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SEO Test 101: How to Measure Your Search Engine Optimization Efforts

You’re doing SEO, but you know it takes forever for the results to kick in. It’s not gonna be three months before you see results, it’s not even six months. It’s somewhere between six months and a year. And within the first year to the second year, that’s when you really see your SEO ranking… Read More »

Should I add “near me” to the title tag for local SEO?

Hello, this is John Locke, and today we’re answering a question. This comes to us from Reddit. The question goes, “I recently talked with a SEO consultant and they advised me that I would be able to rank for some of the local search terms in my area if I added ‘near me’ to the… Read More »

How Digital Marketing Will Change in 2019 | Neil Patel

Digital marketing is gonna change in 2019. What’s been working for the last few years is not anymore and unless you watch this video, you’re not gonna do as well with your marketing in 2019 that you’ll like. Hi everyone, I’m Neil Patel and today I’m gonna share with you how digital marketing is changing… Read More »

Lawyers Can Use Psychology to Get More Clients…

Hey, everybody, Andrew Stickle here. I was talking to a lawyer today and I realized that there’s a concept that I have never talked about with this group either in my YouTube channel or on my Facebook group or anywhere. You’ve never seen me talk about this concept. And that is the concept of the… Read More »