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By | September 15, 2019

So in this first Technical SEO Course
we have created at Yoast, we will teach everything you need
to know about crawlability. We’ll teach you about how robots.txt works,
how robots meta tags work, how canonicals work. Seriously everything you need to know
about how Google crawls your site and how it sees and cannot see stuff
on your site. This Technical SEO Course
is meant for everyone actually. It is a technical course so we’ll cover
technical issues, technical SEO issues. This can be quite hard, but Joost is able to make those complicated
things understandable for everyone. In this course we’ll teach you how to analyze
SEO issues and how to fix them. If you can fix them using Yoast SEO,
we’ll teach you how to do that. If you need to develop to make the fix we will not teach you how to do that,
because we can’t do everything in one course. This Technical SEO Course contains six modules
with lots and lots of training videos in which Joost and I explain
all the complicated things to you. And then we have lots of screencasts
in which we show you how to use Quix or how to use Google search console
for that matter. And every lesson contains
lots and lots of reading material. Every lesson ends
with a lot of challenging questions to figure out if you really understood
all the material that we try to teach you in this lessons. At the end of the course you will receive
a certificate and a badge to put on your site. Go follow that course!

4 thoughts on “Technical SEO Training

  1. Kamran Ali Post author

    Trailer looks amazing. I wonder will it be an online free tutorials that you will upload on youtube Or its a paid tutorial for which we need to visit Yoast academy.

  2. Saqib Ali Post author

    Hi I've purchased the premium version of the Yoast plugin but unfortunately, the Yoast SEO licences section/page on my WordPress site seems to be completely, with only the header showing..


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