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By | September 4, 2019

again we be sweetheart [Music] hi guys so today I’m going to be doing a couple interesting things that I wanted to take you guys along one of which the reason why I’m talking kind of quietly is because I’m in a library of sorts and I’m at the amore Pacific Museum and I actually came up here through this subway exit and when I came up the escalator my mind was literally blown this building transported me like I’ve never seen a building of this size and of this style in Korea ever I think so it just I really feel out of place um I don’t know where I am right now and so we’re gonna go to the museum and afterwards we’re gonna I’m going to show you around this little library so yeah I will check back in in a second let’s go to the museum [Music] okay so I’m back in the library and what’s really crazy is that I literally spent all day yesterday writing a script for a video I want to make about feeling uninspired and how I get inspiration and how I kind of like kicked myself out of a funk and one of the things that I said was I really miss about in America I can go to a library and go to just like the oversized book section and pull out a ton of art books or history books and just like skim through them and find random inspiration from that and you can’t really do that here even in the libraries here all the books are obviously in Korean so it’s not quite as easy to just kind of fall into a book and learn a lot of things and I did not know that this was here until I came here for the museum today this is a huge library of only Art and Design and culture books most of them are in English some of them are in French some of them are in Korean like it’s as if I asked and the universe gave it to me I did not know that this existed it is free it is it’s literally just a library you can’t check anything out but you can stay here as long as you want you I’m just it’s like I don’t know like little coincidences like that it makes me feel like I’m on the right path and it just easy calms my mind a little bit because I was if you saw my last video I was kind of freaking out so anyway this has already been a really lovely day but I I’m never really in this area of Seoul so we’re going to kind of walk around a little bit I can’t tell what the weather is it was supposed to be nice but it’s kind of raining so we’re just gonna kind of play it by ear I’m just kind of gonna wander around and see what I can report and I hope you enjoy so I’m going to look at a couple books and then let’s be on our way [Music] I literally feel like I walked to a different country if it weren’t for dumpling I would not know where I am right now so happily confused what an interesting place that was [Music] it just started pouring and guess who doesn’t have an umbrella and the Sun this guy is completely blue above me well it was great but like the flu [Music] [Music] so before I move I always used to take this one bus through and it would always stop here and people would get off and I would kind of just be like this looks a little bit desolate like not desolate but like what what is here what are people getting off here to do so we’re gonna find out today there is a cafe over here I’m gonna go to there’s a bakery that looks really really good that we might come back to and also I just realized so I’ve actually just suffering from vertigo for the past three days and I realized like when I got off the bus I kind of like got dizzy and I realized maybe that’s why I felt like I was like very disoriented at the amorite specific place or maybe not I mean it was just a really interesting place to be but uhm yeah feelin feeling just weird in general today so apologies if if I start going a little cuckoo because the world is definitely um spinning more than usual so caffeine probably isn’t the best idea but what are you gonna do so let’s go it’s torn your reign again let’s get inside [Music] any [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] Oh [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] I was Loki starting to panic there because I didn’t know where I could return my bra if I had to walk all the way back but anyway now we have walked across solo and we’re gonna head into Namdaemun just to see what’s going on [Music] [Music] [Music] we are unintentionally having a book filled day and I’m not complaining [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] hi guys so I am back home it is very warm I need to make myself a proper meal because I haven’t actually had one of those yet today I don’t know why I am so going to do that but yeah that magazine that I got the magazine B um it was really cool it was broken into like fashion dining music lifestyle I don’t know it it just had a lot of really cool places and really cool brands and stuff that I wouldn’t I don’t think I would have found otherwise and then they had some of the places that I actually really love but I didn’t know the story behind them so yeah it was really cool if you happen to see that I would check it out actually my company like in my office we have a bunch of those the magazine B but they’re all about like brands like Google or Instagram like the whole the whole issue is dedicated to a brand but yeah the city ones now now I know are very cool so I’m glad that I picked that up also I came home to a package I got Curt has wanted a Zen garden like a desktop Zen garden for probably as long as I have known him I think um so I finally got him one and I’m gonna see how long it takes for him to notice it I’m just gonna leave it on the desk could be days it could be weeks I’m knowing him kind of a space key yeah I will update you probably on Instagram whatever he figures out that there is something on his desk anyway yeah I’m going to go make myself a meal and I will catch up with you later thank you for joining me on this little adventure today I feel like I saw a lot did a lot um yeah overall a successful Friday so yeah catch you after I eat [Music] oh I am in my element so Kurt is pulling another late-night surprise surprise but it is because next week actually well today’s Friday so on Monday he is going to Seattle for a business-related trip so he has a lot of work that he has to get done before he does that and he doesn’t have enough time to like do anything to like he thought he was leaving on Tuesday first of all I had to be the one to tell him no you’re leaving on Monday so I’m kind of acting as secretary / travel agent and I love that so I am currently like organizing all of his stuff I’m looking up how to get to downtown Seattle from the airport somebody made this really really cute YouTube video from like four years ago that perfectly walks you through it so it was just like perfect great I’m kind of pissed off because I’m not going and like I’m finding all these really cool things that I want to do he’s gonna have zero free time he has like half a day to himself to like do things and that’s assuming that he doesn’t fall asleep after traveling for a super long time and like working his butt off the week before but thinking positive that he will have the energy to go out I am kind of making a list of places he’s right in downtown so everything’s pretty walkable it seems again super jealous that I’m not going Seattle seems awesome so that’s kind of it I’m thinking of after this I’m gonna have some dinner and then I’m going to actually just kind of go for a walk listen to music kind of clear my head I had a pretty at a good day um and I kind of just want to like keep that going I think like I said in my previous vlog like the the fever the stress fever broke so I’m just feeling good now and so I’m just gonna kind of continue to love myself and just go on a nice walk make a nice playlist go enjoy the cooler weather I guess thank you so much for joining me and oh my stomach just growled so yeah it’s time for dinner I’m drinking calamansi juice like a tiny tiny bit of the concentrated stuff and then a ton of water also my vertigo feels so much better think I kicked in the butt so yeah okay what I’m always so bad at ending videos people just need to like cut me off kind of thing um goodbye thank you so much for watching and my next videos should actually be me in Japan because since Kurt gets to go play in Seattle I figured I’m not gonna spend all this time at home alone I’m gonna go see my old hometown in Japan um so I’m actually really really excited haven’t been there in a really long time that’s where I study abroad in high school so very excited to share that with you and yeah okay I’m gonna go make some really nice pasta with a jar of tomato sauce so wild Friday night for me but yeah I will catch you guys later in Japan bye [Music]

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  1. cari cakes Post author

    also kurt's flight home from america is delayed 6 hours at this point (he's currently at the airport) so pls send him some good luck :'(

  2. Andrew. R Moore Post author

    I love your analogue photographs, hope to see more of Seoul on your instagram. Keep on keeping, i hope to come to Seoul some day! 🥰

  3. Madeline Christensen Post author

    I know you use a licensing website for most of the music in your videos, but can you make a playlist or write which songs you use in the description? all the music you use is perf for a "windows down in my car" playlist lol

  4. Kateee Post author

    I think I'm little late but I want to recommend you to visit Naver Library and Hyundai Card Design Library. They have plenty of art/design books in English. They are quite popular.

  5. Ana Carolina Silveira Ardente Post author

    uuhhh it's so good to watch your videos ♡

  6. Ophelia Morrison Post author

    Loved the shot with the shadows! Another lovely video!


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