The #1 Best Way to Drive Traffic from YouTube to your Website

By | January 17, 2020

Some YouTube creators and
a lot of video marketers try to use every video
they publish to send those views to their website. Today I want to talk about why
that might not be the best idea and give you a better
way of sending YouTube traffic to your website. That’s coming up. Hey, guys. My name is Tim Schmoyer. It’s a Wednesday,
time to give you guys some YouTube tip to
help you grow your YouTube channel and your audience like
we do every week here at Video Creators. So a main goal of a lot of us is
to get traffic to our website. But, if you are trying to
use every video you publish to move that traffic from
YouTube to your website, you are actually doing a really
big disservice to your video, and here’s why. One of the biggest
factors that contribute to how your video
ranks in search is the amount of watch
time that it accumulates, which is basically how
much time do people spend watching your video. But the second biggest thing,
or maybe along with it, it’s hard to tell exactly, but
it’s second or the biggest, but it’s really big. It is how your video
contributes to a viewers overall viewing
session on YouTube. So, if someone watches
your video on YouTube and learns that, hey, if
someone watches this video, then they go and they
watch these other five videos, and then
another two videos, and their viewing
session extends a certain amount of
time, then YouTube is more likely to favor that
video in search, and related, and other places on YouTube. So let’s say that the
videos you publish are actually very
successful in getting someone from your YouTube
video over to your website. Well you can see how maybe
the long run that might not work out as well for you if
your video is successfully ending the viewing session for
every viewer, who then, like, your video is the
last video they watch before they go to your website. You know? So how can you use YouTube to
send traffic to your website without ending their
viewing session every time? Well here’s how I do it. At the end of every video
here on this channel, maybe you’ve seen it,
just show it visually, I don’t talk about it,
is my ebook called The Secret to Building
your YouTube Audience, and it’s free. It just says, get it free,
download at And what I will do is I am OK
with ending a viewer’s viewing session once for them
to go join my email list to get that free ebook. And then once they’re
on my email list, then I can send them
anywhere I want. Then I could send
them to my website, I could said them
to other videos, I could send them to whatever. And I also have the
opportunity to develop an ongoing relationship
with them in ways that I can’t do through
my YouTube videos here. And the reason
this strategy works is because then, once
someone is on my email list and they come back and
start watching my YouTube videos again, they never
again have a reason why they would need to leave
YouTube to go sign up for my email list
or my ebook again, because they’re already on it. So I will send people
away from YouTube once because it makes good
business sense for me to do so, and occasionally,
I will post videos where the only intent is
to get someone to check out something on my website. But those videos
are not intended to rank well in search. Those are just for my
YouTube subscribers, to reach the people
who already said, Tim, we want to see new
videos from you. And so I make those videos
and say, hey, here’s a new course I just made,
or here’s a new product I’m launching, or here’s a new
service that you need to know about, or something like that. Where pretty much, the
only goal of that video is to get my YouTube subscribers
over to a certain landing page, or to check something out,
or whatever the case may be. So how well does this
strategy actually work? Well, for me, I actually don’t
really push it that hard. Like I said, I only
show my ebook visually. I rarely talk about
it or promoted it. And for me, about 15% to 20%
of my YouTube subscribers end up converting into
an email subscriber. So for those of you who
aren’t on my email, the way I use it is I send out
the other trainings. I send out announcements. I invite people into
programs with me that really aren’t
open to the public, and things I don’t talk
about here on the channel. And I just do it to add
as much value as I can to the people who
want to learn how to grow their YouTube
channels and their audiences. I would love to hear from you
guys in the comments below, several things. Number one is, how
do you successfully transfer traffic from
your YouTube channels and your videos over
to your websites? And then two, what
strategies do you have? Do you have it in
every single video? Do you try to do the email list? If you do have an
email list, how do you use that
to further develop the relationship that you
have with your subscribers? I want to learn all
that from you guys and hear what you’re doing. And the rest of you, if you
want to get some other opinions and get some other ideas other
than what I’ve shared here, definitely read the
comments down there. I know you will learn a lot from
those people, as I always do. And if this is your
first time here, I would love to
have you subscribe, because every
Wednesday, we give you guys some YouTube tips
and ideas like this. We also give you guys some
Q&A with you guys on Thursdays and keep you up to date with
all the updates happening on YouTube on Tuesdays,
because I really believe that a lot
of you guys have messages that need to spread. And I want to do
everything I can to help you grow your
channels, and your audience, so that people can hear you and
find that message that that you are spreading, and hopefully
have their lives be changed as a result. That’s
what this is all about. So subscribe, thanks
for hanging out, and I’ll see you
guys again soon. Bye.

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    Tim, you always seem to come up with the most relevant and timely topics. I just built a website for my channel. Your advice about not sending users to a website on every video is great if you employ a YouTube only strategy. And, I think it's good for the short-term. However, I've been creating Digital content for about 20 years. One painful mistake I've seen clients make over and over again is not owning and branding their domain. It leaves you vulnerable to other people's business decisions. Social media platforms come and go. Remember MySpace? I think it's much better in the long term to brand my content with my domain and use social media platforms like YT to promote that domain. Just my $.02 worth.

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