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Google Ads: How To Get First Ad Position In Google Search With The Lowest CPC!

Hello. Would you like to pay the lowest cost per click for your Google AdWords ads and get the highest ad position. Keep watching and I’ll show you how. Hello I’m Uzair. And in this short video I’m going to show, you how you can increase your quality score pay less for your cost per… Read More »

SEO Jargon Buster | SF Digital Studios

Confused with the Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) jargons? Here are some common and most used jargons explained in simple English. Hello, I’m Uzair and thank you for watching this video. Algorithm A set of rules used by computers to solve problems. Search engines like Google use algorithms to determine the rankings on a search results… Read More »

Understanding Your Monthly SEO Report

*Music* *Music* Welcome to a ProSites video. Today we’re going to be taking a look at the monthly SEO reports, how to understand them, and what we can learn from these reports one of the first things you’ll notice on these reports is that it offers a comparison between your last month’s website traffic and… Read More »

SEO (search engine optimization):: Good Morning Marketers:: thunder::tech (ep 102)

[MUSIC PLAYING] [APPLAUSE] Good morning, and welcome to Good Morning Marketers. Today’s topic is search engine optimization, or SEO. And today we have Andy and Christina, two marketing professionals that are here to talk with us about how you can boost your online web presence. Good morning. Thanks for coming, guys. Good morning. Thanks for… Read More »