’s neil patel here and today is another Q&A thursday video where when you have a question I answer it and I’m here with Adam from viewership I guess and this week’s question is this is from our buzz and says hey Neil your content is amazing and he has a question what’s the benefit of shortening a URL and what websites would you recommend to shortened URLs if you want a shorter your URL you could use bitly but I don’t recommend using too many tools like that the biggest benefit of a short URL that’s keyword rich you tend to rank higher in Google when you have a long URL with too many subfolders you’ll notice that your rankings won’t be as high compared to when you have less subfolders and you have shorter URLs that are keyword rich a good example of this is if your URL is very long and I used to have this with neil patel common my older posts what google sees this hey your euros really long and it has all those keywords so your blog post must be related to all of those keywords combined together they think it’s related to a very specific topic the moment you end up churning your URLs Google’s like hey this content is about like one of my URLs is what is SEO so Neil Patel com / what – is – SEO that page ranks on page 1 of Google for the term SEO and it ranks for a lot of other SEO related terms it’s short and because this shirt Google is like oh this URL is about SEO and all the other topics around SEO but if my url was link building the key to SEO I would only be ranking for certain link building related topics or if my euro was even worse link building the key to SEO in 2017 and I know were already past 2017 Google will be like oh this article is about 2017 and link building and SEO for 2017 so don’t pigeonhole yourself with really long URLs the shorter they are the better in addition to that people do remember the URLs for example I know to login to WordPress it’s my eurocom WP dash admin or – login right people remember short URL by keeping it short people remember it more they’re also more likely to share what a URL is really long and complicated you’re gonna be much more likely to misspell it and share the long link and people mess up when they link to it from their own site when they share it on the social web sometimes it creates problems as well I know some sites like Twitter yes they shortened the URLs but some have a cap in the URL doesn’t look nice and it gets cut off and it gets pushed to the second line but you want to just keep it short so people can remember it what about buying domains short like super short like one word two word domains does that matter it does help one of my competitors is called keyword tool do-right it’s not a calm it’s not a dork but it’s keyword tool dot whatever I am yeah what do you think they rank for on Google I don’t know keyword tool maybe that’s right and I’m also trying to rank for that keyword tool that term because I bought a company called ubersuggest and the URL Neil Patel comm slash we were suggest also ranks for keyword tool but not as high ranks on I think page one or page 2 or page 3 somewhere around there and a venture will climb up over time if I had a URL that was keyword tool calm when people talk about me they link to me when they link to me what’s the anchor text that they’re gonna use you know Patel well yeah cuz my name is Neil Patel but if my name was keyword tool oh yeah keyword tool exactly so helps you rank for the term right right also in addition to that when you have a shorter URL that is the keyword or shorter domain name that is the keyword you get more brand queries and we’ve talked about this in past videos brand queries are huge when it comes to rankings if Google wants to bring BMW in General Motors and they both have a ton of links what do you think they’re gonna do to decide who to ring first yeah the look at SEO factors but they already both optimized they’ll say they both already have millions of links they’re gonna be like oh well ten times more people are typing in BMW than General Motors they must be a more popular car manufacturer and I don’t know true and who’s more popular but you can see using Google Trends slash trends you can type in BMW and General Motors or GM you can see which one’s more popular goggle is using that to decide who should also be ranked higher the reason also rank decently well for SEO terms like online marketing is because a lot of people are googling Neil Patel I built up a brand I’ve been doing a podcast do these videos where people get to know me and they type in Neil Patel or variations of it Neil Patel blog Neil Patel SEO and you open a video a word tool yes you know but you a couple times so there you go and all that helps with my rankings yeah the the point I’m trying to make and you’re brought up amazing question is do domains matter yes domains matter short domains with keywords or even better really long domains with keywords aren’t as effective it used to be much more effective years and years ago like three four or five years ago and people call the exact match domains Google’s now change your algorithm where they don’t have as much poll as they used to but yes I take still have decent amount of pool because anytime you type in like New York City hotels or hotels or anything related to hotels hotels are calm pops up right and that’s why short is effective and that’s a good hack for you guys if you want to rank really well for one specific T word keyword that’s a money keyword go buy domain with that keyword it doesn’t have to be a dark home or org just look at keyword tool dot io it’s a dot io and they still do well you can too all right there we have it I love it so that’s it for this week’s Q&A Thursday videos if you guys have a comment or a question and you want to answer on next week’s Q&A Thursday’s leave a comment below we both read it we go through all of them and we may select it either way you’ll still get a response from me I answer every single comment even though it takes me a bit of time in addition to that if you enjoyed this video like it share it tell other people about it do appreciate it and thank you for watching and make sure you also subscribe to the channel

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  1. Tech4Mallus Post author

    As always, the video really helped me. Thank You so much for sharing your knowledge with us. Ubersuggest is so cool, I loved it. <3

  2. nanda kishore Post author

    But how can we use bitly shortened URL as one of our blogs page URL??
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  3. TheLegendSpeaker Post author

    Wow. This was a very useful and helpful Video! Thanks!

  4. PRAKASH MATRE Post author

    Great video about URL shortners and its effect on the SEO. I’m finding lots of backlinks in Moz’s Open Site Explorer too, I suppose this is a good way of increasing backlink diversity.

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