The Best YouTube Videos Optimization Tools To Rank in 2019

By | August 28, 2019

(upbeat rock music) ♪ Crawling Mondays ♪ – What tools can you use to
optimize your YouTube channels and videos to perform better, to identify which are the queries, which are the topics that YouTube
audience are searching for and how you can optimize your
videos to rank well for them, as you do with all search results if you are already an user? Well, this was the question,
the thoughts that I have when I started this YouTube channel at the beginning of the year. I could easily see that
many of the SEO tools that I was already using
for my ongoing SEO processes didn’t offer any YouTube
related functionalities. So, in today’s episode
I am going to show you which are the tools that I am
using to optimize this channel and hopefully you will
find them useful as well. Let’s take a look. So as with any optimization process you want to start by understanding how your audience searches. And then I found out that although many of the query tools that I use already, didn’t provide it, support for YouTube, there was one that did is Ahrefs. So for example, if I am
going to do or develop videos for SEO, I wanted to take a look at how people was searching for SEO-related topics over YouTube. So you just go to the keywords
explorer functionality and select YouTube here, the
country for which I was trying to understand the certain
behavior for over YouTube and I obtained the metrics over here, as if I was researching for Google. So those terms that have the
same terms, the questions, newly discovered terms, the phrase match. So I want to take a look at
all of the keyword ideas here to identify potential opportunities here so I can see a few of them are not, might not been as quite related, right? But then I see over that
yes, they definitely are. Etsy SEO for example here or Yoast SEO Tutorial 2018 for example, and we can see with all the types of terms that I had already added
here like keto recipes here. Diet recipes, easy, dessert, instant, instant pot keto recipe,
keto dinner recipes, vegan keto recipes,
vegetarian, best keto recipes and I see so many of them
that will definitely, if I were making keto friendly recipes for for my channel for example. If I had a recipe channel, this is the type of research
that I will be doing and we can see here the search volume. There is also another keyword tool that you may also be using
already which is KeywordTool.IO, and that provides also keyboard metrics, keyword ideas normally for Google, but also for YouTube, Bing, Amazon, eBay, the Play Store, Instagram, Twitter even. It allows you to segment
between the keyword suggestions, again, the questions, the
prepositions and even the hashtags you can use and will be
highlighted above your title over YouTube so this might
be a really good idea. This is not the tool, as you can see here, that I am using at the moment because I’ve used many other keyword tools already for my SEO process. And now I want to show you the keyword research functionality that two of the most of the
popular video optimization for YouTube tools provide. These are video marketing
tools effective on YouTube. vidIQ and TubeBuddy that besides providing keyword research
functionality for YouTube, they provide a wealth of other
features that we are going to take a look at in a little bit later on, but their keyword research
functionalities and features are great because they don’t
only show the suggestions for any queries that you
include in their platform as vidIQ provides here
for example, for SEO or for digital nomads. It will provide me all the related terms. Search volume, the competition score, but they will also both of
them as you can see here in the screenshot integrate whether your own YouTube channel, you will need to use
they’re extensions that, they’re browser extensions actually and so for example here,
I have come to this video and you will see that I have all of this additional options and
features and panels here. This is actually from TubeBuddy. So I can go to Keyword
Explorer functionality and I will add here the term
for which I want to run for with this video. So it tells me that the overall score to run for this term is not
necessarily so exciting. All the ideas to run for, for example, for this popular terms, the most used tags for this terms, all the results, which are all the videos
that are already ranking well for these particular term
and how they are optimized for this term within the
titles and descriptions, etc. So it’s great, I love it
because it gives me so much idea but it’s the wording that I
should for my titles, etc. So there’s no shortage of
data to optimize my videos for and in this case, you can see, we can see the integration of vidIQ with the recommended stats again. So more keyword data that I can integrate in different ways to
optimize my YouTube channel. So as you can see with your current tools and also what new complete YouTube tools. we have really good keyword data here. Another fundamental analysis
to do besides understanding how the audience search is
to identify your industry top competitors, the top players. They might not necessarily
be your current competitors because as me, right,
if you’re just starting, you will be well behind, but it will be great to
have them as a reference to understand which are the top videos, which are those that
generate more engagement, more views, who have more
subscriptions, right? At the end of the day,
you want to understand what has worked well in the past and what might work for you
in the future too, right, to identify opportunities,
to identify trends, to identify gaps, also. There are a couple of tools that actually are really really useful for this. One of them is NoxInfluencer and the other one is SocialBlade, right? So for example here,
we can see the analysis that they provide for a few profiles that are very active and
successful in YouTube about SEO related topics, optimization. Brian Dean, for example with
their YouTube channel Backlinko and then also Neil Patel
has tons of subscribers as we can see the uploads, the videos when they created their channel here, and to better understand what has generated more views for them and take that as a reference for you too. For example you can take a
look here in Social Blade which are the most viewed
videos for any of this channel, the highest rated ones,
the most relevant ones, how many views they are generating, can identify these are potential topics that you can cover too. In a similar way, you can
even compare them versus yours if you already have a
little bit of activity. So but in this particular case, I’m comparing them with
the SEMrush channel that also has tons of really good videos. They have a really
strong game over YouTube so I want to understand how they compare based on video updated frequency, the subscriptions and
channel growth over time, social abundance, interaction
rate, video performance. So I can see which of these
channels are growing much more, what it is expected. In my industry because of course, there are so many rule
of thumbs out there, but not necessarily might
apply in your particular case for your particular self
so it’s really really good to double check, to verify
what has actually worked well for those top players in your industry and how they have evolved over time again. In fact, one of the functionalities that I love the most
from NoxInfluencer right is that you can copy
paste any YouTube video and it will provide you
this analytics report. So for example here, I
included this Brian Dean about Video SEO ranking. It’s his hottest video there and it tells me the
views, the views ratio, the engagement rate,
estimated video value, the comments, the likes ratio and the tags that he has used for this particular video which again whenever I am creating a video about this particular topic, these might be tags that I would like to
take into consideration, keywords that I would like
to take into consideration that I know that have worked pretty well for him, for example. You will trend to track these channels too versus yours, not only yours over time, and SEMrush, they have
a social media tracker that includes a YouTube functionality. So besides these two tools, you’re already likely doing SEO, you’re also likely using
SEMrush and if you are, they do have this really
useful functionality that is the YouTube within
the social media tracker tool that you can use to
track and check over time very easily without verifying
manually as I showed before, the total engagement, the engagement rate, the likes, dislikes,
the comments, the views for the latest video post in this case from the channels that you include here. Now you have the topic that
you want to do a video for. You know what your competition
has done in the past or the leaders in your industry and you know exactly how you
want to focus your video, which are the terms that you want to use within your different
elements of your video, right? And you know that there
are certain elements that are very important to optimize with this terms like the
titles, the descriptions, the tags, the use of hashtags, etc. And there is actually a
good practice to follow and this is for what both vidIQ
and in this case TubeBuddy are super useful for because
they will integrate like this. So whatever video I upload,
I have them both integrated like this when I am uploading the video. They will allow me to create
a thumbnail from scratch instead of selecting an image of the video that might not look so well and they will tell me when
the image is not good enough or big enough or in the highest
quality as it should be. Thy recommend me tags
and I can see how popular the tag, the term within
the tag, for example. Again, they integrate tools like this to translate the video information, if there are any suggested
terms, recommended tags here that I can use. If I have already included for example, info cards to refer to more information, if I have included already a playlist or assign a playlist to my video. So here it might be a little bit, because I am not uploading
this video at this time, and you can see I have a
total of seven of the 10 steps that are recommended here, but we can see if we switch to the standalone application of the web application here of TubeBuddy, not the integration with my video channel, what are the best practices
that are validated when you are uploading your video, right? If the caption is missing,
if the cards are missing, it suggests that you pin a comment, also an initial comment
to incentivize engagement, you heart one of those comments, right? You respond to a comment, if there are any broken links
found in the description, if there is an end screen missing, and it’s easily connect and
link to create an end screen. They incentivize you to
actually optimize your video not only by including relevant terms in your title or description and text, but by optimizing as much as possible and making your video
attractive as much as possible by adding all of this and make the most of all of the features
that YouTube provides. This is why these tools are so strong because they not only suggest the terms at the beginning, but also make sure that you don’t miss any of the features and the opportunities provided by YouTube to optimize your video and
make your video attractive and make the most out of your video. Once you have uploaded
your video, by following all of the previously shared checklist and make sure that it’s
as optimized as possible, the next step is to understand
how it performs, right, and the most full way
and the full way to do it is by following up with the
YouTube Studio Analytics which is actually pretty
good and the official way and the direct way to understand
the views, the watch time, the subscribers that you
have earned over time. So videos, realtime activity. So it’s actually pretty good. I was actually very impressed when I took a look at it which
are the different sources of traffic, if there
are any external even, not only internal, if there
are any of your videos being suggested and bringing
traffic to your channel or to the playlists too. So these are pretty pretty good, and nice to have, but I have, I understand that you will
have any of this by default and you will be able to take
a look at this and whatnot versus the full way, once
that you start with it, you better understand your audience also, a little bit of demographic data here: from where do they come, their age, their gender, etc, etc. right? So definitely take a look at it. However I have to say that
in order to better understand especially the keyword research or how you are optimizing in terms to rank for certain terms, you definitely want to take
a step further and again, vidIQ and TubeBuddy, they
both provide ranking reports. In this particular case, I
have to say that the types of reports they provide, take
TubeBuddy for example here, you need to run them manually. For example here, I have
the keywords to track as you can see and then I have the reports and when I have run these reports, right? And you may generate a
report every 24 hours, and the thing is, like I
don’t want to be generating these reports manually,
but it’s great in case that you don’t want to be
including the URL of the video that you want to run for,
to track again and again because they will tell
you whatever of the videos that are actually ranking for this term and how do they rank in not
only YouTube, but also Google. So it’s quite nice in
this particular case, but of course I want something that is actually automatic and this is what I have with RankRanger. RankRanger is also a SEO rank tracker that you will also use usually in SEO to rank for your relevant terms, those who are making some for
you or your client, right? But they also have the
YouTube tracking functionality that I found super useful
because the con is that you need to include specifically each one of the YouTube videos
that you want to track for each particular term, but
then it will automatically track the rankings daily
of the terms like this and it will tell you where you’re ranking within the YouTube search for these videos and how it has evolved over time like this so it’s quite nice. It’s actually very straightforward and what I use also to
get in the SEO world and then there’s also
some additional analytics information that you
can obtain from vidIQ, but I have to say that
regarding rank tracking, the one that I have
liked the most until now, I have found to be more online,
to the type of functionality that I’m more used to within the YouTube search results or
even the Google search results so you can track them
both and both of them so it’s our win type of combination. And last but not least,
one of the functionalities that I like the most related to monitoring is the brand alerts that you can get with
TubeBuddy for example. TubeBuddy sends me email alerts like this whenever my name is mentioned
and I could have included whatever brand or term I wanted to monitor for activity like this
whenever it is mentioning whatever video or YouTube channel, right? So for example, I get here
a history of my mentions and this is a great opportunity for you to also want to engage
as well a little bit of community management over YouTube, also referring to your own channel whenever it is relevant and useful for. So I hope that with all of
this, you have gotten more ideas of what tools are actually useful for you or how that you can start to use to optimize your YouTube channels and to make the most out
of your YouTube videos. I have to say that there’s
actually much more here that I haven’t had the
chance because of course there’s limited time here, but take a look at also
TubeBuddy, AB testings. They provide a wealth of
metrics and information. So let’s, definitely take a
look at TubeBuddy and vidIQ because they are the platforms to use for video YouTube
marketing and optimization in this particular case, but
I wanted also to show you a few additional options and opportunities and what you can expect from them whenever you are starting
as I did a few weeks ago so hope that this is useful and as usual, if you have any questions,
if you have any doubts, if you want to recommend any other tools that you have also found useful
for YouTube optimization, please leave it in the comments and I look forward to
see you the next Monday. If you have any ideas
for any other video tool that you would like me
to do, just let me know. Have a good Monday, bye bye. (upbeat rock music) ♪ Crawling Mondays ♪

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