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3 Simple SEO Hacks

Are you struggling to land on the first page of Google? What most people don’t know is there’s a bunch of different ways to improve your ranking. In this video we’ll go over three lesser-known SEO hacks to get your content on that first page of Google. Our first hack is super simple. Make sure… Read More »

How to Write a Company Profile: the first company presentation you should design

Most small businesses don’t spend time building a company profile template… until they need it. While these profiles are sometimes designed as a one-pager document or even an infographic, we continue to defend that the slide presentation format is probably the best. The challenge with one-pagers and infographics is that once built, adding or removing… Read More »

Types of Competitors in SEO (& How to Outrank Them with Competitive Analysis)

There are four types of competitors when it comes to SEO. These competitors are websites or businesses that are getting organic traffic from your target customer. This could be costing you hundreds or thousands of page views each month. So in this video, we’re going to tell you how to identify all of your competitors.… Read More »

Fine-tune with keyword match types

Want to make your search engine marketing efforts even more successful? In this video, we’ll be exploring a feature called keyword match types and learning about how using different match types can increase your control over which searches trigger your ads. But first let’s hear from Adrian on his experience with keyword match types. I… Read More »

SEO Los Angeles – MezzoLogic Explains Why Search Engine Optimization is Important

Is website getting the attention that it truly deserves? Are you missing out on customers because nobody can find you online? Are you trying to find excellent website promotion services but aren’t sure who to trust? If you said yes to any of these questions, you need to know one simple fact: almost seventy five… Read More »

Blog Post Topics: How to Get Endless Ideas for Blogging

Does this ever happen to you when trying to plan blog post topics? You sit down to write a blog post, and you get struck with writer’s block. Or worse, you publish blog posts, and they fail to get any traction. Blog posts are so important for driving web traffic and increasing sales. And if… Read More »

How to Growth Hack Your Personal Brand | Neil Patel

Did you know that a good strong personal brand can make you over a million dollars a year? I myself can generate over a million dollars a year just from speaking fees because of my personal brand. Hi, everyone, I’m Neil Patel and today I’m gonna teach you how to growth hack a personal brand.… Read More »