The Google Gamble – Search Engine Optimization SEO Book for Small Business

By | August 12, 2019

The Google Gamble is a book about the myth
of SEO. It’s about debunking that myth and figuring out how it really works. In other
words what is SEO in layman’s terms? How does it work? What can I hope to get out of it?
And an understanding that at its heart SEO is a gamble like going to Vegas. You can do
everything right but when you roll those dice you either make money or you don’t. You win
or you lose and the same is true of SEO. It’s not just a science, it’s a little bit of an
art as well. And this is a book about how to get the most out of that. The reason I wrote The Google Gamble in the
first place was that I kept having the same conversation over and over again with a bunch
of CEOs and entrepreneurs, particularly my clients, and they kept telling me that they
were kind of getting done over in the SEO world. They weren’t exactly saying it that
way, but they were telling me they were spending huge amounts of money, thousands of dollars
a month, and they weren’t really getting anything out of it. In fact they didn’t really know
whether they were or weren’t; they weren’t even able to measure it. So once I helped a number of CEOs with that,
you know, I thought this is enough of a chronic problem so maybe we should share this in book
form so that all of the CEOs and entrepreneurs could actually get the benefits. So this is
not about the specific technical details. It covers those things in big picture, but
this is about getting a good understanding of what SEO is, what your business can hope
to get out of it, the fact that it’s a gamble at heart and you shouldn’t count on it as
your only means of bringing traffic to your business. And also how to find people who
are trustworthy; experts who aren’t going to, kind of, do you out of your money, and
who’ll yield real results, trackable results. How to find those people, where to find these
people, so that you can bring the benefits of SEO to your business without breaking the
bank, and without getting taken advantage of in the process. The other thing I want to say about the Google
Gamble is that it addresses this issue that if SEO really is a gamble what else should
you be doing? In other words you should have a strategy that includes SEO, but is not limited
to SEO. it talks about three levels of traffic; cold, warm and hot. Cold traffic which is
SEO is one form, and making sure that you have some of the other forms; warm traffic,
hot traffic. All of these things bringing business to your business to have a thriving
business. And that again is at the heart of The Google Gamble.

11 thoughts on “The Google Gamble – Search Engine Optimization SEO Book for Small Business

  1. WiseLife Naturals Post author

    Our company has invested very little in Google traffic building simply because we DO want a search engine optimization plan that works for business but it seems expensive and risky if you will get results for your seo campaigns. Your Google Gamble seo guidebook sounds like it has plenty of tips and tricks on finding effective experts we can trust. That might be a good place to start. We subscribed and will check out the book. Thanks for the tips.

  2. Erik Valdez Post author

    Great SEO information Tim, I'm really looking forward to reading "The Google Gamble!"

  3. Tim Levy Post author

    Hello! I just wanted to let you know I've posted a new video. This time it's about one of my books – The Google Gamble. It's about driving traffic to your web site and hence business through the very mysterious … Search Engine Optimization. This book aims to make SEO simple, quick and fun. Outrageous!

    Please watch the video here –

  4. Chris Levy Post author

    Hi Tim. This is impressive. Love the content and your video. About time somebody de-mystified the Google mysteries!

  5. Scott Godar Post author

    Great video. Fantastic quality.


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