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博主你还在为上字幕而烦恼吗?2020年完全免费Google AI自动语音转字幕,简单快捷

Lakshmi | Full Movie | Nagesh Kukunoor, Monali Thakur, Satish Kaushik

Gidde, I’ll tell you a joke. Listen. A furious tiger is passing through a jungle. He spots a rabbit. He catches the rabbit and says.. ..who is the king of this jungle? The rabbit says, you are, my lord. Then he moves on with full pride. He spots a jackal. He catches the jackal and… Read More »

Iru Mugan- Tamil Full Movie | Vikram | Nayantara | Nithya Menen | Anand Shankar | Harris Jayaraj

‘Two faced’ One man That too a 70 year old man Killed armed Indian soldiers in the Embassy Who entered the premises? Is the Malaysian Govt taking responsibility? Malaysian Govt… …claims this face is not even in their records! He was carrying a fake passport Willing to support investigation by India… …Malaysian Govt has absolved… Read More »

Tathagatha Buddha | Full Movie | Sunil Sharma, Kausha Rach, Suman | HD 1080p | English Subtitles

‘I go to Buddha for refuge.’ ‘Today there is need for peace in the world..’ ‘..because the orgy of terrorism, explosion and violence..’ ‘..is pervading the entire world.’ ‘In 500 BC Buddha personally preached the great lesson..’ ‘..of sacrifice and non-violence.’ ‘It is our aim to spread Lord Buddha’s message of peace..’ ‘..and non-violence through… Read More »

Entertainment | Full Movie | Akshay Kumar, Tamannaah Bhatia, Johnny Lever

Hello and welcome to the TC Show. No, we are not talking about Railway TC’s here. This is ‘TC’, Tele-Shopping Channel. I would like to show an AV.. ..to our heavy audience. And don’t mistake him for anyone ordinary. ..he’s quite a heavy personality. Our very own Mumbai boy Akhil Lokhande. I was quite disturbed.… Read More »

SEO For Dummies: How To Add YouTube SUBSCRIBE In Website / Blogspot

welcome youtubers today I’m gonna show you how to implement YouTube subscribe button in website / blogspot so, if you are watching this video from outer continental please turn on the CC closed captions to see what’s going with this video so, you can see this is my post in blogspot and, below the video… Read More »