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Content outside of the web page – Rocket Conf’ 17

what are the drivers for you to maybe and just want to actually put the effort to make that kind of content outside you know available outside the webpage I start with this quote which is by a guy you probably heard of and and data is our precious seeing last longer than systems themselves… Read More »

What is HTML? – JargonE

In the early nineties to Tim berners-lee released HTML Hypertext Markup Language this is now what makes up the vast majority of web pages HTML is a coding language it works together with CSS to create web pages and make them look good HTML describes how a page should look using a series of tags… Read More »

What is SEO? JargonE

Hello and welcome to this episode of JargonE today we’re going to talk about SEO or search engine optimization. So what is SEO? Well basically it’s a name for a collective group of tactics and techniques to make your website appear in unpaid or organic search results on google bing or yahoo. SEO is most… Read More »