The Biggest SEO Mistake Businesses Make

By | August 12, 2019

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Hi Besties, Hi Somewhat Simple Besties,\par I future besties who may or may not be seeing
me for the first time … (weird look)\par (intro)\par
Today I want to talk about a scary subject that makes most business owners want to run
and hide.\par S (duh)\par
E (duh)\par O (duh)\par
No no don’t go!\par It’s really not that scary!\par
Let me make it not that scary!\par Here, let’s learn about it as if it were in
a children’s fairy tale novel.\par Once upon a time,\par
there was a fairy princess who wanted to throw a party\par
but she had a good heart. Instead of taxing the people in her kingdom for money she created
a business selling bacon shaped earrings.\par She created a web site and waited for google
to pick up her site and/or etsy shop so she could get enough money for her party.\par
She waited and waited …\par (tear) Google never came.\par
Then, a knight named Tom Cote from the Tom Cote show rode in on a white horse. Though
he was bald, he was still very handsome, especially in a tie.\par
He sprinkled seo pixy dust on the princesses web site and Google came running as fast as
possible.\par She had her party and married the Tom Cote
prince forever more.\par Sigh, I love happy endings.\par
SEO is nothing more than pixy dust for your Web sites.\par
SEO isn’t a complicated coding technique. It’s a mindset.\par
I’m about to give you one of the number one tips to help your sites and etsy shops be
found by google.\par Down below you will find a link to the SEO
Keyword Toolbox that I personally use to get my listings up on Google.\par
Use it to learn what keywords people are searching for, then type those keywords in your titles,
descriptions, image names and more.\par The biggest mistake I find business peeps
making when it comes to SEO is that they are guessing what people are searching for and
using those keywords in their titles, descriptions and image names. \par
Repeat after me, no more. Wait … you didn’t say it. Repeat it with me. No more.\par
Use the SEO Keyword Tool to find what people are searching for then use those keywords.\par
Z! We’re running out of time. Get them a free SEO book so they can learn more!\par
Sephora – How ’bout the new SEO book published by hubspot? Freebie link down below\par
I have many more SEO tips and tutorials for you, but you’ll have to subscribe to me on
You Tube for free to get them. I luv you all and don’t forget to spread the awesome-sauce.\par
Peace out yo.\par {\field{\*\fldinst{HYPERLINK “”}}{\fldrslt{\ul\cf1}}}\f0\fs22\par Freebie from Hubspot titled\par
“Learning SEO from the Experts”\par It tells you how to master every aspect of
search engine optimization for business success.\par {\field{\*\fldinst{HYPERLINK “”}}{\fldrslt{\ul\cf1}}}\f0\fs22\par }

21 thoughts on “The Biggest SEO Mistake Businesses Make

  1. Renae Christine Post author

    Ahh! It's such an honor getting a response from you. Luv your channel!

  2. Colin DeBre' Post author

    You two make me laugh! Love the shout out from your cutie-patootie! Looking forward to the free tool because you described me to a T! <3

  3. Renae Christine Post author

    Lol. My daughter loved doing the shout out for you. I used to be SEO lazy too. 🙂

  4. ImTheDaveman Post author

    Dave head hurt more. Me no unnerstand. One day they let me out of Kindergarten and me find me way in world. Can me have crayola back? Promise not to stick self in eye again **wipes drool off chin** – Uhg! Daveman's brain leak again. Sowee.

  5. Debbie Cohn Post author

    Renae, you are getting better and better at this every day. You've outdone yourself once again! So hysterical! Luv u!

  6. Renae Christine Post author

    Thanks Debbie. I'm definitely having more fun with it and not caring as much about how annoying I get. If that makes me better than w00t!

  7. Renae Christine Post author

    Tee hee. Thanks. 🙂 I think I've given up on acting professional.

  8. Keri Kight Post author

    Renae I love your stuff! Thanks for the SEO information.

  9. Renae Christine Post author

    Lol. Thanks. This was "pre-affair" and I'm trying to get back up to this energy some day. 🙂

  10. Leah Salmon Post author

    one of your best videos I've seen, and I've seen lots!!!


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