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By | February 19, 2020

a look at my written review here head over to the sales page and then come back here have a look at the one time offers as well as the bonuses that I have for those of you who Pick up take it through my link. Now. What is take it? Well, this is a new Software by Brendan mace and Jono Armstrong. It goes live on February 18th at 10:00 a.m. EST Actually, I believe it’s 11:00 a.m. Est so What this software allows you to do is to clone any webpage And then basically what you can do is steal viral traffic from authority sites And so the advantage here is that you’re going to be able to clone professionally designed? high traffic online hubs and you can do this in any niche and then you’re going to be able to repurpose the site in any way that you want and the most important way that you can do this which they provide for you as well is Getting capture pages on these pages so that you can go ahead and build your list So this requires a couple of different things for you to do in advance? first of all You should be clear on the niche that you’re in and then you should know which offers That you’re going to want to promote and so that’s what I have in my bonus package I’ve put an emphasis on filling in some of these gaps That you’re some of the question marks you’re going to have when you get this now It sounds great and it is great because it’s got a huge potential because whenever you can leverage an authority Website or an authority webpage, you’re going to have all of the hard work and the thousands of dollars that has gone into that Creation of that site and that page so it really is great to be able to as I say take it without having to do all of the work and The sales page goes into that so you may be saying well, how can we go ahead and clone a webpage? Is it legal and the answer is yes, it’s absolutely legal. It’s ethical. Maybe maybe it’s not Depending upon your thoughts on that. However, according to the Require of the sites that you’re copying they’re letting you doing it you letting you do it, so it’s ethical according to their standards So whether it’s ethical to your standards is entirely up to you But I would say it is from my point of view. So That’s the real advantage here of Takeit is being able to leverage this authority content and the professional design and so I’ve never actually seen this before and this is completely new to me and as I mentioned, I think it has a huge potential for profit now the downside really is you’re not going to be ranking these sites because Authority sites are ranked with SEO. That’s how they get into the very top You top placement on places like Google and Bing and they get in the very high Search results, but what you’re going to want to do then is to use social media to drive traffic to your page And then also what you’re going to want to do is figure out the best way to monetize this particular weapons particularly web pages, so I’ve got a lot of bonuses, which we’re going to go over in a bit What I’d like to do now is have a look at the sales page Okay, so we see the headline is break through software clones any page in seconds and instantly monetizes in one click with built in money pages And then you’re going to get this video here where Brennan is going to explain what I kind of went over before the advantages of having a professionally designed web page and The amount of work and money that goes in that’s involved with that. So this is Some information and there is a lot of information here. So you’re not going to have any kind of blind sales page This is going to give you the information That you need now. These are Brendan’s screenshots. Just so you know These are probably not derived from the software So if you don’t know who Brendan mace is he’s a huge vendor and super affiliate in the internet marketing space and so these numbers reflect his Products and his affiliate campaigns not using this particular software So just so you know that Good to get that out of the way. So really it depends upon what? What pages you really like it and what you know What you gravitate toward are you into business you like Forbes if you if you’re in sports you like Sports Illustrated I mean you can use any of these that you like and it’s really powerful stuff here Okay. So what I’d like to do now is head back to the To my blog and have a look at the OTO s Okay, also what I’m going when I’m done going through the OTO s and the bonuses I’m gonna hand you over to Brennen mesas team and they’re gonna walk you through What this software does? Step by steps you have an idea about what you need to do once you’re inside so the demo is coming up after My review here, okay. So what are the OTO is OTO number one is the max edition And this includes done for you recurring campaigns OTO number two done for you high ticket webinars Which are connected to your ticket pages o two and number three Take it effects get forty effects to increase conversions for your campaigns. OTO number four Unlimited traffic and OTO number five license rights to sell take it as your own product Now what unlimited traffic is I believe this is the pixel that you can put on Brendan and Joe knows sales pages So that you’ll be able to retarget that traffic for very cheap and I bought this upgrade myself and highly recommend it It is one hundred ninety seven of these. The one that I would recommend is OTO number one max edition Okay, so let’s go ahead and have a look at the bonuses now I put these bonuses together in mind for you so that this doesn’t become Just another bright shiny object for you so that you’re clear about. Okay. I’ve got this great tool now What’s the best way to monetize and what’s the best way to get traffic? Okay. So bonus number one is the multiple monetization strategy for your viral site And so I’ve got actually two strategies here which are going to really help you bonus number two how to leverage authority on your blog or social media bonus number three is Facebook laser target or method and this is an underground tool which simulates? Facebook ads for free very few people know about this and I include this Bonus with offers like this where you really want to home in on Certain types of people with interests on Facebook and this will be very powerful for you bonus number for identifying trending products on the Clickbank marketplace And so this is good so that you’re not going to know how to choose which offers to promote on Clickbank and this is not the typical Way you would go about identifying trending products. This is a special hack here Bonus number five social jacker. This is a way to build your list on complete auto-pilot bonus six is Explosive. Oh how to get instant traffic from instagram. This is a full course. This is of course I did back in June of 2019 Get free traffic from Instagram and this is a tutorial about a super 8 how to build a website So this is building a website from ground up bonus number nine how to get guaranteed approval for offers and this is a tutorial Which will show you if you have some if you’re struggling to get approved for offers on jvzoo or warrior Plus this will help you a bonus number ten how to add HTML to your emails below And then you’re going to get all the vendor bonuses which have been given to me to give to you So right now I don’t have my button here for you to go to the sales page, but when that’s on there Go ahead and click the button Where it says get take it in all relevant relevant Bonuses that’s going to take you to the sales page and then when you check out all of my bonuses will be waiting for you if you’re on youtube, I’m going to leave a link in the description You can just go ahead and click on that that’s going to take you to the sales page And again, all of these bonuses will be waiting for you So that this does not come just another bright shiny object. You’re going to have a clear idea about how to monetize the site and then how to get traffic to your Web page. Okay. So this concludes my takeit review stay tuned for the demo, which is coming up now Hi everyone, this is Diego And this is a quick demo on how you can clone any site and monetize it using take it For this example, we are going to start creating a new campaign. You can do it from here or By clicking the button here create a new campaign and the first step that we need to start filling is the campaign name my first test Now we need to choose what site or page we want to clone So in this example, I’m going to clog in this article that I already have here I’m going to copy and paste the URL here and now we are going to select our template We have different options here for subscription forms, we have simple text and button forms and be the boxes if you want to embed any YouTube video and for this example, we’re going to use the subscription forms and Let’s start looking at some of them. For example, you can click the preview button and you are going to start Seeing how it’s going to look So this is these these are the different templates and let’s look another one here Alright, so for this example, we’re going to use this one. Well we would like to do now is to change the text here and For that we just go here and start changing the text. So this This is my new title, and I’m going to increase a little bit default here What I would like to put on the button link I’m going to put it on the bottom I’m going to put down low now And This is the main description All right. So what I’m doing is Changing this and this takes years and the label on the bottom so Let’s keep filling all the details here Now after the user subscribe where we want to redirect the user to a web page, this can be an affiliate link This can be another sales page in this example. We are going to sit for Google. So I’m going to copy this and Paste it here All right. Next step is where you want to save those leads people who subscribe to your pop up For this example, we are going to save locally so we can download it later from take it I’m going to show you that in your monument and the final step is to Put some of the pop-up settings to show how you want to or win. Do you want to show the pop-up? We have we have different option here you can show The pop-up on the scroll event of the page that mean then when I’m starts scrolling down the pop-up is going to appear you have other options like The label pop that you can set in after how many seconds you want to show the pop-up you have mouths out That means that if you are here and you start moving your mouse out of the window, the pop-up is going to appear All right. So for the example, let’s put on scroll and Some other settings that you can add to your pop-ups are a countdown timer you can add social sharing buttons for Facebook Twitter and Actually this part is More than 40 animations and this is part of the upgrade take it effects So that’s it we’re going to save and publish this All right now we can preview our campaign And if I start scrolling down the pop up is going to appear here with our Text and changes that we have made so I’m going to actually Subscribe here and When I click here I Should be redirected to Google because that’s what we set on the settings. So I’m clicking here and The bitch start redirecting to Google now. Let’s go back to take it Because I said to save the leads locally. I can go here to the opt-in subscribers And start looking to all the people who subscribe to my pop-ups and from where they did it the campaigns are save it here and You can copy the URL here simple by clicking the bottom and then you can paste and Start sharing this URL everywhere I am just Scroll down and the pop-up appear. I’m going to do one more example I’m going to create a new one Now at this number two very quickly. I’m going to copy the same URL And for this example, I’m going to select All right this one By the way as you can see there’s an image here You can also change the image. If you don’t change it, it’s going to use the same template I’m just going to start writing something here I’m not going to do anything more than just change this for a mouse out pop-up, for example And for this I’m going to add actually some of the but they’re sharing photos. All right, I’m going to save this And let’s take a look now So now if I start scrolling Nothing is happening But if I move out my mouse Then you have the pop-up here alright, so Thank you very much. And Anything you need just send an email to Brandon or to myself and thank you everybody for watching this

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