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What I’d Do If I Were Starting My Business From Scratch

Would you like to know what I do if I had to start my business from scratch? I’ve had my business for 10 years now and I’m in a pretty good place. And I feel I’ve learned a lot because I’ve made a ton of mistakes. Well in this video, I’m going to break it… Read More »

Rank YouTube Videos In 24 Hours

Today’s topic: How to rank YouTube videos in 24 hours or less. Really? -Yeah. No joke. You got to watch this video because after watching this video, you’ll implement the steps, your video ranked today. -The topic is ranking YouTube videos in 24 hours. And may I just start by saying, as the resident clueless… Read More »

Suggested Videos On YouTube

What’s the secret to getting YouTube to promoting your videos and putting them in the suggested video column? -Yeah. That’s we’re going to talk about. We talk a lot about search. But I know how to get you in the suggested videos. -You’re going to want to stick around. -Suggested videos –you’re watching a video… Read More »