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【再生回数 視聴回数】YouTubeの動画再生回数を増やす裏技設定 方法?!(ランキング・SEO 対策・タイトル・説明欄・タグ・サムネイル) チャンネル登録 基本設定編


So how are you guys? You all are welcome to my setup tips, tricks, shwips (unidentified language XD) and tutorial tour. Disclaimer: This video is not for highly educated people! If you are one of them then please FUCK OFF ಠ_ಠ So lets get started without any Non-sense! These are my two SUPER SUPER SOFT… Read More »

Youtube SEO – 2018 Video Marketing Tips

[Music] it’s time to grab your pen and a notebook it’s the marketing tips by Jonathan podcast with your host Jonathan Alonso for questions follow him on instagram at John geek hey guys this is Jonathan again and thank you for listening to my podcast today I’m going to talk about YouTube search engine optimization… Read More »

What’s REALLY Trending on Youtube [NEW vidIQ TOOL!]

We all know about YouTube’s trending page don’t we? But does it really tell you the truth and can we make a tool that serves video creators better? Hello everyone, welcome to vidIQ, my name is Rob, if this is your first time here we are the YouTube tool and channel that aims to help… Read More »