15 thoughts on “The 1st Smartphone with Motion Sense | Google Pixel 4

  1. nruhmann78 Post author

    A feature that no one wants and one that doesn't even work half the time…. yippee

  2. Роман Дорота Post author

    When in Ukraine will be able to control the device with the help Motion Sense?

  3. radnad Post author

    I'm actually disappointed in the Google Pixel 4. The motion sense kind of sucks, the unlocking feature REALLY sucks (I wish they would've left the fingerprint unlock), and the battery life is a joke. I was a huge fan of the Pixel 2 and decided to get the 4 but I regret it tbh. I should've just stayed with iPhone. This may be my last Google Pixel phone.

  4. Suren Papanyan Post author

    To cancel unlimited "GOOGLE PHOTO" CLOUD for Pixel owners-IS one of the MOST STUPID DECISION GOOGLE EVER DID! Return UNLIMITED GOOGLE PHOTO CLOUD for Pixel phone owners !

  5. Fakefirstname Fakelastname Post author

    “The first”
    Samsung Galaxy S4: “Well yes, but actually no”

  6. Camden Firth Post author

    I Love the song Google used! I also would love the Pixel 4XL if only I had one. Sorry Google.


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