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How to get more Views on Youtube with SEO

We have Danielle Ford here with us. Amazing video marketing strategist. You know Danielle, what is better? Is it better to do pre-recorded video like on YouTube or is it better to do live video? That just depends on you and your target market. Some people expect polished videos and some people are really good… Read More »

Upload Video – How To Upload Videos On YouTube 2019 – YouTube Update

If you would like to see the brand new uploader tool for YouTube then stay tuned watch this video as I show you this brand new update to YouTube. Hi there, David Walsh here once again from Davidwalshonline.com. Your place to grow your business using YouTube. In this video I’m going to show you the… Read More »

How To Properly Upload Videos To YouTube

Ok I just had a request that someone was wondering how to upload a YouTube video. Now, many of you that are my subscribers, or are watching this video probably are saying, “You know, I’ve uploaded a ton of videos and I think this video is going to be pointless.” But my question to you… Read More »