The Best Backlink Analysis Tools Reviewed

By | August 24, 2019

Hello. Today I’m going to talk about my top
five Backlink analysis tools. Now, these are the tools that I use every time I’m carrying
out a Backlink analysis or a link audit. There are many more out there, but these are just
the ones I choose to use every time because they help you to get a better understanding
of the big picture when it comes to your link profile. Now, there’s no single tool out there
to date that can give you 100% of your link data. So, these tools will go out there and
find as much information as they can but ultimately they’re only going to be giving you a small
percentage of your actual data, which is why it’s important to use as many different tools
as possible so you can get as much information as possible and collate it, remove the duplicates
and then analyse as much as you can. So, to start with Webmaster tools, now there
are two types of Webmaster tools that I use regularly and that’s Google’s and Bing’s Webmaster
tools. Now Google Webmaster tools in particular is useful if you’ve been hit with a manual
penalty. So, if you’ve had a warning in Webmaster tools about spam then using the link data
from Webmaster tools in Google is really useful because it gives you some insight as to some
of the links that they’re aware of. It won’t actually give 100% of the links that Google
has found and there may be unnatural links out there that Google is aware of but they’re
not sharing with you, unfortunately, but it definitely gives you a good amount of insight. You can get things like anchor text data,
referring domain data and actual sample links for you to go and examine. So it’s really
important to get as much data out of those tools as possible so that you can analyse
your profile and get a better understanding of the quality of your links. Majestic SEO
and Open Site Explorer are quite similar in concept and they will go out and crawl the
web to find those links and that information about them. You can get things, again, like anchor text
information, referring domains, referring IP’s, lots of other information for you to
analyse and by exporting the data from these top three tools you can collate a big picture
when it comes to your links and get a better understanding. It might be that Open Site
Explorer finds links that the other two don’t and vice versa. So, it’s really important
you use as many tools as possible to get all that data. Now, Link Risk and Link Detox. These are a
little bit different to the tools above. They’re similar to each other but very different in
nature because what these do is actually give you some analysis yourself. Rather than going
off finding a load of links for you to analyse, they actually go some way to analysing them
for you. Now each of these tools will give you a rating of your overall link profile
quality and give you sums of how many bad links it thinks it found, how many healthy
ones, how many suspicious ones and it will analyse each link and categorise it in that
sort of way. Now, this gives you some great insight and
it means that it does a little bit of the work for you. Now don’t take their analysis
at face value because ultimately it is a tool and it’s not going to be perfect. Some links
that they think are really healthy, might be quite unnatural and vice versa, so it’s
real important you still analyse the data but it just gives you a really nice place
to start and they’re really useful tools for collecting more data and more analysis and
saving you a little bit of work. So all in all, I strongly recommend that if
you think you’ve been hit by a manual penalty or perhaps by Penguin or any other reason
to suspect that your link profile is anything other than completely natural, I would suggest
using all of these tools to get the big picture of your links and then manually analysing
the data that comes back. These are my top five for that reason. Thank you for watching. Please see the links
to our social profiles at the end of the video and don’t hesitate to get in touch.

3 thoughts on “The Best Backlink Analysis Tools Reviewed

  1. Wayne Stephenson Post author

    Great vid Emma. Really succinct and informative. Maybe a suggestion for a future video could be best free site analysis tools??? Whilst I use Ranktracker and AWR some of the monthly tools are a bit out of my reach budget wise.

  2. Shindhu Pavithra Post author

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  3. jinhi9005 Post author

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