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– We are going to bust through
some serious SEO myths today. (upbeat music) Hi, bloggers, and welcome back to A Branch of Holly TV.
Now, it’s no secret that SEO is important. I know it,
you know it, your dog knows it. Though I’m not going to lecture you on the importance of SEO because I feel like you’ve heard that time and time again, but what I do want to make
sure of is that you are using SEO effectively and that can be really difficult to do with
all of the myths out there, and it’s just not cool. If you believe any of these myths not only will you be wasting your time, but you could also be doing some serious damage to your search engine rankings. I’ve been providing SEO services as part of my business
now for quite some time and I wanted to clear up some of the biggest myths for you, so we’re going to get onto the
myth-busting in just a second. If you’re new here then make sure you subscribe to this channel. I upload videos every single week to help you get one step closer to a breakthrough with your online presence. Myth number one, SEO is about getting to number one on Google. This is great, but it’s definitely not the answer. A lot of people think that if you have one keyword that ranks at number one on Google then you’re going to get millions of page views and you’re just the master of SEO. It’s actually better to try and rank for various keywords on different pages within Google instead of trying to aim for the top spot. If you’re sole aim is to try and get to number one for a certain keyword it is gonna take you a long
time to get there, trust me. It is much better if you try and rank for different keywords that
relate to your industry or your niche. So let’s
say that your blog is all about mobile phones so you could try and rank for terms like
mobile phone devices, mobile phone news,
mobile phone guides, and this is gonna really help to improve your long-term SEO results. Myth number two, more
content means better SEO. You heard it before and
I’m gonna say it again because it’s so important. It is all about quality, not quantity. It does not matter if you only post one blog post every two weeks. As long as it is a
valuable piece of content, that is the key to SEO success. That is the bottom line right there. Google wants to display the content that people are actually searching for so your content has to fit within that. Focus on creating content that is for your reader because that is
who you are doing this for. Myth number three, you don’t need to optimize your images anymore. This is so wrong. Image
optimization is crucial for your website. You
can get people coming to your site from image search results so you need to be
optimizing your images to be found in image search
results. It is that simple. So make sure you name
your images something when you save them and also give them a good description when you
upload them to your website. Images really help to draw the eye and provide a visual representation of what you are offering so they are
crucial when it comes to SEO. Myth number four, social media has no impact on SEO. Oh, boy. SEO has changed a lot. So let’s look at it this way. You are a brand and this is
the core of your brand, so this is usually the main way that you communicate with people, so it could be your blog or your YouTube channel, let’s say. And then you have all of these platforms like your Twitter, your Instagram feed, your Instagram story, your Facebook, your Pinterest, and these all act as brand extensions which then relate back to
the core of your brand. People want to view content from a credible source, and if your brand is deemed as credible then that’s going to get you better
results when it comes to SEO. You have to promote your content and you have to get past the fact that it feels uncomfortable to do because what you’ve got to do is promote it in a way that is of
value to your audience. I actually did a video on this quite recently so if you want to check it out then I’ll leave a link to it on the screen now. There’s an increasing demand for more content and more ways of discovering it and social media is the perfect platform when it comes to content distribution. Go to Google search right now and type in your name or your brand name and see what comes up. Do your social media platforms come up on the first page? That’s how important social media is when it comes to SEO. Myth number five, good user
experience isn’t essential. User experience is everything. You do not want to lose readers because your website is
too confusing to navigate. Google looks at how easy a website is to navigate for its users, so your SEO results are going to take a massive knock if you’ve not optimized your site
when it comes to mobile, and you’ve got pop-ups appear there and all over the place. If you don’t believe that your user experience is incredible, then your users aren’t going
to think that either. So which one of these
myths did you believe? I would love to know so please leave a comment and let me know which of these myths you
believed the most, but more importantly now you know it’s a myth how you’re going to move forward. Leave that in the comments. And I know that optimizing your blog posts can be really, really tricky but I’ve made it easier for you. I’ve created a free
SEO blog post checklist that you can use for every single one of your blog posts to
help you optimize them, and you can get free access to this when you sign up to my ring results library, and I’ll leave a link to that
in the description below. That’s all for today, bloggers. Thank you so much for watching. I really appreciate it. Make
sure you subscribe for more strategy solutions so you can get one step closer to a breakthrough.
You just bust it. (upbeat music)


  1. A Branch of Holly Post author

    Which of these SEO myths did you believe? Leave a comment and let me know!

  2. UVPCaro Post author

    Great tips in this video, Holly, thank you. I went straight to Google and then to Pinterest to reorganise my boards so the most relevant were at the top. Now onto myth 5 to tidy up the 'user experience' on my blog!


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