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By | September 3, 2019

What is up hustlers! Did you know that
there’s a Shopify spy tool out there that is firstly completely free and
secondly not only does it show you the niche the products in the store itself
it also shows you the exact revenue they made the exact profit that they made and
other things like the themes that they use in the apps that they use it’s
insane so a lot of people don’t know about this
but I’m going to jump to my laptop and show you exactly what this tool is and
how you can use it because look this is very useful for anyone that’s stayin out
that is new the dropshipping game or that has stalls and is looking to open
up a new store because this research tool will make things infinitely more
easy but before I before I go onto my laptop some of you may know that I have
launched my websites I’ve actually been creating it this is the infrastructure
that I’ve been using to create my my new website but I’m doing another small
giveaway guys get keen because this time around all you need to do is basically
go into my website firstly you go make sure that you subscribe to the YouTube
channel and go onto my website on the top or the bottom of the page there is a
subscribe to the website with your email all you need to do is insert email for
our weekly updates and that’s all you have to do and you’re going to go into
the running to win a two hour mentorship for with me that’s what you need to do
so anyway let’s get into it let’s go but no booze in the house the
blue okay I’m giving you guys a big value
bond here for free and for the hustlers who’ve watched the previous video you
may already know what you’re in for but once again it is the very powerful
Shopify exchange platform it’s been a little insider secret of mine and a few
other my friends have used it as well and although traditionally it’s used to
sell stores like I mentioned my previous video it is an incredibly powerful tool
to measure how profitable a niche is and exactly how to build a similar store it
is super powerful guys and I’m going to run you through exactly what to do in
order to build your store from scratch if you’re a new shopper a beginner or
you’re looking to open your second store so the first thing you want to do is
head on to exchange shop flag icon and you’ll land on this page here and then
you want to log in with your Google or Facebook account because that what that
will do is let you access the data that I’m just about to show you so first log
in and hit categories and click on drop shipping again it’s a this this method
is also amazing for print-on-demand but let’s stick with drop shipping for the
sake of this tutorial and I’ll quickly show you a print-on-demand
example later in this video actually but what I do is usually sift through my
revenue and the sweet spot that I find for good examples I guess is a thousand
two tens up ten thousand the briefly being is because ten thousand usually
it’s an established brand in other words I guess what I’m saying is aliexpress
drop shipping the traditional sense of drop shipping a thousand to ten thousand
will produce more accurate examples of stores so let’s go ahead and do that
also click on business Titan obviously tick drop shipping again you can tick
print-on-demand if you look to get into print-on-demand
very similar but here we go guys it’s really really interesting and it’s it’s
such amazing data I don’t know first I don’t know why
it’s free and I don’t know why they give up this much data in the first place
anyway but I’m gonna show you guys how to leverage it sort by a high to low in
revenue and it’s already interesting seeing and of course this this screen or
the results differ from day to day because some stores sell and some don’t
and some stores just get removed from here so it’s really interesting guys to
see the niches that are that are producing results here right and so
let’s go ahead and click on the first one I guess and I’m gonna run you
through exactly the details let’s they give you not only do they give you the
details of the site itself and you can actually view the website you can also
see a whole bunch of details guys and this stuff that I’m showing you right
here you’ll get this info as long as you sign in with your business sorry not
your business your Google or Facebook account and again this stuff should not
be free like this stuff should be a paid software but safai you know it gives out
the start for free and we can leverage the start up so all this stuff here guys
it literally shows you finances and traffic over the past 12 months traffic
and revenue so of course guys this is not profit this is revenue but I’m gonna
go to the store and just basically suss out you know their average product price
and how much profit they’re making usually it’s quite decent so you know
with a store like like this with this much revenue yep at least probably
making fifty percent and that’s my assumption with most stores I tend to
stick with fifty percent so that is a lot of money guys if you keep going down
not only does that show you traffic and revenue guys it literally tells you
social media and also the newsletter list that’s insane so they’ve got 12,000
subscribers here which is substantial that’s really substantial and you can
seriously drive some sales through this if you create a proper email strategy
which I’m assuming these guys are already leveraging it also tells you the
features as in how many products that they’re selling and also the apps that
they’re using it’s crazy guys
and last but not least usually there’s a quick Q&A where the owner provides more
details here but um you see what I mean guys this is pretty insane information
and this is actually bare-bones bare-bones details here and I’ve seen
stores with way more information than this and it just gives out so much
valuable data but I’m gonna tell you here as well this data here so the
traffic and the revenue they cannot bullshit this this is literally taken
from the shop flight back in and pulled into Shopify exchange I know this
because I’ve sold stores before and you literally cannot input a fake dollar
amount here so that they are literally legitimately making almost 120,000 a
year so again guys it’s it’s amazing that you can actually spray kit down by
the months so you can see here in October they make 33 K and look you can
literally just go through every single store in the exchange platform and get
an idea of which one which niche is profitable and not only which niche is
profitable but you can also view the store itself and see how it’s set up so
let’s go ahead and do that for as an example so it’s really interesting guys
this is a you know a law enforcement niche which is quite interesting and a
lot of the stuff looking at it now looks like it’s it looks like a print 1/2
print-on-demand store in a half aliexpress drop shipping store which is
interesting right so let’s go ahead and click onto something random here and
yeah like I said look this is that’s essentially print under man or my gut
instinct tells me that’s print under man this is definitely print on demand stuff
that is print under man however stuff like this guys which is
apparently selling right now is is definitely aliexpress drop shipping and
guys that’s pretty if this selling is that’s that’s a
pretty high profit margin I’m assuming let’s go ahead and go into I’ll Express
and I’m going to try to attempt to find this exact product okay
so it looks like it’s a Marine Corps chain so attendant I guess and let’s see
if we get a result that matches up or actually might be Marine Corps in its
pocket watch okay jackpot I found it guys so crazy
crazy crazy it is literally $3.00 here on Aliexpress
guys the exact same photos are being used here too that’s crazy so you can
literally buy it here for you know three to four US dollars with shipping and
they are selling it here for almost $40 guys now that’s pretty crazy that is a
10 times 10 times markup and the thing is is it’s actually selling so you know
this is a crazy tool because not only can you spy on stores that are selling
well and it’s proven to be generating revenue like we’re not even guessing
here they’re making a hundred and fifty thousand dollars a year or more and
they’re selling products products like this which is definitely selling and you
can find on Aliexpress for three dollars so that’s what I’m talking about here
guys it is an amazing amazing tool because if you have some time on your
hands all you need to do guys is literally you know go play around and
shop fire supply exchange and look at these stores and browse through your
niches look if you’ve got a specific niche in your mind then all you need to
do is browse on this platform until you find a similar niche and see how much
revenue you they’re making see much traffic they’re getting and you know on
top of that see if these products are available al Express which they most
likely are I’m gonna give you guys one more example and this time we’ll take a
look at print-on-demand now of course guys prenda man is a
little bit different let’s go ahead and take a look at one to
ten thousand again business type print on demand like said print on demand is a
little bit different simply because these products aren’t available I’ll
Express but what is insane guys what is insane is the fact that you can again
take their designs essentially not will not don’t copy their designs because you
know that’s copyright infringement but you can get an understanding of what is
selling and you can improve on those designs and follow my print-on-demand
guide that i put up for free on my youtube channel follow that you know
improve them on those designs so you’re not copying those designs and you can
replicate a very very similar store guys this is insane so like I said here a
defender here are heroic defender again I cannot speak today but
heroic defender print-on-demand Plus aliexpress drop shipping I was correct
let’s look at a purely print-on-demand store so a list design shop let’s take a
quick look at the data here so 3k per month in profit guys this is profit
overall profit margin it’s 35% very interesting and average number of sales
is 400 those are there’s a lot of revenue for
the past 12 months and per month and making 3k a month there’s definitely
passive income there guys like you can be living off that sort of income easily
and look look look at this sort of like come on where are you gonna get this
much information even if you paid for even if you paid for a research tool you
would not be getting as much information they literally not down the Shopify plan
how much it cost the subscriptions in their advertising that’s how insane it
is they’re paying $400 in advertising per month guys you know this gives you a
really good idea on how to replicate success ok so going down here we go
again they tell you what they’re using their marketing strategies SEO
which is very important guys and I’ve got to destroy on this as well if you’re
interested check it out my channel Facebook ads and Instagram ads so
relatively simple and these clearly have a whole lot of social media and 220,000
people following them in in total a small newsletter list and you can see
here they’re using $100 eighty hundred eighty dollar theme and yeah if you go
down I mean like clear you can see here they’ve been using influences as part of
the strategy and nope no surprise because they’ve got two hundred two
thousand followers on the Instagram so like I said let’s go straight into this
store and check it out so interesting to know that these guys are selling for 20k
20k USD but once this loads up i’ve got interesting not they’ve got um stickers
here and see this sort of stuff guys i can imagine would be selling this sort
of stuff if i zoom in here for you guys all of this is smart because it’s not
technically copyright infringement i believe but it does play on drake’s
drags previous albums because that is literally the font for it and it plays
on pop culture but doesn’t specifically say or allude to anything copyrighted
right so it’s really interesting guys I’m doubting here because some of this
stuff is a little copyrighted so unless they have a partnership with the NBA
here I’m not too sure they shouldn’t exactly be selling this
but anyway the point is this is an epic spy tool okay so go ahead guys and I
really urge you if you haven’t used this as a spy tool already go ahead and go on
to exchange dot Shopify comm again it’s completely free all you need to do is
log in with your Facebook or Google account Google
accounts and you can see so much information and it will give you all the
tools and insights that you need in order to build your next Shopify store
and not only build your next shop first or you can basically see the products
that are winning on each of these stores it’s that simple guys it’s really that
simple so if you’re new to this game if you need to shop by then get on the
bandwagon guys and literally go ahead and look at these products and look at
these stores and copy them not copy them copy them verbatim but go ahead and copy
their niche and their products because there is a lot of niches and products
here that are winning ok so um I hope this has helped you out I’m sure it has
to be honest because this research method has definitely helped me and a
few of my friends in the past and you know I don’t know exactly why I’m
revealing this but whatever guys I’m here to help you guys out and I’m glad
to help you guys out so if this video has helped you out make sure you give it
a thumbs up there’s a lot more litt content coming out as per usual and just
a reminder I have opened up my website Ethernet’s ENCOM make sure that you go
on to that website again there’s so much free value that I’m giving out on my
youtube channel on my website so again if you haven’t subscribed already be
sure to subscribe and until next time keep on hustling

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