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[CC/FULL] Good Things Get Better EP05 (1/3) | 낭만닥터김사부

A doctor who has a success rate of 97 %. The only triple board certified doctor in the entire nation able to even save those on their deathbed. Also known as the “God’s Hand.” A legend among legends amidst surgeons. He had droves of people from all over, desperate to receive surgery from him. And… Read More »

리프팅에 울어버린 피부 (Subtitle)

MUKBANG 영화 기생충 짜파구리 & 한우채끝살,파김치 먹방! BLACK BEAN NOODLES & STEAK [SIO ASMR 시오]

★Introducing ingredients TIME★ Black Bean Noodles NEOGURI Noodles beef brisket green onions and garlic eggs Start cooking! Remove the End of Garlic Garlic slices! scallop chopping Beef It’s beautiful. removing the tendon of beef Cut into appropriate sizes olive oil water Sea tangle Drain water olive oil crushed garlic soup base water boiled in noodles… Read More »

MUKBANG 미스터피자! 떡볶이,폭립,킹닭다리,윙봉,초코치즈케익 리뷰 먹방! Tteokbokki, CHICKEN,PIZZA, EATING SOUNDS [SIO ASMR 시오]

Hello, this is SIO. What food are we going to eat today? Mr. Pizza! Let’s go! I prepared a new menu at Mr. Pizza. Today’s food is really good on the side, too! If you order size R out of 10 premium pizzas, You can get chocolate cheesecake together. And if you order an L-sized… Read More »

How to Speed up Your WordPress Site

– So Nealey I have this new exciting blog Alex Eats, but it takes forever for everything to load, to pull up how do I fix that? – That is such a common problem, but luckily that’s what we’re gonna cover here on The Journey stay tuned. All right, so slow websites are just an… Read More »

AD-1612 Comparator Buzzer | when connected to the GF-2002A balance

The AD-1612 can output up to a maximum of five levels of comparator light and five types of buzzer sounds. The AD-1612 can display 3 colors at 5 different levels. There is a maximum of 5 types of buzzer sounds, and one type of buzzer sound can be set for each level. The volume of… Read More »