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(man) Hey guys, tell me what the frick WTF means. (Ian) Shut up! Was this just uploaded? Yeah. Dude, come on, type “thumbs up if you’re the 306th viewer.” Why? Uh, because people thumbs it up and we can brag to our friends when it gets top-rated. Okay, but what’s the point? I mean, I… Read More »

CHANNEL UPDATE: Playing the Musical Saw & Beta-Testing Youtube Sponsorships

Hey everyone, let’s get right to the most important part of this video, my new background, do you like it? I always like the culture of YouTube backgrounds I thought I made something that was a little bit hard to beat What do you think? Maybe I should make some background music from the wall… Read More »


This show contains inappropriate language and may not be suitable for all audiences. Pick up, honey. Hi, honey! -Hi, what’s up? -Where you at today? Salvador… Oh, geez! I’m in Norway, man. -You’re missing it. -I’ll enjoy Carnival from here. -You’re planning a Carnival party? -The coldest one ever. Good one. Enjoy. Good luck. -See… Read More »

The #1 Best Way to Drive Traffic from YouTube to your Website

Some YouTube creators and a lot of video marketers try to use every video they publish to send those views to their website. Today I want to talk about why that might not be the best idea and give you a better way of sending YouTube traffic to your website. That’s coming up. Hey, guys.… Read More »

How To Add Youtube Video In Your Webpage

[Music] hello guys you are watching technical bench youtube channel and I am kunal today i gonne teach you how to add YouTube videos in your face so what we need to go to the YOUTUBE then select the video that you want to embed in your webpage i am adding this video to the… Read More »

【再生回数 視聴回数】YouTubeの動画再生回数を増やす裏技設定 方法?!(ランキング・SEO 対策・タイトル・説明欄・タグ・サムネイル) チャンネル登録 基本設定編

A Message From Chad and Steve

Chad: Hi, YouTube. This is Chad and Steve. We’re the cofounders of this site, and we just want to say “Thank you”. Today, we have some exciting news for you. We’ve been acquired by Google. Steve: Yeah, thanks. Thanks to every one of you guys that have been contributing to YouTube community. We wouldn’t be… Read More »

Youtube video ka SEO kaise kare in hindi | Seo | Youtube SEO 2020 | HappyAaz

Hai friends Welcome to my channel HappyAaz change the Life Today i told you that youtube video ka seo kaise kare in hindi Seo kaise kare 2019 Video ka seo kaise kare

What’s the Google Assistant?

Hey Google, how many ounces in a cup? Hey Google, tell me a joke. Hey Google, when’s my next meeting? Meet the Google Assistant, your all-in-one DJ, organizer, sous chef, navigator, researcher, remote control and how did I function without it personal Google. That you control with just your voice on your voice. On your… Read More »

Bookmark a Web Page in Mozilla® Firefox on a Windows® 8 PC

Hello friends, Bookmarks are a great way to revisit the frequently visited websites later. Here is how you can create a bookmark in Mozilla Firefox on a Windows 8.1 based PC. On the Start screen, click on the Mozilla Firefox tile to open it Click on the “Star” icon in the “Location bar” The star… Read More »