The Grid | AI Websites That Design Themselves

By | January 28, 2020

Your website is your own corner of the Internet.
A place to call home. For your business, your portfolio, your hobby. Your
own space to say what you want to say. There are plenty of ways to get a website.
But a template isn’t for you. A Facebook page isn’t for you. Your site should reflect who you are. And
it should look good doing it. Sure, you could build one yourself. But designing,
developing, dragging, and dropping — these are all full-time jobs. Wouldn’t it be better
if you could do what you care about, and have all that other stuff just … happen? Wouldn’t it be better if websites just made
themselves? Now they do. It’s called The Grid. No templates. No coding.
No walled gardens. Just tell The Grid what you want and it uses artificial intelligence
to build a tailor-made home for your content. Need your site to look professional? Done.
Or maybe it should look a little more casual? Easy. And tell The Grid what you want it to do.
Looking for more customers, more followers, higher sales? Just make your selection and your site will
be optimized for that purpose. Need more content? Capture and post anything
from anywhere on the web with a single click. And here’s the thing, your site will evolve
as you add more to it. The layout adapts to your content. Images are cropped and color-corrected for
maximum impact. The design adjusts to look good on every browser and every device.
Automatically. It’s as easy as that. Actually, it’s incredibly
complicated. But The Grid figures it out so you don’t have to. And when each of us has our own corner of
the web, a space that is uniquely ours … that’s the start of a more beautiful internet. Content is power. Power your content on The

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