The Best FREE Traffic Sources for New Websites

By | January 24, 2020

– New websites struggle to get traffic. If you have money it’s easy. All you have to do is
find the best ad platform where your target audience
is and just pay for ads. But if you don’t have money where can you find free traffic sources? Hey everyone, I’m Neil Patel. And today I’m going to break down the best free traffic sources for new websites. (soft melodic music) Before we get started make sure you subscribe to this channel, and if you’re on YouTube
click the alert notification. So, let’s dive right in. The first best free
traffic source, YouTube. Look, it’s the second
most used search engine. I’ve grown my channel organically to over 490,000 subscribers, and almost one million monthly views in less than three years. So, you’re probably wondering how can you get free traffic from YouTube? Well, if you’re going to do YouTube you got to upload videos. When you upload videos the
best thing you can do is in the first 24 hour that your video hits promote it as hard as possible. I’m not talking about paid ads. I’m talking about tell
your friends about it, ask them to share it, ask them to like the
video, leave a comment. Even when you’re recording your videos ask people to leave a comment. For example, when I
record a video like this I may ask a question such as, have you ever uploaded a YouTube video? If you have leave a comment with yes, if you haven’t leave a comment with no. The biggest thing with YouTube’s algorithm is how well does a video
do in the first 24 hours. And that’s just not view count, but it’s also engagement. Another thing you can do
on YouTube is tell people that hey, I got a checklist or
a cheat sheet on my website. So, when you have a website and you’re creating these YouTube videos, and you tell people to go to
a specific URL on your site, you’ll find that people will manually type that in and you’ll get free
traffic to your website. I’ve done that in the past,
it works extremely well. Just don’t use it with every
single video that you create because then it’ll get burned out, but do it when you have something amazing to offer for free. The second source of
traffic that you can get is by offering a free Udemy course. According to SimilarWeb, Udemy gets over 68
million visitors a month. That’s a lot of traffic. The cool thing about
people that are on Udemy is they’re always looking
to learn new things. You can give away a free
course, all the PDFs, the workbooks, the
checklists, the downloadables, and host them on your site. That way people from Udemy
will then go over to your site. It’s a great way, plus those
people are super engaged. When someone watching a
five, 10, 20, 30-minute video on Udemy and they’re learning, you bet that when they
go over to your site they’re much more likely to convert because they’re super engaged. You’re building amazing connection, amazing rapport with them. You’re also building the trust. That’s going to help also convert those visitors into customers as well. The third traffic source I
have for you, podcast tours. You’re probably wondering, podcast tours? I don’t want to put a
podcast on my website. I’m not telling you to go out there and create your own podcast, but there’s a lot of
other podcasts out there that do interviews with other people. Look for all those podcasts. You can look at the iTunes Store, you can look at Google because
Google now indexes podcasts. Search for ones that interview
a lot of other people. Pitch them to be on their show, and talk about what you can offer to their audience that’ll be valuable. Now, during your interview
make sure you share your URL, your website, and give
them something for free that they can get on your website so that way they have to go to your site. It gives them a reason versus just being like ah, I’m too lazy to type in the URL. But when you give them
something really good, they’ll go to your website
and you’ll start converting all those podcast listeners into visitors. And that’ll turn into email
addresses, consulting calls, and even sales for your
products or services. The fourth traffic source,
Pinterest and Tailwind Tribes. So, you’ve all seen Pinterest. They’re publicly traded now. They’re really huge, and
when you’re on Pinterest you want to get a ton of Pins. because the more Pins you have
the more attention it draws, and the more people that’ll be coming to your site in the long haul. So, here’s what I want
you to do with Pinterest. I want you to look for boards with already 20 Pins on them each. If you look for boards
that already have 20 Pins, you’re likely to do better
using this strategy. Then you’ll need to add some images. And you can create them
on for free, and point those images to
your best blog articles. Now, when you do this that image has to be related to your blog article. I can’t just post up dog
images on Pinterest and say hey, check out my marketing articles. That’s not going to work. But if it’s relevant it will work. Then you’ll need to subscribe to Tailwind’s free trial account, no credit card required, and then next step is you
want to click Find a Tribe tab and start looking for
tribes within your niche. You just have to type in keywords and you’ll find tons of them. And all you have to do
is share the best content from other members in these tribes, and then others will
start sharing yours too. By doing this you’ll start
seeing more and more Pins, that’ll get you a higher chance of getting more people to your own site. It works super well. The key to doing this is you want to share 30 to 50 Pins a day. That’ll allow you to do really well, and here’s a trick. Tailwinds allows you to schedule them so that way you don’t have
to do them all at once. The fifth traffic source,
hosting virtual summits. Pick a really specific topic, in other words you want
a niche, for your event. Because if you don’t have a niche, everyone’s already doing
conferences on marketing, or pets, or whatever it may be. If you’re going to do one on
marketing don’t just pick SEO. You can pick a whole event
just on link building, or a whole event on Facebook,
social media shares, or whatever it may be. So, when you get super specific you’re much more likely to do better. Then package it in a way that
makes it really interesting. For example, if I was doing
it for just say Facebook, I would do it for Facebook organic reach, and then offer PDF
action guides, templates, swipe files, checklists, cheat sheets. All this will allow people
to be like, oh my God, this is going to be amazing. Let me put in my email, join,
tell other people about it. Then you decide about the format. Should it just be crash
courses, interviews, slideshow presentations,
how long will it be, will there be live Q and A? Once you figure that all
out you’ll have your format, or you can do a mix of
a little of everything, to be honest, and have different speakers. And before you host your event start building relationships
with other influencers and have them as guests. But when they’re there as a guest make sure they also push
this out to their list and tell other people about it because it’ll help give
them more press as well. And of course, you’re using
everyone that’s pushing it. You’re getting this master list, and you’re promoting each
and every single speaker which helps them as well. And when you do this virtual event you want to make sure that
people can go to your website for the files, the cheat sheets,
the videos, the recordings, this will help get more
people to your site. Make sure you also have a funnel. Because when these people go to your site you want to make sure that
you’re selling on more stuff. Because once someone’s engaged for hours in your virtual summit, there’s a really good chance
that you can upsell them into the recorded version of that event. You can even upsell them into
other products or services that are related to that event. Now keep in mind, I told you when you’re
doing a virtual event you need to pick a niche, but that niche also needs to be related to the products and
services that you sell. because if it’s not related you’re not going to do that well. The sixth free traffic
source, Facebook Groups. Facebook reported during their
second quarter earnings call that 200 million users are
members of meaningful groups. These are also communities that people are participating in
day-to-day interactions with other Facebook members. That number has basically
doubled from the previous year. Because of privacy concerns, Facebook is shifting their focus from its traditional public News Feeds to more private
experiences through groups. That’s what they said during May 2019 during the FA Conference. So, that just means Facebook
Groups is a huge potential for you to get more traffic from. What I want you to do is start sharing other people’s content within the group. I want you to participate and
engage by leaving comments, help other people out,
answer their questions. And then once you do this for a while, and when I mean a while I’m talking about a few weeks straight, then start posting articles and videos related to the stuff
that you’re producing. This will drive people to your website. If it’s a video, in that video you’ll be talking about
how people can download a cheat sheet or a ebook when they go to a specific URL to your site. That indirectly will also drive more traffic to your website. Remember, Facebook wants people
to stay on their platform so the articles won’t
do as well as videos. But if you’re using videos you need to make sure
you’re telling people where they can go on your
site to get the extra goodies. That’s how you’re going to get
that free traffic from Facebook. All right, so I know I just
went over a lot of tactics and you’re probably overwhelmed. If you need someone to do it for you you can just check out my ad
agency, Neil Patel Digital, but here’s what I want you to do. Just take one of those tactics and implement what you just learned. If you do that you’re much
more likely to succeed. You don’t have to do
all of them right away. So, thank you for watching. If you enjoyed the
video like it, share it, subscribe to the channel. Thank you for watching.

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